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Download the FREE AncestryDNA® app today and access the #1 selling consumer DNA test (DNA Kit purchase required). Start the journey to learn about your family story using some of the most advanced DNA science available. Discover the unique family story that only your DNA can tell with a genetic test from AncestryDNA® , the world’s largest consumer DNA database. With a simple test, you’ll get meaningful insights into who you are and where you came from and find new relatives who share your DNA. With the AncestryDNA® app you’ll get: • Detailed Ethnic Origins - AncestryDNA® doesn't just tell you which countries you're from, but can also pinpoint the specific places within them, giving you insightful geographic detail about your history with over 500 unique reports. • Communities - Go deeper into your story with more specific details that connect you to the people, places, and migration paths in your family history, all from your DNA. • Family Connections - You could discover a 3rd cousin for the first time by finding living relatives who share parts of your DNA. • AncestryDNA® Traits, now with nutrition traits – Discover 26 fascinating traits your DNA influences. Get the inside story on traits you can see, like freckles—and things you can’t, like how your diet, environment, and genes may influence vitamin levels. Purchase AncestryDNA Traits with a new DNA kit or as an add-on to an existing kit. • Easy to get started - Simply take a photo of the barcode in your kit, follow a few quick instructions to activate and you’re done. • Simple sharing - Show off your AncestryDNA® results anytime, anywhere, including on your social networks. • Notifications - You’ll always know what’s happening during your DNA test with status updates. • Purchases - Buy an AncestryDNA® test for yourself or gift a test to family or friends.



  • App is a waste of money

    By TheRealFrankieLane
    Do not waste your money on this app. You pay $21 to see your traits after you’ve already paid for the dna kit and results and the traits app doesn’t add anything interesting that you can’t access for free on the regular app. What a rip off! And there’s no where to request a refund or anything. All they do is tell you what your dna says your eye color should be or if your dna says you should be able to smell asparagus in your pee, all of which is stuff you already know because you already see your eye color and smell your own pee. Total waste of money and complete scam because they don’t allow you to refund!!!!
  • Mottled mess called ancestry dna app!!

    By Huff---n---stuff
    I hope you think this new app is an improvement over what we had before. It is horrible and more complicated and my poor wife with her macular degeneration is having even more problems with it than I am. I don’t know what genius thought this was good must have been in a total fog!!!!
  • Don’t waste your money on traits

    By Kimie W.
    I bought the traits hoping it would go into detail on what traits could be in my family mainly with hair I wanted to see if I had the red hair gene all it tells you is what trait you probably have not what’s in your dna don’t waist your money
  • Rating

    By rpdoff
    I am finding the actual information of origins is less than accurate. My full brother looks like me except that he has lighter hair was given results 88% Italian/Sicilian, 12% Maltese. I got results of 84%Italian/Sicilian 10%Maltese and the rest English/Welsh and 1% Nigerian? I have a cousin who’s father is my mother’s cousin and her mother is my father’s sister. In addition, our mutual grandparents were cousins. Her results were Italian/Sicilian/Jewish and some Phoenician. I have very light greenish gray eyes like my brother. The trait match said that I have an 84% match to my dark eyed cousins, most of which have light green, gray or blue eyes, even with dark hair. Despite our Italian/Sicilian background are we an anomaly with all these light colored eyes? Also, how can I be the only one with Nigerian roots? I believe that answering the traits questionair was a mistake. Have advised others not to do it.
  • Hate it

    By AuntieMonkey
    So difficult to navigate now. Liked it better when combined in previous ancestry app.
  • Bring back the old.

    By geneology adam
    Just because you can update something doesn’t me you should. I liked having the DNA in the ancestry app. Then as I was in the middle of working on a dna relatives connection, everything changed and I could no longer see my DNA. Went over to discover this app, and now it makes it extremely difficult to see what I’m doing.
  • Would love to be able to use it!

    By ExplosiveGamer327
    I purchased my DNA kit back in 2017 and I was able to see my results for about a year, then they suddenly disappeared and I haven’t seen them since.
  • Why two apps now?

    By tonyaneedssleep
    Why in the world would you remove the cm’s in this app? Having two apps now when one was working pretty good is crazy. It is not working well at all for searching for family for trees and viewing matches. Not happy about this change.
  • Need search

    By alex1358
    No search
  • Disappointed

    By CountryGirl18337261720:0
    I’m very disappointed that my grandmother’s grandmother who was full blood Sauk Indian doesn’t show up in my dna. I find that hard to believe that not even 1% of my dna is American Indian which makes me think this test is bogus.