RoosterMoney Allowance Manager

RoosterMoney Allowance Manager

By World Learning Ltd

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2014-01-28
  • Current Version: 4.2.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 48.85 MB
  • Developer: World Learning Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.3 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 274 Ratings


The RoosterMoney Allowance & Chores Tracker for parents and children helps families manage allowances, chores and rewards and teaches children the value of money. Available in any currency. RoosterMoney Allowance & Chores Tracker gets allowance sorted. It transforms the way you give pocket money and your child's allowance, by making it simple for parents and fun for kids. Parents remain the Bank of Mom and Dad and no deposits are required to start using RoosterMoney. For those parents who need extra features like a more advanced chore tracker, adding extra family members, or even setting interest rates, there’s the option to upgrade to RoosterPLUS. Parents sign up to record the pocket money comings and goings for their children. Each child has an account too and can check their statement and savings, create saving goals and choose what they want to save for. Key Features for Parents: - Set up a pocket money routine for your kids; issuing allowances automatically each week or on an ad hoc basis in your preferred currency (£, $, € and more). - If your children aren't ready for real money, you can also award stars, we act as an online Reward Chart or Star Chart! - View current balances and statements, so you can track kids money. - Boost extra money for jobs, achievements or gifts. - Remove money from the app and hand it to your kids so they can spend it at the shops. - Take pictures of things at the shops and set these as savings targets for your kids to save up for. - Lock their allowance in an instant - A great way for teaching children money. Key Features for Kids: - Take control of your allowance. - Know how much money you have and how it has been saved and spent by checking your statement. - Create goals to save for, and you can upload your own photos! - Save money to add to a Savings Account using our Safe function. - Customise your Dashboard theme and make your account your own. - Get a head-start learning about money! What is RoosterMoney? Our mission is a simple one. We provide easy and engaging tools that help parents to raise money-wise kids. We set out to sort a specific problem: Allowances are a great idea in principle. But finding a system that works for your family is hard, particularly when you’re juggling the weekly shop, work emails and soccer practice. And everything else for that matter. We believe in the power of allowances to transform children’s understandings of money – whether you give them 20¢ a week or $10. And we think these lessons are best learned by keeping things simple for parents and fun for kids. Importantly we think the best things are learned together. What Parents think: “Pocket money issues used to stress me out no end and now it is all just FUN! I tried so many times writing things in cash books & various money boxes but nothing really worked until I found RoosterMoney.” Annabel, mom of 3. “Perfect for parents like me who do not deal in cash.” Wendy, mom of 1. “They used to receive ad-hoc amounts from friends and family and store it all over the place. Now they know exactly how much they have and how long they've been saving for.” Lucinda, mom of 3. PLUS PRICING & TERMS RoosterMoney offers 2 auto-renewing subscription options for Extra PLUS Features: $2.49 per month $18.99 per year Prices are for United States customers. Pricing in other countries may vary and actual charges may be converted to your local currency depending on the country of residence. Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless turned off at least 24-hours before the current subscription period. Your iTunes account will be charged for renewal 24-hours before the current period ends at the same cost as initial purchase. You can manage your subscription, change plan and turn auto-renewal off by going to your phone’s Account Settings. Terms & Conditions: Privacy Policy:



  • Love this!!

    By Groupon Lovin' Mama
    I have been using this for a few weeks and I absolutely love it. I wish there was a way to link it to my account and make automatic transfers so that I can ensure the money is always set aside, but otherwise the automatic payment features and the ledgering is a fantastic way for my kids to keep track of allowance and gain a concept of digital money!
  • KS4Sandoval

    By KS4Sandoval
    Love this app!
  • Rooster Money app

    By LLRMicheleSabiel
    This app is amazing and I can easily keep track of how much money my kids truly have coming to them for chores and allowance. ❤️
  • So far, pretty happy

