The Clinical Problem Solvers

The Clinical Problem Solvers


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This is the official companion app to the Clinical Problem Solvers podcast, you would be able to: - Browse schemas, illness scripts, practice cases, videos, and blog posts crafted by the Clinical Problem Solvers team - Save all documents for offline access - Quickly access the explanation video and podcast episode associated with each schema - Stay updated with newer versions of schemas - Share the documents with your friends and colleagues We are adding 4 to 5 new schemas and illness scripts per month as part of our ongoing podcast episodes. This app is closely tied to what is discussed on each podcast episode, and not meant as a comprehensive reference. For a taste of what is in the app, please check out our podcast! The name of our podcast is "The Clinical Problem Solvers". URL at: Our website: Twitter handle: @cpsolvers



  • Worth it

    By aldonosterone
    Worth the money for easy access to schemas and convenient tweetorial links
  • Outstanding!!

    By NPR aficionado
    What an outstanding app for anyone interested in clinical reasoning and to be a better diagnostician!
  • Excellent

    By MedEdGuy4
    Extremely helpful for mental repetitions! Used this routinely during my 3rd and 4th years of medical school. Need more humility like this while also pursuing excellence in medicine!
  • Excellent

    By classical ears_
    Filled with helpful schema, to complement an amazing podcast.
  • Not yet ready

    By _______ _______
    My initial impression is that the price exceeds the content, which is limited but reported to be growing. A more appropriate model would be to have a lower price until the product has matured, then charge the current price. Good quality but insufficient quantity of information in the app. I look forward to using it more once it is more fully developed.
  • Game changer

    By Flutterbye916
    I love these guys. I listen to these pod casts and use the app daily. The systematic way they proceed through differentials makes the whole diagnosis problem more straightforward. Can’t say enough good things about this app and the podcast. Highly recommend for all levels of training.
  • Absurd that this costs money

    By Bookshot
    This is a bare bones companion app with few diagnoses and no depth. Don’t waste your time or money, the only reason to buy this app is if you’re a fan of the podcast and want an excuse to give them $5. The rest of us have just gotten scammed. The only explanation for the glowing tweet that made me buy this is that it was sponsored despite claiming the contrary.
  • Not enough info

    By LisaS33
    Nice app but there’s not a lot of diagnoses or chief complaints to pick from. Missing so many topics. I’m pretty disappointed. Definitely not worth the purchase
  • Sleek, intuitive, rapidly accessible

    By rflick99
    Unlike so many other “point of care” apps, this app allows near-immediate access to the information you need with minimal clicks. No screen freezing or inevitable content update you have to awkwardly wait for. As anyone on a busy inpatient service will tell you, even minor delays will easily make you avoid an app. The ability to make everything available offline without paying a premium is particularly nice as every hospital has its dead spots. The content speaks for itself, obviously, and has become a staple of my learning in residency. This app is the perfect platform as that content gets richer and deeper. Also, FWIW I thought having an app for this was extraneous at first, but I find myself using this content even more now that its literally at my fingertips.
  • Great on the go resource

    By medresident123
    Awesome companion to the podcast! Great resource to quickly review a schema to prep for teaching or for personal learning. Format and design is sleek and user friendly.