Category Therapy Lite

Category Therapy Lite

By Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

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Improve mental organization skills. Practice categories in a versatile speech therapy app. When you struggle with categories due to stroke, brain injury, or autism, simple tasks can be impossible. But there’s a way to heal the broken networks of meaning. TRY CATEGORY THERAPY, an app designed for both speech therapists and home users to help restructure the brain and let the ideas flow. This free Lite version gives you a sample of what you’ll get in the full version. - Take control with evidence-based exercises designed by experts - Improve word-finding and sorting skills with 4 engaging activities and unlimited practice - Get an app that works in both home and clinical settings - Interact with clear photos and a simple interface that's easy for everyone to use - Adjust settings to target your goals and suit your needs - Use reports and customization to seamlessly fit the app into your therapy program When you lose the ability to group items and identify what they have in common, it gets in the way of your ability to understand, learn, and communicate. But with the right kind of practice, it’s possible to strengthen the connections between words and concepts and navigate your world more easily. “It will be a LONG time before you run out of content to use with one patient, and the app’s fantastic settings options will allow you to use it with a variety of individuals, regardless of cognitive abilities.” - Aubrey Klingensmith, MS, CCC-SLP, Speechie Apps GET THE RIGHT ACTIVITY - FOR EVERY BRAIN. No two people are the same. With 4 activities ranging from simple to complex, there's something in Category Therapy to match your needs. Work through them gradually or focus on the activity that best suits your needs. 1) FIND: Start with the basics. You'll hear and see a photo of a category (let's say "Fruit"). Tap the item that matches (for example, a banana). 2) CLASSIFY: Switch it up. Now you start with an item and choose the category that matches. This tests your ability to apply categories to what you see. 3) ADD ONE: Train yourself to recognize common features of items – to categorize them – and then choose one item that fits the category you’ve identified. 4) EXCLUDE: Challenge yourself. By choosing an item that doesn't belong, you learn how to independently identify categories. As things get harder, you can always tap Hint for some help. ALL DONE? Share your progress. The app makes it easy to quickly view, share, or e-mail detailed reports to a therapist or loved one. GET EVERY FEATURE YOU NEED IN ONE EASY APP. • 70 categories and nearly 700 words in the full version • 3 difficulty levels ranging from simple objects to more abstract concepts • Great for aphasia, brain injury, autism, and other cognitive & language impairments • Switch to Pictures Only to practice naming or Words Only to practice reading • Customize the number of trials, choices, and more – the full version gives you total control • Designed with adults in mind but easy enough for children to use • No subscriptions, no monthly bills, no Wi-Fi needed THERE’S HOPE. With Category Therapy in your corner, you can build stronger connections between words – and learn to speak and think more easily. What’s the difference between the Lite and full versions? - Full has nearly 700 words in 70 categories; Lite has 21 target words and 15 categories. - Full lets you control all the settings; Lite limits the number of choices and number of trials - Full has enough variety to practice and improve; Lite gives you a taste to know if this app is right for you – it’s not meant to be used for long as the sample exercises are easily mastered. Looking for something different in a speech therapy app? We offer a wide range to choose from. Find the right one for you at



  • so so

    By keast
    i would write the developer instead of doing this review, but no email is given ! It's an ok app but needs improvement. We should be able to select the number of questions given. The app only lets a student do 3.
  • Categories!

    By stberhow
    I love this app. It is so versatile in offering many different ways to determine the persons ability to understand and use categorizing skills!
  • Great app worth buying!

    By Mplace
    This app is great for my speech therapy students. It helps them understand the difficult concept of categories.
  • Great App!

    By knowingod
    This is a great app, I really think it gives you a good idea of what the full app is like.
  • Another great development

    By Carol52Carol
    As I have come to expect from your apps, the quality of the images is exceptionally clear and uncluttered. The clarity of the auditory directions is nicely accompanied by text if desired. The layout is nice and simple and the settings make it easily customizable. There are four different activities across three difficulty levels which help access understanding of the concepts. I like that field of choices adjusts and always appreciate data tracking. This app seem appropriate across ages. The layout is nice and simple and the settings make it easily customizable. Thank you Tactus TherAppy.
  • Nice and easy

    By Gracefullygraceful
    This app is wonderful. The layout is nice and easy to follow.
  • Category

    By Berhow
    This is the best category app I have ever seen. It has four different activities. You know if your kids can do all of them that they really understand categorizing.
  • LOVE IT!!!!!

    By Allthingsautism
    this is a marvelous app!! son has autism so he really loved the real pictures instead of cartoons ...great that it adjusts available choice field when error tracks...emails results....and i always appreciate being able to test drive an app before we buy in a lite version!!!..thank you for creating this app...great way to learn and practice catergories!!! :)
  • Impressive

    By Kernacity
    I am so impressed with the quality of the pictures and the clarity of the oral directions accompanied by the written directions. These activities can be done with so many students and adults because of the leveling within the app. Tactus Therapy Solutions are truly solutions for the needs of SLPs and their clients.
  • Love, love, love!

    By SLP_ali
    Love the carry over in the response selection and photography from the previous apps! Also can already see so many possibilities with my outpatient aphasia clients and some of my SNF patients who already get so much out of the other apps! Keep 'em coming!