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“iA Writer creates a clean, simple and distraction-free writing environment for when you really need to focus on your words.” ***** The New York Times “iA Writer is an example of how powerful simplicity and accessibility can be.” ***** The Guardian “iA Writer is all about textual production—writing this phrase, this sentence, this word at this moment.” ***** WIRED 4 x Best of App Store Winner # The Simple Writing App iA Writer removes distractions. Giving you a calm, focused, writing space, so you can express yourself clearly. # Focus Focus Mode dims everything but the current sentence or paragraph, helping you stay in the flow. # Start Don’t worry about the format. First, write in plain text. Then preview in HTML. # Organize Search, sort, and quickly swap between documents from different clouds. # Customize When you tap and hold a key in the command keyboard, you’re given the chance to choose your own layout. Rearrange your keys, or pick new ones from the extensive list. # Search You can open documents and launch frequent actions in no time with the new Quick Search. It lives in the keyboard so it’s always close at hand. # Work iA Writer includes an inverted light-on-dark-mode, perfect for working day and night. # Clean Spot superfluous adjectives, weak verbs, repetitive nouns, false conjunctions and clean your text of the usual rumble. # Shape Customize your templates and export to WordPress or Medium, HTML, Microsoft Word (.docx), or PDF. # 100% Text Embed links, pictures, tables and text files in plain text and see them in preview. # Get in Touch - Visit ia.net/writer for more information - Visit ia.net/writer/support for support and feedback - Let us know what you think on Twitter @iAWriter



  • Just write

    By GrayingMuse
    I’ve been a fan for years— even wrote a novel in the app.
  • More Library options

    By Christian-stone
    Really wish there was a way to make a different location default for the library. Otherwise it always adds an extra step of navigation before I can get focused and write... But otherwise this is the app I use everyday. Worth the investment
  • Like it

    By Ken Weiss
    Recently downloaded and new to the software. I imported a book I’m working on from Dropbox. Ported fine, but my page breaks were removed. I see I can add them and I was wondering if I do that will they throw off my work? I searched on your website a way to contact someone, but all I found were common questions. If there’s a way to add my breaks back to where they originally were? Other than that I’m really loving it. I previously wrote a 90,000 word novel on word, and can say iA Writer is much MUCH better to use without needing a subscription.
  • Library doesn’t work well with Dropbox or Google Drive

    By m0n0chr0m
    Unable to add a Dropbox folder to Library. You have to search for the folder each time. This app was great until this happened. The developers seem to have improved functionality with iCloud while its ability to work with other cloud services has declined. As I use an Android phone along with an iPad, Macs and PC’s, IAWriter just lost a lot of value for me.
  • One annoying bug

    By jamessher01
    I’m using this app on 2018 iPad Pro, and when I hold to select the screen will scroll up. Very annoying. Otherwise a great app! I use it daily.
  • Inexcusable loss of data leads to inevitable conclusion: This is not a reliable app.

    By The Geezuss
    After completing a 1000 word article, Writer has crashed, taking my iPad down with it to a reset. Upon restart, instead of reopening with the document safely stored in iCloud or a local cache, there is no article. Not in the cloud, not locally. The article is now lost forever, nowhere to be found. It is appalling to find out that a modern app fails to constantly save documents either to a local cache or the cloud, but that’s exactly what has happened with Writer today. Which means that, by current computing standards, Writer is not a reliable app and should be avoided. And no, I don’t care if Apple’s iCloud is crap (which it is) and I don’t care that this has been the first and only time this has happened. The simple fact that it CAN happen once, is a clear indication that it is not a reliable writing app. No application in the 21st century can let data get lost in such an embarrassing way. Time to get back to Google Docs.
  • Selecting Text on iPad a Pain

    By 4all2hear
    When I try to select text to move, copy or cut, the selection cursor goes crazy. I’m unable to select precisely the text I want. It’s quite frustrating. Please fix and I’ll be happy to give it 5 stars. Other than that, I love the app. Thank you.
  • Plain, simple, focus and lightweight!

    By RollerBand
    Plain, simple, focus and lightweight!
  • Can’t open or save to Dropbox

    By DavidFoster
    Makes it pretty useless if Dropbox is where you keep your work.
  • Simple and elegant

    By racvac
    I use IA Writer for everything now as a simple way to keep track and have everything in one place. It works beautifully.