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OpenLock App



OpenLock is an universal system for physical access to any type of automated gates, from a single application. OpenLock application main features: - Manage all your accesses from a single application. - Edition and customization of icons of each access. - Visualization of access policies applied to your access - Set your favorite access to a faster opening. - Control and display your openings history. - Manage and control your OpenLock account. (Sign up, Sign in, Reset password) By using different communication technologies (WiFi and LTE/3G) the opening process ensures a much higher level of security over current systems. The system consists of the OpenLock application, one or more opening devices that must be installed at the entrances to be controlled and a web platform that enables the creation and management of users and the posibility to apply different entrance policies (Time restrictions, allowed days, allowed access... ) The OpenLock application eliminates the need of carrying different keys and remote controls for each door. OpenLock, allows users to open their garages, gates and other accesses both, remotely by connecting to a server or, locally by connecting directly to the opening device (through Bluetooth, WiFi, etc.) OpenLock is the ideal system for installations with a high number of users to manage and where there are a wide variety of access: Entry door, garage, pool, gym ... For more information visit