IKEA Click & Collect Status

IKEA Click & Collect Status


Score: 3
From 11 Ratings


Bet the first to know! Get notified in real-time when the IKEA Click & Collect is available at your local IKEA. See the status of all the locations and choose which locations you want real time notifications for.



  • Didn’t work

    By Mescler
    I used this app and a different email subscription to get alerts about IKEA Click & Collect openings. I revived three email alerts from the other website, but no email or alert from this app. I checked my notification settings in the app and on my phone. I’d like to be refunded.
  • Don’t buy - notifications not working

    By igx02
    After initial excitement about this app all notifications (email and app notifications) stopped working after only a few weeks. Tried re-installing, toggling additional locations with no success. Until the developer fixes this issue, this app is unfortunately useless in helping find open slots.
  • Notifications didn’t work, but I got lucky

    By Davec14
    I happened to check the app and saw the stores I was interested in had availability — but was never notified. -3 for the notifications (the killer feature) not working reliably, but in the end the app did still help.
  • Notifications only worked once

    By Thetownnews
    After willingly spending $2 to help fight a terrible IKEA user experience, this app only worked once to send me a notification to my phone to tell me my local IKEA was open for Click and Collect. IKEA didn’t have an item in stock so I’ve been rechecking for the last two weeks. However I haven’t received notifications after that first time! Please fix!
  • Saved my summer!! Best app ever!!

    By New Paltz NY
    I have been trying to buy outdoor furniture since it went on sale and could never find a slot. I downloaded this app and was able to get a slot on the first day! Would love an app to notify me when Ikea items are back in stock! Now this I can easily get a window for Click and Collect I just need to know when certain items are available.
  • Notifications didn’t work initially, but came through!

    By EdwardiPhoneHands
    Not sure why the notifications didn’t initially work (phone settings were enabled as well), but started to after toggling multiple options on. Got my slot and I’m sure I wouldn’t have absent the app. Appreciate quick response from the developers!
  • Get your IKEA status

    By Dye Lan
    Update: it seems like I didn't enable notifications correctly. Although, I do not recall being presented with the consent dialog. —- old review: Status and last open time is updated correctly, which is useful, but notifications don’t seem to work (though they were the main reason I tried the app). Disappointed I paid $2 and did not get what I wanted. I had better luck with the email notifications from dong.st’s Ikea tracker, which were free. I was able to order c&c that way.
  • Scam! (not really, see below)

    By tommyvalenzuela
    My original 1-star review: Downloaded this app and there’s nothing but a blank white page and no help or contact info! UPDATE: I guess I’m just unlucky and downloaded the app when IKEA servers were down, no fault of the app/developer. Seems to be working well now!
  • This is perfect

    By MarkB-888
    This is exactly what I needed to get a click and collect window. Super easy to use too!
  • Great for finding IKEA stores

    By JimBoJim1066
    I kept checking the IKEA site for Click and Collect openings and never available. This is a simple app, but notified me when and opening in my area became available.