HD Thermometer ⊎

HD Thermometer ⊎

By Christophe Pereira da Conceicao

Score: 4.5
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Simple and beautiful rustic style Thermometer now in your iPhone or iPad. What people say about HD Thermometer ⊎: - It is a great app! It shows the temperature of your current location. That does not mean that your phone becomes a thermometer and can read the temperature of the surrounding area, using a weather service. A lot of idiots download this app and complain that their phone can't read the temperature indoors. Of course it can't! It's a phone, and no matter what app or other software you install on it, it will never be able to read the temperature of its immediate surroundings unless you had some hardware already installed that can do so, and a touch-screen phone simply cannot take someone's temperature. by jefffafa123 - Gets the temp for your current location, or for other saved locations. Works very well. I previously used another thermometer app, but it had banner ads that you couldn't close, and they covered the temperature if it dropped low enough. This one has a nice clean interface and easy to use! by AndyLPhoto - It is very accurate and is really easy to use and control. I recommend using this app! by AwesomeV01 - Very nice. Very simple. I like the auto save feature and the ability to just flip through the pages to get where you want. by Tree on Hill



  • Not a thermometer but a weather app for temp

    By aliisleeping
    I paid for the premium thinking I was getting more but it is only different look for thermometer styles that give weather temp from a weather station. It is not a thermometer which is what I got it for. This should not be listed as a thermometer because it is not one.
  • Didn’t work

    By JeSsIcA34567
    Doesn’t work. Tried to get it to read room temperature. All it does is have You enter city and tell you what temperature it is outside- no thanks I have like 10 weather apps I don’t need another one. Scam!
  • Thermometer?

    By Cac22usmc
    It’s not a thermometer it’s just another weather app. You give it your location and it looks for the temp on that location on a weather map. Junk.
  • My Mistake

    By toucheole
    I thought somehow I could get inside temps. I have a weather app for this.
  • Thermometer

    By magillicutti magee
    The most precise thermometer I have used yet I compared it with a van water and Rogers lab thermometer and I was more than pleased.
  • Thermometer

    By Lesslea
    The problem is I need an indoor thermometer. I already get what this app does on Yahoo weather.
  • Like or

    By Deucebatch
    I like it , but I wish it would/could tell me the room temperature
  • Thermometer

    By chattanooga charlie
    GREAT!!!!! Just what I desired. Accuracy better than i had expected to ever find. Inexpensive too. Couldn't be more pleased.
  • Inside thermometer

    By lgcowboy
    Seems to be accurate but time will tell.
  • Review

    By Genepick
    Great app