Breakthrough by Tony Robbins

Breakthrough by Tony Robbins

By Robbins Research International INC

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"Why live an ordinary life when you can live an extraordinary one?" For over 4 decades, Tony Robbins has helped over 50 million people from 100 countries create real and lasting change in their lives. Through events, coaching and training programs – including Ultimate Edge, the #1 personal development program of all time – Tony's clients have created life changing breakthroughs in business, productivity, health and personal fulfillment. Now his audio and video courses are available instantly, on your smartphone or tablet, to listen to anytime, anywhere. • Access over 100 hours of curated, original content in a step-by-step, easy-to-use format • Be coached and guided by Tony himself, as he walks you through his proven training systems for personal improvement • Interrupted, or need a break? Use the resume function to pick up right where you left off Discover what millions before you have gained from learning Tony Robbins' strategies and tools. Learn how to change your mindset, improve your energy & vitality, deepen your relationships, influence & lead, and design your ideal life.



  • Personal Power

    By oknowisthiswork
    After a few tapes I’ve noticed at the end when we get the assignment for the day you get to hear the retakes that Tony has for that lesson. Brings in that human touch that he’s not perfect and he’s not betting himself up for having to do retakes. In other words you can fail and just pick up from that point do a retake.
  • Ultimate Edge Part #1

    By Natalie Maja
    I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart and soul 🙏🏾...I know this is exactly what I needed at this moment in time and I feel, really feel myself changing on the deepest level. I am so grateful for the work you al are doing. This is just a precursor for my upcoming UPWVIRTUAL 2020 Session🙌🏽.. Natalie Hayes
  • The biggest successful change in my life

    By Successwithinme
    Thank you for all the education and wonderful lessons that I have learned through this program. It motivated me to find my purpose, set a goal and move on. I have done so much in a short period of time that I what never able to do before. Now I understand who I am and what I am able to do. I am truly grateful from my heart.
  • Not able to restore prior purchase or download to offline listening

    By TosFan4Yrs
    While the app looks like an improvement, when I try to restore a prior purchase, I always get the error “Restore Error Something went wrong. Try again later.” I tried reinstalling the app and get the same results. I sent an email to support and no response. In the prior release, I would try to download multiple days for listening offline, and the tracks would overwrite the tracks on prior days. I really wish I had paid the additional $50 for the additional CDs as the app doesn’t work for my purchase.
  • Great!

    By Mitbosh
    I love it! I already feel the change!
  • Love the TR App

    By Not_a_kangaroo
    The App itself is very easy to use. You can download the episodes ahead of time, just in case you are in a place that you don’t have WiFi or cell service. The content is great (a little pricy, look for a promo code online before buying) and well worth the money. I’ve made significant progress in my personal life using this. Highly recommend!
  • Great approach

    By ecticon
    One of the better and logical reasons for sales and the proper strategy and tactics
  • Excellent

    By Tony R Jr
    What a great app! Works great and super convenient I can pop on Tony while I’m doing anything from driving to washing dishes.
  • This is the Playbook to SUCCESS

    By Bobby K Designs
    I love this program! When I finish I start it back over. I always pick up something new. YOU DESERVE TO BE HAPPY! Give it a try! Bobby K of Bobby K Designs
  • Breakthrough by Tony Robbins

    By Pankaili
    Tony is an amazing facilitator in helping you become the best version of yourself!