Precision Trolling

Precision Trolling


  • Category: Sports
  • Release Date: 2014-06-22
  • Current Version: 4.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 14.73 MB
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.1 or later.
Score: 4
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The fishing information contained in the popular publication Precision Trolling is a troller’s dream come true. Dubbed “the Troller’s Bible” by the tens of thousands of anglers who use this information to target fish at specific depths, Precision Trolling is just what the name implies. Precision Trolling is a method of fishing that allows anglers to accurately predict the running depths of their favorite lures and diving devices! By manipulating lead length anglers can easily “aim” their favorite fishing lures at specific depths, accurately target fish they are seeing on their sonar while avoiding costly snagged lures. Even better, once a productive lead length is determined, it’s easy to duplicate that lure and lead length combination with other lines, putting more lures in the strike zone! The Precision Trolling Data App goes a step further. Once an angler has determined that a particular lure and lead length are effective at catching fish, it’s easy to search for other lures in the list of Precision Trolling App that achieve similar depths. Once a productive depth is determined where fish are biting, it’s a logical step to try different lures at the same depth to determine which lure or lures fish react best to. The new Precision Trolling Data App allows anglers to access a wealth of trolling data. The familiar “Dive Curves” made popular in the Precision Trolling book are now incorporated into easy to use “pickers” or “wheels”. The Data Wheels let you adjust the “feet down” to determine the “feet back”. This is particularly useful if you want to target fish at a certain depth that you are seeing on your sonar unit. The Data Wheel also allows anglers to adjust the “feet back” to determine the “feet down” that the lure will dive. This a fast and effective way of zeroing in on a target depth with any of the lures or diving devices included in the Precision Trolling app. For more information on Precision Trolling and how to become a better troller click here: Precision Trolling Data LLC owns a patent U.S. Patent No. 7,113,449 entitled “Marine Electronics With Lure Depth Analyzer” issued September 26, 2006 which prevents other companies/individuals from providing lure data on an electronic device. All of the data provided in or by this app is also copyrighted by Precision Trolling Data LLC.



  • A must for serious trollers.

    By Hot Tuna!!
    I have been using it for two seasons with excellent results. I can confidently send any bait on my boat to any depth I desire. I use it every day on I’m on the water and I consider it an essential fishing tool. It’s easy. All you have to do is find fish and schools of bait on your electronics. Determine their depth. Then use the app to select a lure that can target that depth. I also use it to assess crank baits and delivery systems helping me make informed tackle buying decisions. As Mark Romanack (one of the owners of Precision Trolling Data) says, “It’s like adding gun sights to your bait.” I am not giving it 5 stars because I would like to see some user features added to the app. They just added an update that allows you to build a favorites list that makes it so you can add the baits you own and not have to sort through the entire library every time you want to look up a bait. Which is a huge step in the right direction. I would like to see it taken a little further where I could add baits into spread sheet format and assign them a rod number and have the lead length, depth, speed, and line type listed along side the baits. I at times I fish up to 8 lines at once and it gets hard to keep track of all the lead lengths. I have my rods marked and numbered 1-8. I find myself constantly referencing lead lengths when setting and resetting lines or asking the people I’m fishing with if they remember the lead length. Having all my trolling spread information consolidated into one easy to reference screen would put this app over the top into the 5 star category for me. As it would make me quicker and more efficient on the water. One last detail I would like to see changed is for the app to to not reset the lure data when I exit out of a lure screen. I would like it more if it would remember and leave it how I had it set. Again this goes back to efficiency when I’m fishing and need to reference a lead length on a bait that I’m currently using. I wouldn’t have to scroll through and set the depth, speed, lead length, and line type every time I navigate in and out of the lure pages.
  • Great info, when it doesn’t crash.

    By Funman12:
    Awesome info that’s accurate and super useful, but the app crashes regularly.
  • Crashes after latest update

    By mazak500
    Please fix. Last update crashes when you click any lure.
  • Great app but needs work

    By Dirks dirks
    Love the app but miss the books. Would also be nice to be able to switch from Apple to droid and not have to pay vise versa. New update/favorites tab rocks minus the app shuts down when I select a lure.
  • The next level in your fishing game.

    By Bens Auto LLC
    For the price of one trolling rod setup you can guarantee all of your lures are running in front of the fish that you’re after. Not wasting time out of the strike zone or even worse in the zebra and quagga mussels! Knowing your lures are in the right place removes the biggest obstacle to catching fish, by giving you confidence. I can’t wait until they add a My Lures tab and a Today’s Lures tab. For the guys that are complaining about price, you’re just not understanding the small details that make all the difference between a good fishermen and great fishermen. This is one of those. Worth the money. Captain Ben
  • Old original husky rapala

    By walleye wayne
    I don’t see a dive curve for it. It was a fat version of the 13 rap. It is a shallow lure thank you
  • Works great

    By Fish tales 80
    Good for every time out fish ON e z update had the books before this is much easier and better for new baits or update on old ones but goodies only way to go if you’re a fisherman
  • 👍

    By jeff5786
    Great app saves a lot of cranks.
  • Needs filtering capability.

    By Izzyman256
    This app would be awesome. The problem is I'm out right now trolling lead core suffix 832 18 pound. we need to be able to filter by line type. I should be able to go into a button say this is the line I'm using and the app only shows me lures that have been tested with that particular line. Right now I've been spending 20 minutes going into every Luer looking for lead core data. Very very frustrated especially when you take into account the cost of this app. I understand that it's time-consuming to come up with all this data but we need more functionality!
  • Great Info, But...

    By Jtscott79
    Purchased lifetime sub, takes a lot of the guesswork out of lure selection, resulting in more fish in the boat and greater confidence choosing lures and playing with colors or other variables instead of wondering if I'm really targeting the correct depth. A minor gripe is the line choice selection is very limited on most lures. Personally, I'd like to see more information using leadcore to put to rest heresy on how deep leadcore "really" dives using different lures and amount of line out. All-in-all, I'm extremely pleased regardless of the initial cost and feel the app to be highly beneficial in maximizing EFFECTIVE time on the water. Now add more LC data PT!!!!...and keep up the good work!