    By Eighty-seven15
    I’ll certainly be subscribing to Plus on an ongoing basis. Some of the features are far better than I would have expected, such as linking to charities, giving kids bills (regulars), and giving them an incentive to “save” by applying interest. All in all, I’m quite happy with this app. And, this is after trying many other apps which always seem to fail in some significant aspect, driving me to find another option. I’ll start with how your app is superior, by comparison. I started with Chores Monster, when kids were younger. The app was clunky. It had a lot of superfluous animations which the kids loved, but it made things difficult for the parent. And, it didn’t allow for a lot of customization or rewards. That very quickly faded away in favor of Cores Bot. That app was really good at tracking individual chores and rewards for the kids and with a separate interaction for the kids, but it was terrible at synchronizing, and it took a lot of attention from the parents. Every little action had to be approved, and since it didn’t synchronize well, the parent would be hit with a backlog of approvals, while the kid was stuck waiting for many days for the rewards. One good thing about that app was the rich scheduling system. Things could be daily, weekly, etc. After that, I moved to iAllowance. It had promise, but also had its synchronizing issues. It required dropbox, which it didn’t recommend, or iCloud. That required each device to be on the same iCloud account. That wasn’t a big deal, because it was managed all within the app. But, often one device would fall out of sync with the other devices, and that became an absolute mess. And, synchronization had to happen in the foreground, and would often take unbearably long times. Eventually, I gave up. After the rich scheduling options of Cores Bot, I had to make some adaptations to make it work in iAllowance, which were somewhat awkward. But, something both apps had in common (which it shares in common with Rooster) is to mark things as required for allowance, or bonus income. For example, if I want the kids to clean their rooms daily, I can make it part of their daily allowance. Or, if I want them to do their laundry weekly, it can be a weekly bonus income. After leaving iAllowance, I tried Privilege Points. But, that app required us to share a single login in order to avoid bothersome approvals at every turn. I could have made Privilege Points work, but it didn’t use real money; it insisted on “points” or stars. Those also had upper limits. A chore or prize could be worth no more than 99, and a child could save no more than 999 points. So, after converting to see reasonable cash value, the range was pretty limited. That brings me to Rooster. I really like how Rooster uses actual money. But, there are a few things which I think would improve it. In scheduling the chores, scheduling isn’t clear. Say I want the laundry to be done any day between Friday and Sunday. It’s not clear whether it will recur every day, or if it just needs to be checked once per weekend. If it’s done Saturday, it might show up again on Sunday, when it really doesn’t need to appear again until the following Friday. Related to that, some bonus-type chores should be done on a rolling basis. Let’s say I want to give a reward for washing my car, but it doesn’t need to be every day, and if it’t not done one day, then it should still be available the next without necessarily being “overdue.” So, it would be great to have an option that it rolls from one day to the next, but can’t be done more than once every X days, or X times per day, etc. Chores Bot, in my opinion, had some good scheduling options, but if I were making it myself, I’d probably model scheduling off of a robust todo list app, like 2do, Toodledo, or even Outlook. The app allows for allowances weekly and monthly, but why not daily? I prefer an all-or-nothing daily set. Obviously other people have different setups. It would be great if this were an option. An even richer option would be overlapping allowance sets: some daily, some weekly, etc. Also, some of the chores seemed to get lost. It would be great if, as the parent, I could see a list of scheduled chores, whether currently active or not, and adjust their value, schedule, to whom they’re assigned, etc. Some screens allow me to swipe to approve, others require a swipe and then a press. It’d be great if it was more uniform (I personally prefer the single swipe). Apple mail allows for a half-swipe and press, or a hard swipe for immediate delete (or approval). Maybe that’s an option for you too. On the bigger side of things, some of the apps allow for a web-based interface, where things can be managed in a more convenient space. That’s a significant undertaking, but if it could be done, that might set you apart from some competition.
  • Amazing

    By MeepAdvsnturesYT
    I love using this app to track how much money my son can have. It shows the allowance and I can organize it into different sections. I have tried different apps and not any of them aren’t as good as this one. Download this and I suggest to upgrade to premium.
  • Good app

    By justsaymoh
    This app helps us get our kids to do chores and save for things they want. It’s good it there is a blended family with step parents. I will give this 5 stars when the following is added: 1) allow kids to create jobs and “ask” for approval, 2) allow jobs (not allowance) to be put into different account automatically (e.g., 50% spend, 40% save, 10% tithe) 3) allow allowance to be split into separate pot (or goals) by %, automatically, 4) allow creation of different pots (e.g, Tithe pot)
  • Very user friendly

    By Lrstone98
    Found this app great to use for someone who has a hard time constantly keeping cash on hand. So easy to keep track of what the kids have.
  • Great kids money app

    By Kaitheturtle
    It costs $20 for the year, but you get to assign jobs. The kids check off the jobs completed. You pick how much of the money goes into each category. I have not seen anything else like it.
  • Perfect!

    By stewart nuggetts
    We've been trying to use Ralphie Jacobs' family economy idea (from The Entitlement Trap) and this app is going to make paydays and money tracking so much easier! Kids losing their wallets will no longer be a problem. And I love the goal tracking feature!
  • Basic

    By melharlow
    This is very basic, it’s kid friendly but as far as parents friendly it could use some work. I would like to be able too see all the chores for all the kids in a chart so I can see nothing is overlapping, I would like to be able to edit chore days not just delete the whole chore. I think for the cost these changes could be done or it should be free