Shall we date?: Demons' Bond

Shall we date?: Demons' Bond

By NTT Solmare

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2015-06-10
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 35.52 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 130 Ratings


Idea Factory and NTT Solmare collaboration continues with “Demons’ Bond -The path of exile-”, the latest installment in the "Shall we date?”series, now available exclusively on mobile platform. Demons’Bond -The path of exile- (original title Toki no Kizuna) is one of the many successful romance visual novel games from the famous “Otomate” brand from Idea Factory known for critically acclaimed titles such “Hakuoki”, “Scarlet Fate” and Amnesia.” With its intricate love story filled with passion and mystery, exquisite illustrations and beautiful background music,“Demons’Bond”will content all romance visual novel lovers! 1.Story Introduction It is the Warring States period in Japan. After the passing of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, many warlords started to watch for a chance to be the next ruler of the land. In the midst of time where history is changing with the upcoming battle of Sekigahara where the major daimyos split into Eastern and Western Armies, aiming to fight a decisive battle, there were demons who lived in the shadows of history, avoiding human involvement. Our protagonist is a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance, a coalition of demon clan chieftains. Her duty is to protect Princess Yase, leader of the Ten-Demon Alliance. One day, Princess Yase summons all the Ten-Demon Alliance chieftains across the land. They are delighted at the reunion, but shortly after that, Princess Yase is attacked by forces unknowns. She is greatly weakened and falls into a deep sleep. The Ten-Demon Alliance chieftains, including the heroine, seek out the perpetrators who attacked the Princess. However, it becomes evident that within comrades which were believed to be tied with a strong bond, there were demons secretly in league with humans violating the commandment which all demons must obey. The protagonist's mission: to find a way to rouse the Princess from her slumber, and end demon interference with human affairs. This is the story of the demons who ran through the Warring States period, with the heroine having two missions in her mind. 2.FEATURES 1)A beautiful and heartrending love story unfolds during the transient Warring Time, and the heroine believes in the bond with other demons and find her true love along the way. 2)The heroine is bold to act for the sake of her demon comrades even though they worry about her recklessness.  This is the story of the demons who come to regain their ideal which had been lost for a long time. 3)Gorgeous photos and cool BGM emphasize the spectacular story. 3.FOLLOW US (Don’t forget to LIKE us if you enjoy our game!) 4.ABOUT US Thank you very much for your interests and downloads of our games! NTT Solmare is a game company especially focusing to bring Japanese visual novels and Otome games to the world! Demons’Bond -The path of exile- is one of our game series, “Shall we date?”. We sincerely hope enjoying our games and give us feedback!



  • Beautiful

    By CheyeneL.
    This game has such a beautiful story as well as the art, however what I find most annoying is that each of the persons you’re supposed to be together with ends up dying one way or another!!! I find that to put a damper on the game because it doesn’t make sense for the persons to die.
  • Long story, no romance

    By puglets3
    For the price, each story is certainly long, but the first 4 chapters are almost exactly the same, at least for the two character stories I read. I felt I was more reading a book about the conflict and impending war than anything having to do with romance. The history of the many groups involved is boring, and it was tedious to keep track of who was siding with who. However, I would have looked passed that had the story contained more romance. In Kazuya’s story, they don’t even realize they love each other until chapter 11 out of 12 chapters! There is no romantic tension or romantic focus to the story. I had liked Shin’s story because it was a little more playful but, again, not much romance or even physical contact between the two. The most they do in both storylines is kiss. I read all that for a kiss at the end. I liked the characters themselves, but was disappointed in the romantic interaction since that’s why I had wanted to read the story to begin with. My recommendation is save your money and skip this game if it’s a love story you are after, because you won’t find it here.
  • $5 EACH!!!

    By straightupreview
    This game is amazing, the art, the music, the story just great! But the one problem I️ have, which is a big problem. It is $5 to read it, if you think that’s a lot well it gets worse. You have to pay $5 for EACH CHARACTER. When I️ found this app I️ was in love and was so excited to read it, so I️ saved money bought a visa gift card and used my money to buy my first story- Chitose. I️ was ecstatic and loved the story. With my understanding of paying $5 I️ thought that I’d be able to read the rest of the stories without having to pay more because there are 5 characters and my understanding was that it’d be a dollar for each. NOPE, as I️ was moving onto my next character Kazuya I️ noticed when I️ tried to play the main story it said BUY 4.99USD. I️ was furious! I️ paid $5 for one story?! Are you kidding me?!! Reviewers who are interested in the game keep in mind that if you want to read each story you’d have to pay $25. And developers if you come and see this review, give the gamers a heads up that each story costs $5. Shame, I️ always loved this company.
  • Ehhhh

    By Goth Girlz
    It sounds like a good game. I read the prologue and all the story highlights. But do I really have to pay?
  • Part of me wishes Aksys had gotten it instead

    By Azurite
    I'm a big fan of the Hakuoki franchise and all its spin-offs, but why did Idea Factory/Design Factory and Otomate go with NTT Solmare? Yes, they're well-known for bringing otome games to English-speaking audiences, but their overall track record isn't as good as companies like Voltage or Aksys (even though Aksys doesn't usually do iOS games). Here are my problems with this localization of the game: (1) You can't see the full relationship map. The game claims to be designed for both iPhone and iPad, but you can't rotate the screen, save images, zoom, or anything. If it's cut off, it's cut off: too bad. This normally wouldn't be too big of an issue, but... (2) Many of your choices are made for you. In the original Hakuoki game (and, I imagine, the original Japanese release of this game, Toki no Kizuna), you don't know who you're going to end up with, or what ending you'll get. In this game, you pre-pay for a given character's story ($5 for about 12 chapters), but you barely know anything about them outside of a "highlight reel" from their story, a brief image with some text describing their character, and the cut-off relationship map. As a result, everything in the game is slanted toward pairing the main character off with your chosen guy, and one of their several endings. So at least your choices matter a LITTLE... but not as much as they would in the original game. The game has little replay value, since the routes don't make the other characters the least bit intriguing or characterized. (3) On that note, $5 for a story with no free chapters at all!? Even Voltage is moving away from the per-story paid route, for better or for worse. I would rather pay for a whole game and get all the content, or pay for freemium "bonus" content (like DLCs, similar to the PS3 release of Hakuoki) than this model. (4) The translation is weak. Yes, it's way better than other NTT Solmare games, but it's not great. As a result, the main character comes across as simultaneously blunt and formal, which results in an awkward "read." Some words are outright untranslated, like Shura (Berserker? Like an early version of the Furies of Hakuoki?). Others are translated differently from the other games in this universe, e.g. Sage's Elixir instead of the Water of Life... though I suppose that could be "on purpose," even though there's clearly meant to be a connection between this game and Hakuoki. Oh, and the grammar! It's especially evident when the game unexpectedly switches POV from the main character, Yukina (you cannot change the name, but somewhat ironically, they give an in-story reason for it) to other characters. Let's say you switch to one of the guys' POV. His name will still appear in the dialogue boxes, but you won't see him (as a reader). The dialogue will say something like "and he stepped into the room," making you think it's talking about the guy stepping into the room. But then the POV will suddenly say stuff like "I listened carefully..." and you're wondering... WHO THE HECK'S POV IS THIS?! Worse is the tense shift: past to present (asked/asks) within a single sentence! NTT Solmare: HIRE A SCRIPT EDITOR WITH ENGLISH AS THEIR FIRST LANGUAGE. Ideally someone with an English degree, or who demonstrates they really care about grammar and readability in otome games and visual novels. Heck, HIRE ME. I adore the concepts behind your stories, but I can't read them because the translations are often too painful to get through. (5) The fast forwarding is too slow. With limited "bookmark" spots and no indication when text changes after a choice, it's frustrating. On top of that, if you have fast forward enabled, the screen still dims (and can shut off) before you get to the next choice point. When I re-wake my phone, I often have to re-open the app entirely, because it's frozen on a transition screen! (6) There are no voices?! What the heck?! I know this would have added a lot of size to the file, but in this day and age, voices are a big selling point for games, especially those that were made originally WITH voice acting, as opposed to being added later. What's good: the storyline itself is interesting, and adds a lot to the Hakuoki world. The art is beautiful, and not too over-the-top (there are some anachronisms though, like modern glasses or blonde hair on Japanese historical figures). The music is interesting and pumps up the emotion, but it's not repetitive or recycled. Overall, it's good: worth one playthrough of a character you find interesting, and trying to get all their endings, but I don't know if I'd shell out $25 for all the routes with this interface and translation quality. It could be so much better, NTT Solmare. Please give me multiple good reasons to support you by demonstrating you really care about and listen to your English-speaking audiences.
  • Do I have to pay??

    By jinxyneko
    Do I really have to pay just to read a story please help me with this issue if I do then this is not worth my time I won't delete it or give you one star for now until you help me you would get two stars
  • Yay, more Idea Factory!

    By Isidoras
    Give us more, more...! With these visual novels you have to read all the routes to get the whole story. :) There were some design annoyances though. Please give an option to fast forward quicker. The first few chapters are common routes where your choices determine which love interest you end up with. But in the mobile version, the game automatically makes those choices for you because of the separate route purchases. So it's easy to miss new text because you don't have to stop and make the choice right? BUT IT'S SO SLOWWWW 😓 Also the idea of bonus images is terrible. We're paying for a full game but getting it without voice acting of the original. The least you can do is make the CGs available. Ok thanks!
  • Aww

    By VkbivifiGozgozzog
    Very cute and enjoyable. Really enjoy being a strong female and not another bump in the road!
  • I want more

    By Cheymariko
    I really enjoy this game and have lost count in how many times I have played it. I have read that there is a second part to this game etc a sequel so can you please translate the sequel and give it to us fans 😀
  • I love the app...but,

    By NejiFan101
    But, please update soon. I want to be able to play on my iPhone 7!!!!!!