My Recipe Book Organizer

My Recipe Book Organizer

By Cross Forward Consulting, LLC

Score: 4.5
From 6,577 Ratings


My Recipe Book is ONE place to store and organize the recipes you find and tear out of magazines, bookmark online, store on faded recipe cards – in a format that can be carried & used directly in the kitchen. You can now also manage your Grocery List right from your Apple Watch. Quickly see what you need without pulling out your iPhone. Add new items right from your wrist with powerful dictation. The Glance (accessible from your Apple Watch's clock) shows your list without even opening the app. Our favorite features: - RECIPESYNC, an iCloud enhanced syncing solution that lets you seamlessly synchronize your recipe catalog and grocery list between all your iOS devices. - IMPORT recipes directly from selected websites into the app - SORT recipes by keyword, category, ready time, or dietary restriction - GROCERY LIST to make sure you have all ingredients - now add your own custom ingredients! - SERVINGS ADJUSTER: modify your recipe servings easily, and save the modification to use in the grocery list now! - SURPRISE ME decides what to make for you - FAVORITES button for quick reference - QUEUE button to add recipes you want to try - SHARE recipes with friends via email - and now they can automatically import it into their Recipe Book App! - NO INTERNET connection needed to view recipes saved in the app - CONVERSION tools including temperature, weights and measures, and metric to US standard iPad only Features (for now): - Multiple KITCHEN TIMERS built in - now they work in the background - Multiple PHOTOS can be added for each dish - Input NOTES about each recipe - CUSTOMIZE your categories & dietary restrictions by clicking on the settings icon, then edit categories Whether you’re a busy mom looking for a great go-to app to get dinner on the table, a gourmet chef who wants to look for a recipe to use up the rest of your truffles, or you typically only cook for one or two, and need to halve all your recipes, this app is for you. We love and enjoy your feedback on new features & ways to make this app better.



  • Good idea, update is overdue

    By tabaks
    I hope there's an update coming to this useful app. There's a lot of room for improvement and the app has the potential.
  • Good but was better

    By fishies112
    This is my go to app for recipes. I am constantly saving recipes from all different websites. I have over 500 in my recipe book. I used to love this app because it would make importing recipes super easy. There are 12 websites that it should be able to auto import but most of them are not working lately. I am still able to select title, ingredients and directions to import but the auto import was my favorite feature. Once this app is updated this app is a 5 star app again!
  • Works GREAT until you update it

    By cbb1234
    Lost all my recipes. It’s a shame because it worked great before I updated. Some of the recipes can never be recreated from memory. Thanks a lot.
  • Used to be great....

    By katpaulea
    I’ve used this app for years, and recommended it to all my friends. I loved it so much. But it seems the developers have abandoned it. There hasn’t been an update in over a year and half the features don’t work. I’m super bummed because I really don’t want to have to re-enter my 700 recipes in a new app, but if the developers don’t update it, eventually the app will no longer be compatible with the current iOS and it won’t work, at which point you’ll lose everything. I definitely wouldn’t start using this app now.
  • Warning: App and Website Doesn’t Secure Your Credentials During Use

    By shieldsem81
    While I was excited to use this app with it’s simplistic design, I was extremely disappointed to learn that both the app and the website used for RecipeSync are both transmitting usernames and passwords in the clear. Do not use either until they secure things.
  • Imports don’t work anymore

    By 1kah
    This use to be a great app. The recipe importer quit working over a year ago.
  • Nice app

    By ptgran
    I like the app for a lot of the features but I am disappointed that you can no longer use the custom import function nor can you add categories anymore. Otherwise the app is pretty user friendly
  • Import

    By craigcf
    Worked great , but now does not import anything anymore
  • Great app - lately performance issues

    By RjAppleUsr
    I like many things about this application and the ease of use, but over the last months I have experienced tremendous challenges importing new recipes - either I can’t do Easy Import, or Custom Import is slow and flakey. Is this app still supported by a developer team? Rebecca
  • It’s good

    By RoseReveries
    It’s a really good app and I do like it. Though it has some glitches. Like you can upload pictures if they’re already on the camera roll, but if you’re to take one the app crashes. Also if you try to put the servings before the rest of the recipe it resets it for some reason. I do like the app and the features though. If I could add nutritional information I would love that as a feature.