iAllowance Lite

iAllowance Lite

By James Spencer

  • Category: Finance
  • Release Date: 2011-10-07
  • Current Version: 2.6.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 37.67 MB
  • Developer: James Spencer
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.3 or later.
Score: 4
From 708 Ratings


*** Proven To Work! 20+ Million chores completed and 12+ Million allowances paid using iAllowance! *** *** Apple Staff Favorite *** *** Featured by Money Magazine *** Put piggy banks and paper money behind you! iAllowance is the only thing you need to manage your child's finances and teach him or her about saving and spending money. Whether you want to set up a weekly allowance or pay out a special reward, iAllowance handles everything for you with an eye-pleasing and easy-to-use interface. KEY FEATURES: - Simple and Fun - Run on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch - Sync Your Data Between Devices using iCloud or Dropbox* - Works With ALL Your Children* - Unlimited Number of Banks with Optional Interest* - Automatic Allowance Payments - Chores/Jobs Tracking with Push Reminders - Reward Tracking - Great For Motivation - Use Real Money, Stars or Time for Banks, Allowances and Chores - Use the Setup Assistant to Quickly Setup the App - Email & Direct Print Reports Using AirPrint - Parental Controls - Automatic Local Backup - Supports 150+ World Currencies * Requires an in-app upgrade. SIMPLE AND FUN iAllowance may look simple at first glance - the bookshelves and chalkboard make this app very approachable. However, iAllowance is a powerful family finance management system, allowing you to set up scheduled payouts, deduct expenditures, and show category totals - even search for a specific transaction! SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE CHILDREN You can setup iAllowance to track the finances for all your kids, each with a separate photo for easy identification and as many banks as you desire. UNLIMITED NUMBER OF BANKS Kids are very busy these days. From general spending money to clothing allowances, gas money to cell phones accounts, kids and parents have a lot to keep track of in today's world. With iAllowance, you can create an unlimited number of banks for each of your kids. Each bank has its own transaction list where you can add, edit and delete transactions as often as you need to. If you don't want to use real money, you can setup any bank to use stars or even time. Mix and match star, time and real money banks to make iAllowance work best for you. Furthermore, you can assign an optional interest rate to any of the banks to help teach your children the value of saving money over the long term. AUTOMATIC ALLOWANCES Let iAllowance do the remembering for you! It's easy to set up any number of allowances that will pay out automatically at repeating intervals. Each allowance can be set up to pay into one or more of the child's banks. There is no need to setup a single allowance for each bank. CHORES Track all your children's chores with iAllowance. Get your kids involved in the process and watch the chores get done! Use the reminders to push alerts to your kids - even if iAllowance is not running. REWARDS Kids are more motivated when they have goals to work towards. You can setup rewards that you can choose to 'cash in' when you child reaches the set goal. PARENTAL CONTROLS We feel that it's important to get your kids involved in managing their own finances, but it is also important that you have a choice as to whether or not they can edit the information. By turning on the built-in parental controls, you can restrict your kids to a view only mode while you maintain full editorial control for yourself. SYNCING / AUTOMATIC BACKUP Use your Dropbox.com account or iCloud to sync iAllowance with all of your iOS devices. iAllowance will automatically store local backups of your data so you can always get back to where you need to. We are certain that iAllowance will meet all your family finance needs. So, make the leap with Jump Gap Software's iAllowance.



  • Unable to transfer to new phone

    By JJ'sMommy
    I paid for the app on my old phone and am unable to sync it to my new phone or any other devices. I’m not sure why it isn’t connected to my Apple ID. Disappointed.
  • Useful, but steep learning curve.

