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  • Wow!

    By Ajax713
    This game is fantastic! It’s like the way games used to be before developers just started churning them out as fast as they can. I love Alawar games, they are always unique. The music and scenery are creepy and sad, as befits the story. The mini games are not difficult, but they are entertaining. The hos are played twice. This is obviously an older game, but in a good way. No cookie cutter formulaic crap, real creativity is at work here. It’s very long, and the bonus is decent as well. At the end there are 9 trivia facts, which I found amusing and showed the development team as real human beings. There are no collectibles, which I found to be a breath of fresh air; I could just get lost in the story without starting each scene looking for a morphing object or whatever. And while yes, it’s a story about stopping a villain, I felt it was a fresh take on that theme. Thank you Alawar!!
  • GC

    By )!$&8
    Great game. Just finished third round. Special affects are well done.
  • One of the best games I’ve ever played!

    By Xcellera
    Story is good, puzzles are challenging and I love finding the objects. This is the second time I’ve downloaded the game. Played it last year. Create more games like this. I will look for your name so I can play others.
  • Wow, one of the best

    By Lulu Berrie
    I play a lot of HOPs. While I enjoy the puzzle aspect, a lot of the stories are either manufactured or barely there. The other end of the spectrum has story driven games, but the puzzle aspect is lacking. This one balances both perfectly. I am in the game and invested in the outcome. The puzzles match the story arc and don’t break the momentum. I have played hundreds and this is near the top. Kudos to the developers/ design team for a home run.
  • One of the best

    By bgrant570
    Loved this game! The story was interesting and had a mysterious, creepy vibe. Awesome! Wish they made more like this!
  • Intriguing Game

    By Accentsofglass
    However, the game keeps crashing and I have downloaded it twice now and started over. I have played may Big Fish games and loved them. This is the first game I have had problems with Very frustrating
  • Seems really dated

    By Terface
    First of all, the game only gave two levels of expertise, beginner and expert. Second, the graphics were very dated. Third, it didn’t ask if I wanted a tutorial, it just gave one. Fourth, the first HOP was very off-putting. I didn’t even get past the first scene.
  • Paid

    By blondiye1994
    I bought this game for 6.99 and it is frozen!!! I am not very happy with this. Please fix...
  • Love this game.

    By Fliffloff
    This is one of my favorite games right now. I have been playing it many hours now and I am still enjoying it. Some of it is very challenging but I really like that in a game. I would highly recommend this game if you love picture finds and puzzles.
  • Really Great Game

    By Filly Lover
    I recently purchased and played this game. Good length plus bonus story. I haven’t had any issues while playing it on my iPad. Great graphics. Can’t say anything bad about it!