iYoga - Premium

iYoga - Premium

By 3D4Medical from Elsevier

Score: 3.98
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This app will not run on iPad 1. This app is for users that are looking for the very best content available in a yoga app. It uses advanced technology to show the muscles used and allows seamless playback which is simple to use. It contains hundreds of videos (poses, muscles used and connecting poses) that have been designed so that the user can simply drag poses into timeline - and then play them back as a seamless movie (routine). iYoga’s amazing motion capture technology captures the delicate movements, correct posture and positioning for over 190 different poses (Over 80 poses included within this app and a further 114 advanced poses available as an in-app purchase). Our unique female model allows you to see muscles in action as each pose is demonstrated. The app also features a distinctive view which highlights muscles relevant to each pose as they contract and expand. Practice each pose on its own, choose a preset program or personalize your own, all with seamless transitions between each pose. Developed with all levels of users in mind, this app will empower you to attain the best results from every practice session and improve your confidence and technique. 100% Natural Movement •Motion capture animation shows intricate movements, correct posture and positioning for each pose. •Unique female model allows you to see muscles in action. •Voice instruction walks you through details of each pose. •Multiple views (front and side) to see exactly how each pose is performed. Create Seamless Routines •Choose from over 190 different poses (Over 80 poses included within this app and a further 114 advanced poses available as an in-app purchase) •Select from preset programs or create your own customized program. •Easily adjust hold times for each pose according to your level. •Seamless transitions between poses for uninterrupted, flowing sessions. View Muscles in Isolation • Isolated muscle view shows muscles relevant to each pose as they flex and stretch. Project to Apple TV •Replace static DVDs with your own customized programs. •Activate Airplay on your iPad to stream the entire app wirelessly to Apple TV and other AirPlay-enabled devices. NOTE: It is recommended to use a high speed internet connection and have a strong wireless signal to download the app due to large file size - allow 5+ minutes to download. _________________________________ • Please consult with a physician before performing any pose or starting any exercise program.



  • Not worth the money

    By Penelope blak
    Acceptable but definitely not as great as the other paid apps from 3d4medical. To start, the quality of the imagery is unusually crummy on a high definition screen which is the majority of cellphones and tablets these days. The poses can only be viewed from two angles and cannot be rotated. No free zoom: Poses can only be zoomed in to a specific set point determined by the app. There’s no way to rewind and not even a knob to grab to do it manually. Pose names are not spoken before direction which makes focusing on body communication impossible. When purchasing the app and additional poses they took literally 6 hours of retrying and uninstalling to download and there was no way to get help because the web developer, troubleshooting, and help links are broken. It’s just strange how amazing “complete anatomy” is and this app doesn’t even seem like it’s made by the same company. Considering how much better this developer can do I don’t recommend buying it when there’s apps just like it for free.
  • Really Good, BUT

    By NOLARenovate
    The app provides an easy way to set up your own sequences, but my main complaint is that each pose starts with the descriptions of the movements, where announcing the NAME of the pose first would let you know what pose you’re starting. Starting only with movements makes you have to try to look at the screen to see what pose you’re on, which is difficult at times and rather distracting when you are supposed to focus on your breath and movements. A few easy changes and this could really be GREAT. Having some background music would also make it less clinical.
  • I paid the premium and I only see the basic

    By Ramasraddha
    Where is the medium and advance that I used to have
  • Please update!

    By Diana32
    Please update for iOS 11 Update: 10-6-17...thank you for the update. This is one of my favorite apps!
  • No longer support for iOS 11? Apparently not.

    By Brucer2again
    Their video is outstanding, almost 200 poses avalable, and lots of preset practices. Everything can be changed and fine tuned to the individual s preference. It is far better than Yoga Studio for customizaton.That said , it does have a few minor audio glitches. Sadly, it has been poorly marketed or supported; otherwise, it would be well known in the yoga community, which it is not. Not sure it is any longer supported.
  • Not supported on iOS 11

    By JDGoesMarching
    Annoyed that I paid for this “App of the Year” for 2016 and the developers can’t be bothered to update to 64 bit one year later.
  • Outstanding

    By (((MW)))
    This is a fascinating app. It shows clearly what parts of your body are affected by the exercises, and lets you combine poses into routines easily. Very straightforward, and no fuss. The customer service iresponds within a day and is very helpful. They promised a 64 bit update for compatibility with iOS 11.
  • Nice App, Needs updating and more poses

    By Technology Poet
    Great app but needs updating to work on latest iOS and more poses
  • Needs Updating

    By Yip Tak Wah
    I have been using this app for several years, but now, more than two years since the last update, it is barely compatible with iOS 10. For a commercial app it should be updated and improved based on all the feedback in the reviews. Thanks.
  • Yoga is life.

    By KasualSoul
    Yoga is life, and this app adds to it. Simply an amazing app for all. I use it daily with custom yoga flows I put together. If you don't already have it, you should get it.