    By Daviator
    I’ve been using this app for several years now to keep track of chores, allowance and savings for my 2 daughters. It’s a very powerful app with rich features allowing you to get creative and specific with how you want to incentivize chores and savings with your kids. I does however come with a bit of a steep learning curve. Initial setup can be a bit painful, especially in regards to the cloud sync feature. It does work eventually, and every time I get a new device of the kids upgrade to a new phone, I pretty much have to start the sync process from scratch.
  • Maybe it works- I can’t tell

    By Mistynic
    I decided to try the free version of this app to see what it was all about. Well, don’t bother. The free version is so restricted that you can’t do anything. I had to upgrade just to add multiple children. Then when I tried to watch a support video (transactions) the link didn’t work. I couldn’t adjust the amount in my child’s account after she spent some of her money. I wouldn’t have minded paying the $3.99 for the full app, but don’t offer a free version that does nothing. I feel that it is misleading and they just want to sucker you in to buying the add ons. Deleted the app and purchased a different one.
  • Charges just to sync with a new device

    By Jojojojojojojo613
    I upgraded my phone and in order for me to sync the things I had done in this app it wants me to pay for an upgrade...I paid for the app when I downloaded it originally. What a scam, trying to make me pay again
  • Unsupported App

    By ProfSteph
    While this is a good app if you are only using it on one device, it doesn't sync well with other family devices. And it looks like there is no longer any technical support for the app--inactive tutorial webpages, broken links, unreturned email, misleading instructions on what extras need to be purchased. After discovering all this, I was able to get a refund from Apple. It really needs a single sign on feature, so you don't need to sync at all.
  • No tutorial or overview👎🏽👎🏽

    By :D Hippie Chickie 😀
    This has the potential to be an awesome app but I am not wasting a day or even an hour or two fumbling through and navigating in the dark to explore the potentials of purchasing an app knowing that the designers and builders obviously did not prioritize basics such as user friendliness in just the initial set up. If user-friendliness isn't a priority upfront it will most likely not be a priority long term and that's a HUGE deal breaker. ...with the benefit of saying goodbye to the piggy eyesore tile. Peace out ugly piggy bank icon.✌🏽 Because complaining about the slight perk in not looking at the aesthetic eyesore of the piggy tile appears superficial I will explain why the functionality was the deal breaker. Is set up for a highly educated adult is cumbersome and lacks user-friendly tips, tricks, walk-throughs or smooth integration how on earth would this be user-friendly for a teen, preteen or especially usage by a child?! The apps link to the tutorial in Dropbox is no longer found ANNNND there's NO WALK THROUGH, no tips, no pointers, NO EXPLANATION WHATSOEVER regarding ANY of the app. Which basically equates to you can count on wasting your precious time navigating in the dark to figure it all out in hopes that it's actually worth purchasing in the end. I won't gamble away a day or even an afternoon of my precious time towards sampling a potential dud especially allocating my time resource to one such as this that's lacking zero direction or overview regarding what you are setting up, e.g. "accounts" or what is actually being allocated to what account, e.g. what monetary value the stars are worth or how time settings relate, etc is NOT worth anyone's time risk investment. --- The "tutorial video" is no longer found in drop box & the entire app seems cumbersome at best to piece together into a functioning machine. I will take my business to a more streamlined company/app that holds user integration as an upfront priority.
  • I super-duper love this app!

    By NoNamePerson2011
    I've been using iAllowance since it was brand spankin' new and it just keeps getting better and better. I have three kids and it can be hard to keep track of everybody's allowance, but this app makes it a breeze! It's also wonderful to have automatic scheduled transactions for adding their allowance to their accounts. I even use this app to keep track of our Family Fun Fund, then we all sit down together and figure out how we'll use it. One time we went go-kart racing. Another time, the money went toward a family membership to a local museum the kids love. Highly recommended!
  • A fan

    By MotherB4
    I started using this app a few years ago when I saw kids (ages 3, 6 & 8 years of age) pretend playing with their real cash and coins. Money was getting lost. This has been a perfect way for me to keep track of their allowance $. And the kids can spend their $ at anytime as long as they have some to spend. My 10 year old this year has even taken $ out of her account here and there so that she could have cash to spend. I'm a big fan of this app!!
  • Gooder

    By Seriously?Again?
  • You have to buy the 4$ version to sync w other phones

    By 😺😸😿😻👹🙀👹🙀😼