Conversation Therapy

Conversation Therapy

By Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

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Work more effectively toward your speech therapy goals. Help people who have had a stroke, live with autism, or have a speech or language impairment get talking with an app that sparks conversation. The best way to improve talking is by talking! - Get a tool that helps adults, teens, and children put therapy strategies into practice - Improve language, social skills, speech, and thinking while using this powerful speech therapy app - Carryover the lessons from speech therapy at home with an app that’s easy for everyone to use - Focus on what matters – stop racking your brain for fresh topics and let the app guide you - Take things in any direction with thousands of possible conversation starters - Create the right experience for each person with customizable settings - Talk one-on-one, host groups of up to 4 at a time, and track improvement with ease ** SEE HOW IT CAN HELP – download the Lite version for FREE! ** Coming up with fresh, attention-grabbing conversation starters every day is surprisingly hard, even for speech therapy professionals. Think of this app as your talk facilitator, taking the pressure and planning out of starting and maintaining dialogue while you monitor how your clients use their speech strategies. "This is the app that is going to pave the way for converting speech therapists to the digital age." - Ryan Knoblauch, SLP, The Speech Knob GETTING STARTED IS AS EASY AS 1, 2, 3 Target higher-level expressive language, pragmatic, problem-solving, speech, and cognitive-communication goals with open-ended conversation starters. Here’s how it works. 1) CHOOSE YOUR CATEGORIES. Tailor your experience with specific topics like Food or Health, or select all topics for free-flowing discussion that could go anywhere! You can always change the settings to see only age-appropriate categories for children, teens, or adults. 2) START THE CONVERSATION. Look at the picture, then touch any of the 10 buttons to see a question. The questions on the left are simpler (like “What is…?”) while the ones on the right are more complex (“How do you know…?”). Hear the question aloud, record your own audio, and score answers as you go. 3) USE YOUR STRATEGIES. While taking turns discussing the answers to the questions, use your word-finding strategies, smooth speech techniques, or other personalized therapy approaches to communicate more clearly. ALL DONE? E-mail an automatically generated summary of your results, along with any audio, or share the results to a PDF, file storage, printer, or copy/paste. GET EVERY FEATURE YOU NEED IN ONE EASY APP - 300+ vivid photos, with 10 questions per photo, for over 3000 possible questions - 10 languages: English, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Zulu - 12 categories full of real-world topics including daily life, hobbies, current events, social issues, health concerns, and much more - Record audio at any time with just a tap - Perfect for treating language, cognitive-communication, pragmatic, and speech disorders - Great as stimulus material to work on fluency, articulation, eye contact, and word-finding strategies in spontaneous speech - No subscriptions, no monthly bills, no Wi-Fi needed BETTER DISCUSSIONS MEAN BETTER PRACTICE. Inspire curiosity and creativity while motivating people to keep improving – DOWNLOAD IT NOW! Looking for something different in a speech therapy app? We offer a wide range to choose from. Find the right one for you at



  • Love this app!

    By MkeChristine
    I absolutely love this app! It's one of my favorite speech therapy apps. Well worth the money! I use it constantly!
  • Love it.

    By L Trice
    I'm an SLP student who just purchased an iPad to use in therapy and I love this app. It can be used in almost any setting in any way. I love that you can use it for higher and lower functioning individuals, and control topics of conversation. Highly recommend.
  • SLP

    This is one of my favorite apps for therapy. I utilize it in the nursing home and with home health patients. It has age appropriate conversation starters and questions applicable to most patients. It makes it easier to facilitate conversation in therapy in place of generating your own conversations. One of my favorite features is that I do not need to be connected to the internet to use the app once I downloaded it to my device. This is a must have for all SLPs!!!!!
  • Versatile app

    By SpeechTherapist
    This app truly targets so many skills and it allows for varying levels of difficulty. I highly recommend! As with all of Tactus' apps, I love that it can pull double duty and work well with both pediatric and geriatric populations! Social skills? No problem? Higher level thinking questions? Sure! Reminiscing? Absolutely!
  • Excellent!!

    By Jngee
    A great app from a great company!! Very easy and versatile to use during therapy! Highly recommend!!
  • Conversation Therappy

    By SLPM
    This app is fabulous for developing and practicing conversational skills. Engaging photos within a large number of categories and ten prompts allow the learner to explore a variety of conversational skills and answer inferential questions. I have used this app with my ASD students to encourage them to go beyond requesting so they can learn how to describe, answer questions and comment. Unlike other apps that work on receptive skills (i.e. making choices), this app truly targets expressive ability. Oh, and data collection is included.
  • Excellent app for a range of SLP goals

    By ozarkspeechie
    I absolutely love Conversation TherAppy. I'm an SLP and have been looking for different apps to target a variety of skills including those related to motor speech, comprehension, expression and verbal problem solving. This app fits the bill on all of those skills and much more. I highly recommend it to other clinicians. The pictures are top quality, the app is intuitive and easy to navigate and extremely thorough.
  • Love

    By Thumbelina89316
    I love this app! It's been fantastic for me to use with my adult clients, my only problem is keeping the OTs away, they love to use it too!!
  • SLP

    By JanelMM
    I have found this app to be very versatile. I work on the brain injury and stroke units and find that it can be used with patients at all levels. It is really useful for helping to elicit language from patients.
  • Great app for lots of speech goals

    By Muscatinemom
    I love conversation therapy and the way it's designed really let's you utilize it to accomplish many goals. I've used it obviously as conversation starters but the variety of prompts provided really give you many options. Also the pictures and prompts in general are targeted to adults and helps preserve dignity in the therapy process by not forcing them to use things that are too child like. I'm a grad student in speech pathology and as I continue in my career I hope to be able to purchase more of these apps. I just wish they were less expensive!