Infection Bio War

Infection Bio War

By Fun Games For Free

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-02-16
  • Current Version: 1.1.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 47.70 MB
  • Developer: Fun Games For Free
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.58222
From 12,449 Ratings


INFECT the world population with the most exciting DISEASE game on the App Store. Spread your disease using different Symptoms and Resistances!! Features: - Choose your Level: Easy, Medium or Hard - Select the country to start your disease attack - Evolve your disease and obtain dozens of transmission vehicles (Use Birds, Cattle, Water and much more) - Add Symptoms to increase lethality - Add Resistances to avoid being discovered Download while it's FREE!



  • Prophecy for told!

    By Gentges90
    Fun game!! 5 stars for sure! Named my virus (after unlocking it) CCV-20 (Communist Chinese Virus 2020) and no one was alive by 2023! :D I LOVE THE fact that this game is so prophetic it’s acutely told me that the USis falling into anarchy AND when borders and ports were closing! HOW DID THIS. GAME KNOW THE FUTURE?!? Mind. Blown. I paid the $19.99 just for the acute portrayal of how both my infections played out #1 FakeNews-19 and the aforementioned CCV-20. Y’all need to buy this game!
  • This game is stupid

    By ardis the realz king
    This version of plague inc is so unfair 40.healthy people and everyone dead I wouldn’t of won I’d rather get the actual one not ripoffs
  • Bootiful <3

    By xX_Nano_Sounds🎼🎹_Xx
    I made a disease named Dancing4ever because I couldn’t fit the name The Dancing Plague (it’s a real plague where it made you dance till’ you die. It happened in France btw). Also I learned that you should do the resistance first just so then you can spread it with then kill people. If you do the resistance first it’s less likely that they will make a cure cuz your suppose to make it so it’ll make it harder for people to make a cure. Also I made it really infectious so all the scientists died of the disease. But anyways I’m NOT SUPPOSED TO GIVE OUT TIPS IM SUPPOSED TO SAY WHY ITS GOOD— nevertheless I just think it’s a good game even if there no rewards. The real rewards is that you destroyed humanity with a disease that you made. Basically your disease is dangerous and should never be a real thing. Also now I have a new video for my YouTube channel! Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night! =D (I don’t remember what I called myself so let’s just say I’m Asuga-Chan <3 =3 oki?) ~Asuga-Chan <3 =3 (discord username also I have a discord server) Edit 1: You should always start the disease at Greenland or Madagascar because those are hard to infect but not for me for some reason. Have a nice day/afternoon/evening/night! =D
  • The best game ever played

    By colton hockey 22
    It’s a really fun disease game I want to be a disease specialist so it helps me out a lot and I like how it says killed more than a plaque Death that’s gets me happy and with coronavirus going around I named my plague Covid 2020 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷😷🤒🤒🤒🤒🤕🤕🤧🤕🤕🤒🤕🤕🤧🤒I also like how it can tell you the world population and how many states are infected the really fun part is upgrading your disease if you fully max upgrade it becomes overpowered
  • It’s good but not great

    By he@lth
    This is a fun game but do not buy the rest to unlock bc it’s the same exact thing. It’s a waste of $20. I was hoping they’d add more features or options if you bought out the rest of the game....nope. They screw you over on that for money.
  • Meh

    By BumBumTickleBottoms
    I beat it with in a few hours of playing, really there is no good ending. I WILL SAY THIS GREENLAND AND MADAGASCAR ARE A PAIN TO GET INFECTED, the best place to start is from Normandy there is a boat and MY GOD is it rare on traveling to Greenland. If this ruins the content of the game by being a “spoiler” I do apologize. But the developers need to add more to the game. I would rate this game 2-1/2 stars but it doesn’t allow me to do that. So for in hopes of the developers keeping this a free game with MORE added to it(like a lot more) then this would be an amazing game with great values. Overall: its okay Quality: good Content: not a whole lot of it, what makes the game long is (what i said before) those certain countries being a pain. But other then that not a lot of content. The game takes a few hours to beat because of the speed and some countries being a pain(GREEEENLAAAND& Madagascar) ~ Needs more but it is good for a free game but not something to keep around after a few hours do to nothing more to do. The game only has a few things to unlock and thats it. No specials no different types of illnesses, nothing! They are all the same except for a few things that I am not going to mention. Play it, enjoy it, then just look for another game.
  • Wow

    By loganeeeeee
    Is anyone else freaked out that NEW ZEALAND was able to completely irradicate Covid19? This game is awful accurate.
  • It’s a cash grab and a copy of plague inc

    By quilt'n'quiles yt
    This game is literally illegal and a cash grab so yeah it’s trash
  • Win always on hard

    By spikeblaze
    Keep visibility too zero until the world is infected about 200days doing water and air max and then max out cure upgrades and when you have 100% world infection 0%lethality so you go about with upgrading no symptoms up till the very end , you go to symptoms and from your left upgrade until total organ failure than keep going right from that skill
  • It is my favorite game

    By mavercudmsoq
    It is awesome 👏🏻