SimpleMind+ Mind Mapping

SimpleMind+ Mind Mapping

By xpt Software & Consulting B.V.

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Mind mapping helps you organize your thoughts, remember things and generate new ideas. We've created a beautiful, intuitive app, so you can mind map wherever you are and whenever you want. SimpleMind is designed to synchronize your Mind Maps across platforms. For example (as a separate purchase) for Mac - Free Functionality • Everything you need to get started with mind mapping. • No ads. • No need to sign up for an account. • Upgrade to full functionality is a one-time single purchase. NOTE: In-App purchases are not shared via Family Sharing, purchase SimpleMind Pro instead. Highlights • Easy to use. • Continuously fine-tuned based on customer feedback. • Trustworthy and reliable: 7 years of updates and improvements. • Used in a wide range of applications: business, education, legal and medical. • Unique free layout or different auto layouts. • Seamless synchronization using Dropbox or Google Drive. • Add media and documents. • Share Mind Maps. • Change and customize the appearance. • Tools to help you maintain overview. • Create ○ place topics anywhere you want in the free layout ○ or use one of the different auto layouts (great for brainstorming) ○ virtually unlimited page size and number of elements ○ supports multiple Mind Maps on one page ○ start with an image at the center of the Mind Map ○ reorganize and restructure using drag, rotate, re-arrange or reconnect ○ use single select or multiple select ○ use checkboxes, auto-numbering ○ link any two topics with a crosslink ○ label relations • Seamless synchronization using Dropbox or Google Drive ○ sync your Mind Maps with other devices using Dropbox or Google Drive as a conduit ○ avoid data loss by recovering deleted Mind Maps ○ restore previous versions of a Mind Map ○ Dropbox stores deleted files and file versions for at least 30 days • Add media and documents ○ voice memos ○ videos ○ images ○ photos ○ notes ○ icons (stock or custom) ○ links (navigation or hyperlink) • Share your Mind Map ○ for example as PDF or Image ○ outline, can be imported in word processors ○ import/export as Freemind or opml ○ use the presentation mode to show your Mind Map to others ○ print • Change and customize the appearance ○ apply our pre-defined style sheets ○ pick colors from the style color palette or choose custom colors ○ change the appearance of topics and lines ○ customize background color • Maintain overview ○ collapse and expand branches ○ hide or show branches or topics ○ highlight branches by displaying branch borders ○ organize your Mind Maps in folders ○ search



  • Excellent app

    By ugwings2
    This app has terrific features and provides a wonderful way to jot down my thoughts and prayers. I love it!
  • Forced Central Topic

    By xmikeylikesitx
    The app runs moderately well, but the forced central topic removes the freedom a mind map should offer. Edit 6/9/18: the “Free Form” layout DOES NOT remove the forced central topic. You still only have ONE main topic. It does NOT allow for circular diagrams.
  • Awesome mind mapping app 🎖🎖🎖🎖🎖

    By GadgetMojo
    I watched some YouTube videos on such apps as I like the concept of mind mapping and decided to give this one a shot as it seemed most intuitive. Mind mapping is actually a very simple concept. It’s just flow changing. But without an app you just can’t do it on a piece of paper. Because you need to be able to keep adding and making room for new units. Move units to another sub group because you realize that they’re part of something greater conceptually. The app has a bunch of other features that I haven’t used, but seems like I might later... Where the app shines is, taking this concept of “flow charting” and making it intuitive... very intuitive! Now I don’t know why people would use a desktop version, I guess for corporate reasons or if they don’t have an iPad, but mind mapping is best on the touch screen device. This is one of those things that must be done perfectly. I wouldn’t accept “almost” for this sort of application and would just try another. But I got lucky on the 1st try. (Well not really, I cheated by watching videos on all top app in this cat) What was I looking for? It doesn’t work like that. You pick an app and start using it. If you feel you have to fight the UI - just pick another app. The UI of this app is simple and intuitive and you’ll figure out everything in less time than it took me to write this review (I’m slow lol) Everything just makes sense and works the way you would guess it should work. Power hint: press and hold the node to move all the branches attached to it. Ah, you’ll figure it all out yourself easily enough ;) Do you feel overwhelmed with thoughts about something? Does it feel like the concept or task is too complex? I used to put it on paper, or rather bunches of papers to remedy that... but I finally decided to dedicate some time to this mind mapping technique... all 10-15 minutes that is! Thanks devs! Wrote this review only after a day of using the app, will paste it on the full version so you get more exposure ;) EDIT: After using the app for couple of days, there’s only one feature request that I have which would make the app even more perfect! Please add a slider to the settings to adjust the tap’n’hold delay. It’s too slow now (2 seconds). To move things around quickly it just slows you down. Not sure what the perfect setting would be, and I’m sure different for each person, but a slider with a range from .5 to 2 seconds would fit everyone’s preference. Thanks!!
  • Great app does the job

    By Isbereine qq
    The free version does everything you realistically need. The pro version adds things like multiply referenced nodes. Note to the developer: Speaking of multiply referenced nodes, they should only hide when all referencing nodes are hidden. Or at least that should be an option.
  • Lost everything

    By puppet nonsense
    Really like the way you add and arrange the nodes, but had my mind map accidentally deleted and there is no way to recover it. UI feedback: If swiping left on a map reveals “More” and “Delete”, the app shouldn’t delete your information until you click on “delete”. I wanted to select “more”, but the app made the choice for me and I lost days of brainstorming. I’d have probably purchased the pro version of this app had this not happened.
  • Love it!

    By Appledoodles830
    I love SimpleMind. The basic version has pretty much all the feature one could ask, and there are very few things that irk me about the program. I love that you can link to other mind maps inside a mind map. Really smartly designed with lots more functioning than other apps, no monthly fee. I’ve been using it for a month now and the ease of the app has opening me up to using mind maps for basically everything in my life. Great app!
  • Have used this app for going on 6 years

    By Mauijoe
    Never liked mind mapping, that is, until I found this app. Have mapped many large complex projects with this tool. I totally enjoy using this app and all that it has allowed me to do in consultant type work environments. My latest mapping involves developing an eight week school course outline. The linkage to DropBox was a huge plus for me when I upgraded my old ipad to ipad pro. Flawless data transfer from one device to the other. I give this app a solid 5 stars.
  • Great white board

    By just typin
    Capture and organize ideas on the fly or keep restructuring and manipulating ideas as they live their life.
  • This app is terrible

    By Joyous9
    Where do I start? If you get the desktop trial version and forget to save your maps as PDF's during the trial period, those maps will be gone unless you pay the company approx. $28 for the full version to get them back. That bait in a nutshell speaks volumes about the lack of integrity of this company. Secondly, simple operations as synching your maps throughout your platforms, which many other apps as Wunderlist offer for free!, do not exist here. Their tutorials -the ones in video as well as the ones in writing- are incredibly confusing (they desperate need to hire somebody good at communicating). Operations as saving your maps in your drive can't be performed and you'll find yourself unable to open your maps afterwards. During the process of mapping in the pro version, I noticed that the programmers are trying to add too many variables in a very erratic and chaotic way, instead of using their energy in making the program more user friendly. In other words, this app is a huge headache. Please do yourself a favor and do not waste your money here! By the way, this may be the first bad review I've ever written. They really drove me through the wall. lol
  • Eh

    By Ohbrother235
    It’s quick and works like a program I used in the 80’s. Doesn’t let me email or message on my iPhone. Which means it’s not for me.