Essential Muscle + Skeleton Anatomy

Essential Muscle + Skeleton Anatomy


  • Category: Medical
  • Release Date: 2014-04-28
  • Current Version: 1.0.4
  • Adult Rating: 4+
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  • Developer:, LLC
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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UNLIKE COMPETITORS, COMBINES BOTH MUSCLE AND SKELETAL SYSTEMS INTO ONE APP AT A GREAT PRICE: 3D4MEDICAL'S AWARD WINNING APP FOR ESSENTIAL UNDERSTANDING OF THE MUSCLE AND SKELETAL SYSTEMS. This app replaces our legacy apps the "Muscle System Pro" and the "Skeleton System Pro" with more detail, content, ease of use and 3D technology. An in depth training tool for learning the Muscle System and the Skeletal System. The Essential Muscle + Skeleton Anatomy app incorporates the groundbreaking 3D technology, the interface features and the innovative design of the 3D4Medical Essential Anatomy apps to deliver the definitive reference tool for the musculoskeletal system. CONTENT FEATURES - All of the muscles labeled - All of the bones labeled -1,473 labeled points of origin and insertion -2,159 labeled bone parts and bone surfaces -Visually represents the innervation of each muscle -Visually represents the arterial supply of each muscle -All articulations can be highlighted -Animations of every movement of each articulation (flexion, extension, etc.) -Correct audio pronunciation for every label -Latin nomenclature for every label TECHNICAL FEATURES -Proprietary 3D display technology -Hide/Fade/Isolate individual or multiple structures -Multiple search options -Preset and customizable bookmarks -User friendly and intuitive interface This app represents a unique approach to achieving an in-depth look at the muscular and skeletal systems combined. The graphics are unparalleled and make learning through the use of informative content and innovative features, a rich and engaging experience. NEW 3D TECHNOLOGY The Musculoskeletal Anatomy app is responsive, visually stunning and effortless. The app is fully 3D, meaning that you can view any anatomical structure in isolation as well as from any angle. EFFORTLESS NAVIGATION & FUNCTIONALITY Useful functionality within the app allows users to strip away several layers of muscle and connective tissue. At the same time painted on maps highlighting bone parts, bone structures and insertion / origin points can be turned on and off. Users can also isolate an individual bone or muscle to study that part in more detail. PREMIUM INTERFACE DESIGN The Musculoskeletal Anatomy app was designed with the user in mind – the body itself becomes the interface. The app does not rely on predefined anatomic arrangements and regional dissections but rather allows the user to interact with the whole body. MORE FROM 3D4MEDICAL: **Essential Anatomy 3 **Radiology Head **Spine Pro **Brain & Nervous Pro **The Heart Pro III



  • Great

    By Dat person-_-
    It's very useful and cool but u should lower the price that's why I give it a 4 star
  • Excellent reference

    By Dhcprouter
    I use this as an artistic anatomical reference. I do have to say this is better than any book that I have purchased or gotten from friends. I love the way you can make groups of muscles disappear. The attachments selection is a little finicky. I wish you could turn off the bone selection at times so you could just specify certain anatomy/connectors. That is just a small thing. I am planning on getting your full anatomy software next.
  • Highlighting defect of selected area !!!

    By محمود ابراهيم
    I downloaded the app on ipad air 2 But the problem is inability to highligh the selected area !!!!!
  • Medical Advancements and Patient Participation

    By electronicfirepower
    As a senior intel analyst for the last 35 years I have been talking about this APP for about two months now and how integration into the Veterans Administration process would be so beneficial to both the DR's and the Patients. I was so glad to see this accomplished by the APP maker for the new iOS we will see with the new iPad Pro this November. Now it is a matter of marketing - Get on the phones - Get the names of those who make policy and drive innovation and let's get this moving faster than a bullet train folks - Long Over due - I deeply appreciate your efforts and out of the brain thinking on this one.. most say out of the box - I have been saying out of the brain for the last two years in how I want my clients and my Government to work with commercial programs and off the shelf technology to provide quicker innovation.... Good Job 5 Stars (Been using your APP since it launched for my own daily medical journal work - it will pay off with dividends.
  • Fantastic resource

    By Springchicken37
    I'm a visual learner so having this app has been very useful. So much quicker to find the info I need here than in other places. Being able to fade, hide, or isolate a muscle and turn it in whatever direction is fantastic.
  • Necessary App for my profession

    By Coder extra
    As a newly trained inpatient medical coder, this app will provide me with the A/P I need to become great. With the implementation of ICD-10 October 1, A/P is even more important. Nicely done!!
  • There's gotta be more

    By Thumbs?
    It's good.. I can't use it for everything like I thought but it's convenient
  • Excellent.

    By Foofootootoo
    All its missing is showing synergist and prime mover groups, agonists and its antagonists groups and this app would be out of control!!
  • Fantastic app!

    By Pablo Ramirez
    The graphics and visual in this app are unparalleled to any anatomy app I have seen on iPad. The app seems to fully take advantage of the processing power the device has. The information is fully detailed and easy to manage & view. My only suggestion for the user is to make sure that you will only be needing the information on the muscles and skeleton. If you feel you may later need more information on systems like cardiovascular, nervous, digestive, etc., take a look at Essential Anatomy 4 which has far more information and muscle/skeleton specifics can be can be in-app purchased.
  • Excellent for learning anatomy

    By HeidiArt
    I am taking Anatomy and Physiology 1 this semester and this app has been so helpful for learning the bones, bone parts and landmarks, muscles, and ligaments and tendons. It is also helpful that for specific muscles you can click to see the nerve and artery supply as well as the origin and insertion points. You have to pay a fair amount for this app, but it is worth it. It offers a wealth of information, and the ability to interact, rotate, isolate or remove various muscles and bones makes this in some ways far more useful than the models we have in the lab and also more helpful than textbook alone. I also have been using the app to learn how to pronounce names and terms.