iYoga - Premium - iPhone

iYoga - Premium - iPhone

By 3D4Medical from Elsevier

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This app will not run on 3GS iPhones. This app is for users that are looking for the very best content available in a yoga app. It uses advanced technology to show the muscles used and allows seamless playback which is simple to use. It contains hundreds of videos (poses, muscles used and connecting poses) that have been designed so that the user can simply drag poses into timeline - and then play them back as a seamless movie (routine). iYoga’s amazing motion capture technology captures the delicate movements, correct posture and positioning for over 190 different poses (Over 80 poses included within this app and a further 110 advanced poses available as an in-app purchase). Our unique female model allows you to see muscles in action as each pose is demonstrated. The app also features a distinctive view which highlights muscles relevant to each pose as they contract and expand. Practice each pose on its own, choose a preset program or personalize your own, all with seamless transitions between each pose. Developed with all levels of users in mind, this app will empower you to attain the best results from every practice session and improve your confidence and technique. 100% Natural Movement •Motion capture animation shows intricate movements, correct posture and positioning for each pose. •Unique female model allows you to see muscles in action. •Voice instruction walks you through details of each pose. •Multiple views (front and side) to see exactly how each pose is performed. Create Seamless Routines •Choose from over 190 different poses (Over 80 poses included within this app and a further 110 advanced poses available as an in-app purchase) •Select from preset programs or create your own customized program. •Easily adjust hold times for each pose according to your level. •Seamless transitions between poses for uninterrupted, flowing sessions. View Muscles in Isolation • Isolated muscle view shows muscles relevant to each pose as they flex and stretch. • Easily switch between muscle and isolated muscle views. Project to Apple TV •Replace static DVDs with your own customized programs. •Activate Airplay on your iPhone to stream the entire app wirelessly to Apple TV and other AirPlay-enabled devices. NOTE: It is recommended to use a high speed internet connection and have a strong wireless signal to download the app due to large file size - allow 5+ minutes to download. _________________________________ • Please consult with a physician before performing any pose or starting any exercise program.



  • Excellent!

    By dah-NEES
    A great app. I love the fact I can create my own exercise programs. I would highly recommend this app.
  • Voice and model don’t match!

    By thelilgirlntx
    This app is definitely worth the $1.99, even if you do have to pay more to get poses beyond “beginner.” Pros: • Large selection of “beginner” poses. Plenty to get started and then some. • Preset programs available, that are aptly named so you know what to expect. • Programs include instructions between poses (proper way to go from standing to sitting, etc). • Ability to create your own programs. • Poses in alphabetical order, therefore very easy to find - love this!! • Ability to toggle between different views of model, to gain better understanding of what pose should look like. • Color coding for muscles on model (different colors for contracting, stretching, and both). Cons: • Some of the poses, the instructions are not voiced. I’m assuming it’s a bug or glitch, but definitely throws me out of my “groove” when I’m just listening and not looking at the screen. Downward Facing Dog in the Short Morning Stretch program is not voiced. Warrior II Right & Left in the same program have slightly different instructions. One specified that feet should be under wrists, the other does not. However, neither tells you to lift your arms before placing your ankles under your wrists. Centered Side Angle Right in the same program does not tell you to put one of your hands on the ground, but the model does it. Warrior I Prep Right in the same program does not tell you where to put your hands, or to bend your back, but the model does it. It also tells you to bring your right leg back up, when it was the left you were stretching, so it should tell you to bring your left leg back up. Warrior I Prep Left does tell you where to put your hands and what to do with your back, but only AFTER the pose is finished. Half Sun Salutation: the model is doing something COMPLETELY different than what the voice is telling you to do. Sun Salutation A Basic: voice tells you to do one thing, model is doing something COMPLETELY different, but voice stops completely after telling you to raise your arms. Revolved Easy Sitting Left: the model does not twist, it adjusts it’s butt checks and then just sits there. Easy Sitting: Model does something COMPLETELY different from what voice is telling you. And what the voice instructs is very confusing to me, and since I can’t look at the model for help....kinda useless. • Only 2 different views of model, being able to see both from every side, and from behind would be great. • I still think this is lacking something for true beginners. Sometimes it is very specific about what parts of your body should be where for a pose, but sometimes there are things that, in my opinion, are missed. Example: for some poses when it asks you to get on all fours, it tells you how & where your hands and knees should be, but other times it only describes the hands, or the knees, and not both. • Can’t rewind, if you need to hear instructions again, have to click on precious pose, then click on the pose you want to start over. Would be great if top bar where play/pause button is had ability to be expanded to allow for rewinding or fast-forwarding. • Can’t find anywhere in app where support or ability to give feedback is offered. • I wish the key where it tells you what the colors mean was always there, instead of me having to click on it to expand it. I can’t keep what color means what straight in my head and constantly have to reopen that thing. • On the pigeon poses, it says the wrong wrist for both left and right poses. It tells you to swing your right knee up and place your right ankle on the outside your right wrist. It should be place your right ankle on the outside of your opposite wrist.
  • Great app, can’t use it anymore

    By Angielaluna
    There needs to be an update from the developer before I can use this app on iOS 11. Even though I’ve paid for the app, I can’t even open it.
  • Need updates

    By Liu Empire
    Please up date to iOS 11, thank you.
  • Please update!

    By JannaleeJoy
    To 11!

    By Bloseerupp
    My phones says that if you don't update this app it won't work with the IOS 11 version.
  • Awesome App!

    By Sandstar the 3
    The app is amazing! The built in yoga routines have work wonders on my body and I love how the app helps me focus on which muscles to pay attention to when I'm practicing different poses. The reason why I gave this app three stars is because It won't download the intermediate and Hard posses on my iPod. I followed the instructions on the website with no luck. It would be nice if I could go to the website and download the packages onto the app instead of downloading them through wifi. I really like this app and I hope that this bug will be fixed soon so that I can improve my flexibility.
  • PT

    By Shihi71
    This is a great app that helps me with my form and physical therapy. The exercises and stretches are the same as the ones given to me by my physical therapist. I'm not a medical professional so it has been very helpful in managing my arthritis, bursitis, and scoliosis, so I can enjoy my life and stay active.
  • Outstanding app

    By SexyRexy Inc.
    I am a certified personal fitness trainer. I have recently started looking into yoga, for muscle tissue application & how it works with different poses. The visuals are outstanding & allow me to show the image to clients. Love this!
  • Amazing app!!

    By Imperfect Mom
    Completed my 200 hour Ytt last year. This app is an amazing tool to use when creating classes! Love it!