Chuan Life

Chuan Life

By DongGuan Chuan OptoElectronics Limited


Chuan Life, a brand dedicated to innovative life. Provide the living experience of the whole house smart home. The humanized design is closer to life, the perfect blend of art and technology, and the pursuit of an ideal natural life. 1. Compatible with a variety of different types of smart devices to meet the needs of various life scenarios. 2. Support to set multiple scene modes. 3. Support timer and time-delay control smart devices. 4. Support local control and remote control, control smart devices at anytime and anywhere. 5. Support the addition of multiple smart devices, bid farewell to traditional home use, one-click control of the whole house smart home. 6. Support voice control smart devices by Alexa Echo, Google Assistant, Mi AI Speaker, Tmall AI Speaker or Baidu AI Speaker. Complete voice command operation instructions make voice control more convenient. 7. Support intelligent linkage, multiple smart devices can be linked to each other. 8. The device supports one-click sharing, and the whole family can enjoy high-quality intelligent life. 9. The cloud deeply analyzes the user's needs, fully understands and learns the user's habits, and the device adopts innovative humanized and environmentally friendly design, and the natural good brings a new intelligent life experience.