CKZ Origins

CKZ Origins

By Glu Games Inc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2013-04-24
  • Current Version: 2.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 273.62 MB
  • Developer: Glu Games Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.7 or later.


***If you are experiencing an initial loading screen hang and are currently on Mac OS Mountain Lion 10.8.2, please upgrade for free to 10.8.3 released on 14-March.*** The follow up to the successful franchise, Contract Killer: Zombies!! Step into the role of Evelyn as she tries to clear out the Savehaven Research Center from the hordes of zombies and reveal the mystery behind the outbreak. Free-Movement Third-Person Action! Explore numerous locations both inside and out. High-quality 3D graphics! Experience beautiful graphics on the latest devices Survival Mode! Get the highest score by protecting the civilian from waves of zombies! Tons of missions to complete! Save civilians, find provisions and clear escape routes to open new locations. Kill zombies! Use a variety of deadly guns, grenades and melee weapons! Collect Items! Shotguns, Machine Guns, Sniper Rifles, Grenades, Axes, Chainsaws, Health Packs and MORE! Multiple Zombie Bosses! Can you take them all down? PLEASE NOTE: - This game is free to play, but you can choose to pay real money for some extra items, which will charge your iTunes account. You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting your device settings. - This game is not intended for children. - Please buy carefully. - Advertising appears in this game. - This game may permit users to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging) depending on the availability of these features. Linking to social networking sites are not intended for persons in violation of the applicable rules of such social networking sites. - A network connection is required to play. - For information about how Glu collects and uses your data, please read our privacy policy at: - If you have a problem with this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature.



  • Fun at first…annoying later on

    By SeanC818
    I downloaded this game to try it out. Wasn’t too bad for a free game. However, the awards are absolutely ridiculous! You hardly get “cash” to upgrade your weapons (ie. completing a mission, you get $33 … big whoop!!), however you have to spend $800 for 3 grenades! LOL…Yeah! Sounds like a real winner for the harder levels that is right around the corner! And good luck trying to get those gold bars. If you want the “real weapons”…you would have to pay actual money for gold and cash. NO thank you! If the developers are such money grabbers, they should have put this game on the “purchase apps” list. Do not get suckered into this game or pay one cent! It is NOT worth it. I deleted the game immediately.
  • dump 3 person

    By Elreynum1freak
    i’ve played but if you want to be a very good game put it in first person it’s ok not good
  • CKZ Origins - Offensive

    Crude offensive language does not add to the quality of a game. It only offends the player. Plese use your talents in perfecting the game and use language that anyone ma¥ be comfortable with. Bad language is also a poor example for young people. You could also use a male shooter option as well. By CWODOC
  • maybe make it where you can upgrade your guns that you own

    By Jocollier133
    I was wondering maybe you could upgrade your guns not using gold to upgrade them instead you can use money that you have earned to upgrade it please do it it soon i am a tech guy and i don’t like really glitchy and messed up games
  • ok

    By qwondre
    ok game if i can control it - but its just another money grabber, wanting your money to progress
  • Great game...IF your RICH!!!

    By zNate77
    Love the game play but costs way too much for in app purchases and not nearly enough gold gold to put into game play rewards. Literally hundreds of $’s just to get cool weapons.
  • Evelyn, the Glitch Hunter

    By MrWasabiNose
    These are the problems I have with this game: 5) cannot log in via Facebook. Instead, there is a blank window. Game claims to be 2 players, but it is not. 4) Gold bars are deducted without warning and for no good reason. 3) There is a terrible lack for available missions. The first difficult “Story” mission is what the idiot NPC calls “the square.” This mission is stupid hard not because of the numbers of hordes coming at you, but because the AI NPCs are so painfully stupid, they will not move out of danger, especially when the smasher is charging from a mile away. So if you cannot pass “the square” level, then you’re stuck losing gold bars in survival mode desperately trying to earn enough dollars to buy new gear, even though the game will not tell you that you are being billed for gold bars or why. Will this game eventually become unplayable? Fortunately I was able to get past “the square,” by some miracle because I cannot for the unlife of me remember how that happened. 2) Ghost zombies. a) Intangible effects. They are either too far away for the sniper rifle or too close for the shotgun, but bullets phase right through them. My aim is not off. I know when my aim is off. When my aim is spot on, you only see dust behind their bodies, but their bodies take no damage. I’m not invincible; they shouldn’t be either. b) Teleporters. They fall down out of the ceiling and appear on my radar, but they aren’t there until I turn around and then turn around again, and now they are all up in my face when they clearly weren’t there a split second ago. This is because of Ghost Zombie effect letter C: c) Invisible zombies. They come out of the ceiling, but some common game glitch happens that they do not appear on the user interface. So they are hitting me and dealing damage, but they are invisible, and I cannot know if I can shoot them anyway because of letter A: Intangible effects. d) Partial teleporters. Much more common than letter B, in fact the standard, is that the basic zombies have this idiotic range with their claws whereby I can swing an axe all day but be out of range to damage them, but if I am a mile within range of their claws, then I still take damage. My axe is longer than their hands! Let me kill them already! e) Evelyn’s broken hearing. I hear a very loud “rrorgh!” coming out of only one side of my speaker, so I desperately look around to find the zombie next to me, but I slowly realize by comparing with the radar and gaining an actual visual that that zombie is a mile away. Then a zombie falls down out of the ceiling and drops a grate on the floor right the friggin’ next to my body…. NO sound effect whatsoever! So he’s just chewing at my health, and I’m like, “wha?! How’d he get there!?" 1) The game window/mechanics. a) When I am out of ammo, the switch weapons wheel comes up, but I cannot do anything else until I remember to hit the space bar to make it go away. Yes, I know that I am out of ammo, but I cannot change weapons with the number keys until the confounding wheel goes away. I’m damaged by enemies every single time this happens. Please get rid of it. b) The single worst part of this game that makes it near unplayable from the very beginning is that Full Screen mode is not truly a full screen. Because the aiming reticle resets when Evelyn is walking, the mouse cursor invisibly moves all over the screen, and when it comes in contact with the top Menu bar for the operating system, then the menu bar drops down in front of the game window, and then Evelyn no longer responds to any commands from my keyboard or mouse. There is no way to fix this, and she just dies. She is eaten alive by basic zombies in game because I have to reset the mouse cursor before she’ll respond again. This should not be happening. Make it a true full screen and lock the mouse cursor in place. It should not be this difficult.
  • starting over

    By Ivorylovesky
    I was on a very high level, and when I exit the game now, and open it again it starts me all the way over to the begining. No matter how much I try to reach the leavel, I was once at it keeps starting me over again. How can I save my leavel ?
  • El Capitan killed CKZ Origins

    By Luke3721
    Ever since the iMac El Capitan update CKZ 2 Origins has stopped working. It starts to load, then crashes and the Apple report thing pops up, and I hit it everyday (sometimes two or three times a day) for two months trying to get someone to pay attention and fix it. Tried to contact the support folks- no luck. Used to love this game, so I downloaded it for my IPhone, but on that there are a ton of ads, and the get gold through offers function doesn’t work- just freezes. What a shame that this company cares so little about a product that this consumer has dumped over $50 into, I wonder how much other revenue they are loosing over this glitch.
  • coz 2 origins

    By poppi63
    this game was great for a year. then last week it crashed. i deleted it and reloaded it and it still won’t work!!!!!! i’ve tried customer support but can’t get through to them!!!!!