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iDance! — Find the Core of your Rhythm! A energetic and fun way to keep fit. iDance! will help you learn popular dance steps while working and toning your body. With a wide variety of dance styles, our instructor will guide you through steps and moves for different dance styles from Club Freestyle, Disco, Bachata, Salsa and Samba, to Burlesque, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Merengue and Swing. The app’s fluid animations were created using motion capture technology. Check out a preview here: Dance Patterns: - 225 individual dance animations w/detailed instructions on footwork, movement/direction, timing/rhythm, torso/hip action and arm movements. - Easily switch between front and side views. - Practice each pattern individually until mastered. - Easily add patterns to a customized dance routine. Classes: - 40 preset Classes combine patterns into dance routines. - Basic, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels for each dance style. - Prepare for and end your dance practice with 3 warm up and 2 cool down sessions. Customized Dances: - Use our Dances screen to create your own seamless dance routines. - Easily Drag & Drop any pattern from the app into the sequence bar to link them together. - Choose music for your dance with 35 different music tracks from various music styles. - iCloud support to back up and restore your dances and favorites. - Share routines with friends via e-mail. Project to Apple TV - Replace static DVDs with your own customized programs. - Use Airplay to instantly mirror to your HDTV. Have fun and enjoy your workout! 3D4MEDICAL’S COMMENT: We take pride in all our apps at 3D4Medical and continually strive to engage with our customers. We are committed to upgrading and developing our apps and invite you to share in the development process with us. Please send recommendations and feedback to: iDance! MORE FROM 3D4MEDICAL: — iMuscle 2 — iMuscle Home — iYoga - Premium — Rehabilitation for Lower Limbs



  • Outstanding!

    By Szneimer
    One of the best apps!
  • Excellent App

    By YRCE
    This is an excellent app. It is easy to follow, and fun to do.
  • Fun, fun, fun!

    By RowryM
    Dance your way to fitness! I’m loving this app. So many different types of dances and songs to choose from. I had a dance routine playing on Apple TV and my 2 year old loved the music! He was dancing too! A fun way to get into shape and all in the comfort of your own home.
  • Purchased but won't open

    By teeoffsoon
    I have down loaded multiple times but will not open.
  • Crashed

    By Kjm4872900
    I purchased this with two other apps the other two work great. This one , when I tap it pops up like it will open than disappeared back to the screen. Could it be the iOS 8 new update help?
  • Fun if you know how to dance

    By Rockville Atlantic Reader
    This is a lot of fun, but the movement is too fast for none dancers. It would be great if you could slow the dances, classes, etc down,
  • Dancing during the week!

    By Allez les blues
    This is a great app! Sure it doesn't do everything, but hey, it's 99 cents with no ads or annoying upgrades. Fun way to try some new dance steps! I've been looking for a dance app for a long time, and this one is much better than I expected. (PS to the developers: Nicely done! Would you please add ballet when you get a chance?)
  • So fun!

    By Kaw1235769
    This is such a great way to workout! Once you get started it's addicting because it's so much fun. You can pick up some new moves for the club while burning calories. Incredible! The support team for the app is very helpful too. They did a great job answering my questions. Everyone should try this app.
  • Well-Rounded Challenge

    By Tahoe Queen
    This is worth every penny. It offers a mind/body challenge because I cannot slow the pace. I must separate the body parts, master each movement and then combine them to master the step. Then comes the challenge of combining the steps into a dance sequence. I now have a lifetime of steps to master. My husband loves my new style even though I have only learned learned four steps of one dance. All this plus it is great exercise.
  • AirPlay hard to find

    By Betty Apple
    I had to write to app support to find how to do AirPlay because I wasn't using iOS7. Customer support helped me right away--thanks! But why not put it in the app information to save trouble and negative reviews? I find the dances easy to follow but the music is not stellar.