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NIV Bible App +

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Studying the Bible shouldn’t be hard. NIV Bible by Olive Tree equips you with easy-to-use Bible study tools and resources so you can stop skimming Scripture and get answers—for free. Here are 4 ways you’ll be set-up for studying God’s Word: 1) NO WIFI That’s right, you don’t need a WiFi connection to access your Bible, audio Bible, or any other Bible study tools. You could be in the middle of the Amazon or on top of Mt. Everest. If your phone is working, so is your offline Bible app. 2) MORE THAN JUST A BIBLE God has been speaking to His people, through His people, for thousands of years… and that takes some research to understand! This is why we provide 1000s of resources to help you go deeper into God’s Word—because studying the Holy Bible shouldn’t be hard. And when we say “resources,” we mean: -AUDIO BIBLES -DAILY READING PLANS -DEVOTIONALS -BIBLE MAPS -STUDY BIBLES -COMMENTARIES -EBOOKS -CHRISTIAN AUDIO BOOKS -GREEK & HEBREW TOOLS -AND SO MUCH MORE 3) TECH + DESIGN Not only do we implement unique features into our app, but we do it with style. Our favorite is the split-screen window: The Study Center. You can use the Resource Guide tab to access any of the resources available in our app and read them right alongside the Bible of your choice. It even does all the hard work of tracking with you, verse by verse. Studying the Bible just became the easiest it has ever been. 4) CUSTOMIZE YOUR BIBLE Want more highlighter options? That’s fine! Pick your own color, thickness, and change it to underline instead. Have trouble reading small print? Increase the font size! Reading at night? Change the theme to be easier on your eyes. Want to listen safely while you drive? Turn on drive mode! You can save your favorite passages, drop a book ribbon, create a note, add tags, and sign up to receive a daily Bible verse. Best part? Your highlights, notes, and resources sync between all your devices. BIBLE TRANSLATIONS If you’re wondering about our different English translations, this app comes with NIV, ESV, KJV, NKJV and more. Speak a different language? No problem! We have Bibles in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, and others. We also have other popular translations available for in-app purchase! Here are a few: -The Message (MSG) -New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) -New Living Translation (NLT) -The Passion Translation -Christian Standard Bible (CSB) -New American Standard Bible (NASB) FREE STUFF Our passion is inspiring you to connect with God and His Word through technology. Not only is this a free Bible app, but we also have 100s of free resources—all day, every day. INEXPENSIVE BIBLICAL RESOURCES YOU CAN TAKE WITH YOU There’s no need to spend lots of money on paper resources that sit on a shelf. By investing in digital resources, you will be able to get the answers you need wherever you are—even offline. Stop flipping pages aimlessly and get Bible study tools that do the hardest work for you! We have all your favorite Bible study tools and resources available for purchase. Here’s a few: AUDIO BIBLES -NIV Listener’s Audio Bible -KJV Listener’s Audio Bible -NKJV Word of Promise Audio Bible -ESV Hear the Word Audio Bible -Passion Translation Audio Bible STUDY BIBLES -ESV Study Bible -NLT Study Bible -NIV Study Bible -NKJV Study Bible -Life Application Study Bible WORD STUDY BIBLES WITH STRONG’S NUMBERS -Just tap to quickly read definitions of words in the Bible’s original languages COMMENTARIES & STUDY TOOLS -Vine’s Expository Dictionary -Olive Tree Bible Maps -Bible Knowledge Commentary -Zondervan Atlas of the Bible CHRISTIAN AUDIO BOOKS Listen to Christian Audio Books by bestselling Christian authors INTERLINEAR BIBLES -Easily compare the original languages of the Bible HARMONY OF THE GOSPELS -Read through the life of Jesus chronologically, available in several translations ORIGINAL LANGUAGE BIBLES -Greek New Testament: NA28, UBS-5 -Hebrew Old Testament: BHS -Greek Old Testament: Septuagint (LXX)



  • Easy to read

    By gbolady
    I love this Bible it is easy to read and understand. I been looking for one like this. I love it.
  • Learn pray study wisdom

    By Fan4therazorbacks
    This a good resource to study with Jesus seek/ask for wisdom find what Jesus character is all about Very informative app
  • Highlight is difficult to use

    By dosomoso
    I have been using this app for several years and for the most part enjoy it. However, the highlight option is difficult to use. I like to mark verses that stand out to me in the same way I would underline in my Bible. When I try to select multiple lines, it grabs columns instead. I have to reverse select, which occasionally works, but not always. And the removal of highlights is even more cumbersome. This tool needs some attention and could be more useful than it currently is. Overall, I am pleased to have the Bible accessible to me at all times, and appreciate the opportunity to have this app.
  • NIV

    By Jaaaaaaassaaaaaaaaaay
    Would appreciate Study notes to important or impactful versus.
  • Awesome App

    By Rocky V 1956
    Thank you for this app , I’ve tried others, this seems to be the best app out there, on other apps I could not figure out how to get from one book to another, this app makes everything so simple... praise the Lord!
  • Wonderful!

    By littlelyndsey777
    I am so thankful for This app. I was having trouble finding a bible app that I really liked and that has everything I needed in it, but then I found this one and I love it!
  • Very easy to read

    By markforquer
    Some bible apps don’t make it easy on the eyes to read your Bible. This app does a great job of keeping the texts in a relaxing font that makes it enjoyable to see. I highly recommend it.
  • Take it anywhere

    By 9962jps
    I can now take my bible anywhere and pull up any part I want to read. Great app.
  • Review

    By jennik4
    I love having the Bible in my pocket. Thank you
  •!!raise downloads by 10 times

    By Tynija Tillerton
    This is one of the best apps i have found till now. Appreciated your hard work. Btw, here wa can provide rating, review, so as to the keyword searching install.Want to get more organic users, then find us in