Lingvo European Dictionary

Lingvo European Dictionary


  • Category: Reference
  • Release Date: 2011-11-16
  • Current Version: 1.11.3
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 855.56 MB
  • Developer: ABBYY
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.12 or later.


ABBYY Lingvo European quickly and accurately translates words and phrases without an Internet connection. 114 dictionaries for 7 languages (Russian, English, French, Spanish, German, Italian and Portuguese) are included in the application. All ABBYY Lingvo European dictionaries are licensed from leading international publishers. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: • Get multiple translations and usage samples for each word meaning. • Learn meanings of set expressions from general translation and idiomatic dictionaries, phrase books and dictionaries of English slang and colloquialisms. • View synonyms and antonyms, grammar notes, verb forms, and cultural information. • Look up accurate translations in different subject-based dictionaries (such as computer, engineering, law, medicine and many others). • Listen to pronunciation of key words for English, Spanish, German, Russian and French recorded by native speakers. • Get word translation quickly by using Services menu or shortcut (Command+\). This feature will only work in applications created using standard macOS components. • Use pop-up translation by means of Safari Extension (only works in Safari). DICTIONARIES: Translation from ENGLISH into French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and back: • French-English and English-French: 2 dictionaries with 44,000 entries • Spanish-English and English-Spanish: 2 dictionaries with 44,000 entries • German-English and English-German: 2 dictionaries with 43,700 entries • Italian-English and English-Italian: 2 dictionaries with 44,000 entries • Portuguese-English and English-Portuguese: 3 dictionaries with 68,000 entries Translation from RUSSIAN into English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese, and back: • English-Russian and Russian-English: 39 dictionaries with more than 2,000,000 entries • French-Russian and Russian-French: 17 dictionaries with 980,000 entries • Spanish-Russian and Russian-Spanish: 5 dictionaries with 145,000 entries • German-Russian and Russian-German: 23 dictionaries with 885,000 entries • Italian-Russian and Russian-Italian: 11 dictionaries with 705,000 entries • Portuguese-Russian and Russian-Portuguese: 2 dictionaries with 230,000 entries Explanatory dictionaries: • Oxford Dictionary of English. 355,000 entries • Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary. 88,000 entries • Russian: 3 dictionaries with 151,000 entries SUPPORT: If you have any questions or feedback, please email us at and we will reply!



  • Exellent

    By Erennur
    Very useful software. You can find whatever word you looking for. Suggest to all!!!
  • Good and fast dictionary

    By PoohFromSpb
    The performance of the app was greatly improved over the time. So my original comment is not applicable any more. Thank you. Original: If your app starts forever why do you show a modal splash screen (habit from 90x) that blocks from using the computer?
  • Limited vocabulary - NOT the same as iOS

    By austin.czarnecki
    I have had the iOS Lingvo app for a long time now, and it is excellent for translating between european languages and english. As a happy user of the iOS app, I was willing to pay again to get the same excellent experience on mac. Unfortunately, the Mac app misleadingly does not include those dictionaries and instead uses much worse 3rd party dictionaries. Shockingly, Lingvo support has notified me that it's not even possible to purchase their proprietary dictionaries for mac. As such, I strongly recommend NOT buying this app until Lingvo figures out how to sell their product (the actual dictionaries) to Mac users...
  • Commnd C С for look up?! Are you kidding?

    By Mar-feja
    I can't believe you guys seriously made Command C С a shortcut for your dictionary! This is a COPY (as copy-paste) shortcut on MAC! Every time I try to copy something in any document it launches this App. It is infuriating. Remove it!
  • American pronunciation

    By Alexbbbb123
    Finally the app was updated and American pronunciation was added. Missing American pronunciation was the biggest disappointment for me.
  • Money theft

    By Dworak1
    In the latest update they removed pop-up translation. You pay almost $40 for an application. It’s not cheap, but the application comes with a set of useful features which justifies the purchase. Then suddenly one of these features (the most useful one for me) is removed for no reason. I am very disappointed. It’s equivalent to a money theft. I won’t be surprised if next they remove the ability to translate and we’ll have to buy another dictionary.
  • App was not updated for ages and now it crashes a lot

    By dmitry.mikhailov
    I rarely write updates, but this time I have to. The app was not updated for ages, that means there were features, no new dictionaries or updates to existing ones, no speed improvements, ugly UI. Even a simple feature to arrange available dictionaries to have some on top is not possible. Of course, no pronunciations for EN dictionaries. Now it was updated, and it crashes A LOT. just try to search for “Märchenschloss” in DE-RU mode. Every time it crashes. I’ve bought it to use for EN, DE languages but now I think I’ve made a mistake. I should consider buying other solutions (from dictionary publishers which cost even less!). I hope it is a useful info for all considering this specific app as the main dictionary.
  • Can’t live without it

    By eugenekardash
    The dictionary is awesome. Rarely I can’t find a definition. My everyday desktop tool to translate from English to Russian and vice versa. Thanks!
  • Bad UI

    By Splixed
    It works as a dictionary, but UI is so bad I can’t even imagine how you can make it worse. So OK, it’s formally functional, but you’ll hate it.
  • closed app

    By nationqsdewfwe4fr4frwe4fwfqdqD
    rashed Thread: 0 Dispatch queue: Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Exception Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE at 0x00000000fefff000 External Modification Warnings: Thread creation by external task. VM Regions Near 0xfefff000: CG shared images 00000000c871f000-00000000c8727000 [ 32K] r--/r-- SM=SHM --> VM_ALLOCATE 00000000fefff000-00000000ff000000 [ 4K] rw-/rwx SM=COW Submap 00000000ffff0000-00000000ffff1000 [ 4K] r--/r-- SM=PRV process-only VM submap Thread 0 Crashed:: Dispatch queue: