Skype for iPhone

Skype for iPhone

By Skype Communications S.a.r.l

Score: 3.5
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The Skype you know and love has an all-new design, supercharged with a ton of new features and new ways to stay connected with the people you care about most. What can I do with Skype? • Messaging made awesome: More than just text. Send photos, videos, voice messages, emoticons, Mojis and more. You can also respond to any message from your contacts with reactions. • Great for groups: Add your favorite people and start chatting. Use groups to plan together, play together, for staying in touch or just for hanging out. • Call everyone - Skype, mobiles and landlines: Free* video and voice calls make it easier to stay connected with friends and family. You’ll also enjoy low calling rates to mobiles and landlines worldwide with Skype.  • Never miss a moment with quick capture: Quickly swipe to capture photos and videos. Make them your own by adding emoticons, stickers and annotations. • Share Highlights: Keep others updated with Highlights from your day. React to any highlights with awesome emoticons or send a private message about that highlight. Your highlights only stay visible for 7 days to your followers. *Skype to Skype calls are free. Operator data charges may apply. We recommend using an unlimited data plan or WiFi connection. Upgrading to the new Skype may result in the deletion of content from older conversations. To save photos and videos that were previously sent or received in an older version of Skype, save that content to your camera roll/photo gallery before upgrading to the new Skype.



  • Great app

    By mddmd30210
    I’ve been using this app for over five years. I use it at work call all of my patients. I also use it to call family and friends. Recently I got the Microsoft 365 and put Skype on to my cell phone. I use it to call on my cell phone as well and I love it.
  • It’s good

    By ChefOtaku
    It’s a good app but it has too many things and I wish it still had the screen sharing feature for mobile devices
  • Super super laggy!

    By CpLongIsland
    Not sure what’s going on but the last week or so has been the laggiest Skype has ever been. Very frustrating!! Fix it please!
  • Awesome.

    By Japmanxtra
    I had started using Skype when it just came out, many years ago. Stopped after a while and moved on to other messenger apps. Now I am back, and it’s better than I remember. Definitely one of the best (if not the best), voice quality is crystal clear like we are in the same room. Really love the software. Will tell friends and family to come on board and leave all the other crappy apps.
  • So many years

    By Stefano6767
    Used skype since the beginning , apart some minor issues over the years has been very good and saved me a ton of money , thank you skype
  • Awful. Microsoft did you even try?

    By opinionsaremyown
    The service of Skype is great, however the iPhone app is awful. It’s as if Microsoft didn’t even try. A first time developer could make a better app, there is no excuse for this from a billion dollar company. Everything, and I mean everything, is slow. Trying to search contacts or the call history is slower than the first PC. It’s actually faster to go to my iPhone contacts copy a phone number and then paste it in Skype instead of searching for a contact. Even finding someone in your recent call history takes forever. The app is also extremely buggy. Sometimes it shows the call connected, but either person can hear anything. Try using Bluetooth earphones/mic and the problem happens regularly. Also, navigating this app is horrible. Did anyone at Microsoft think this through at all? The nightmare which is “chats” needs to go. Microsoft for such a great service (Skype) you somehow managed to find a way to ruin it with this app, especially on the iPhone. With WhatsApp and FaceTime being so easy to use, why would you release such garbage? Please start over, and create an app that actually functions properly, with normal speed, and a simple interface. Long time Microsoft fan here doing a major face smack and head shake because of this app. Come on, get it together already.
  • Please fix

    By Hskanxkqoznskajs
    Ive been using skype for many years and have always loved it. My boyfriend and I are in a long distance relationship and we like to stay in a call while doing other activities such as watch videos but ever since one of the recent updates, every time I watch a YouTube video, video on my camera roll, listen to music, or play almost any source of audio/video other than skype, the call goes on hold. It’s super frustrating when this happens because the call glitches and it won’t let me get out of hold for a while, most of the time it just ends the call. Nonetheless I really do appreciate Skype for existing. Thank you for hopefully helping with this issue. Edit: The issue has gotten worse. The calls have been getting harder to take off hold. Most of the time the calls just end regardless of how long it was on hold. It’s super frustrating when I want to use other audio sources and talk to people.
  • Great

    By d dingle
    I love it!💓
  • 😇

    By El gypsy
    So helpful just wish it works in dubai😢
  • Doesn’t work anymore

    By MTuccolo
    I have used Skype before years and ever since I updated the app on my iPhone about 6 months ago it doesn’t work at all. No video calls, messages, or phone calls go through. It says my contact is not online when they are online. Or it says call failed. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and gone through my settings etc.. It does this on my iPhone, my husband‘s iPhone, and my husband work iPhone.