TADAA – HD Pro Camera

TADAA – HD Pro Camera

By menschmaschine Publishing GmbH

Score: 4.5
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Thanks to the millions of photographers around the globe for your love and support! TADAA 5 - A fast, powerful HD editor – only for iOS. Features include: - Selective Editing - Amazing Portrait Shots - more than a dozen professional editing tools - more than 100 live-view filters - take photos with your iPhone that looks like from a professional camera - all Full-res - customize your TADAA: Get rid of tools & filters you don't need and get new ones in the TADAA store - Get likes! Have fun!



  • Doesn’t work

    By Lilapop004
    I got this app because I heard great things about it but whenever I pick a picture my screen goes black... smh
  • Cool app

    By frostwj
    Great app with a lot of really cool features!
  • Doesn’t load large size photos

    By JTOBAR911
    I imported some large sizes photos from my camera to my phone. Every time I open them with this app they don’t properly open. I usually have to screenshot them so they are a lower quality and size for the app to display them. Can’t seem to find a way to import them unless it’s paid feature
  • Fathi

    By خلي كان ما معگش
  • I like this

    By SansTheSkeleton####10
    Whenever my regular phone camera just breaks on its own, I use this app for taking pictures. There are so many options to edit your photos and you can take those photos without having advertisements pop-up in your face! It’s a great app and deserves the rating of 5 stars.
  • Awesome

    By Moussiative
    Portrait mode made easy

    By Halmeowni
    Mar 29, 2018 - HERE’S THE BEST, THEN THERE’S THE REST, BUT DON’T BOTHER. Do yourself a favor & stop right here. Take advantage of all that Tadaa has to offer, you will be pleased. Free yourself from those photo apps you’re always downloading, you won’t need them! 😽👵🏻😽🖖🏼 Feb 10, 2017 - FYI: I'd be happy to pay an annual subscription to bring back the community feature- VSCO is $20 per year, I'd pay that for tadaa in a heartbeat, and so would many others! UPDATED REVIEW Feb 1, 2017 Tadaa is the best editor in the App Store- nothing has come near it's masking tool in the nearly 6 years I've used it. Love tadaa. Wish you could bring back the community feature, it was so special. But thank you for the lovely experience. 😽😘😽 This is still my "use every day app" for editing. The masking tool is the best in the App Store. I love that there are sliders for the filters & other tools so that you can apply as much or as little effect as you want. I suggest buying the whole works "Ultimate Pro Pack", because you'll end up buying each tool individually otherwise. Tadaa is one incredible app, that hasn't changed! Still love my tadaa😽😽
  • Crap

    By Eagle wing
    Tried it for a few days. Have to pay a lot for it to do anything. Not worth it Tried to get a refund. And they will not give it to me. Your camera you get with free edit software is 100% better and easier to you use.
  • Frustrated, photos disappear.. .

    By ambshsport
    Not sure what happens when a photo is chosen after the app opens. Once you begin to edit it disappears. Frustrating enough I’ve deleted the app 2x to reset it altogether and still no change! Fix please!!!
  • This apps is my second girlfriend

    By Younoussa
    I just have I think sooooooooooooooooooooooo amazing app