Whoop Triggerz

Whoop Triggerz

By Carlton whitfield

  • Category: Music
  • Release Date: 2018-06-18
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 52.48 MB
  • Developer: Carlton whitfield
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 288 Ratings


This revolutionary app makes it possible for anyone, yes ANYONE, to back up a preacher during service and sound like a 7 pc band while doing so! This is a serious music ministry tool that thousands of churches all across the world have already taken advantage of since the PC/MAC version launched in 2015. Now for the first time , it is available for iOS mobile devices and we’ve made it BIGGER and BETTER! Pastors, your days of having to preach without musicians backing you are finally over! Church members, you now have the power to assist your pastor like never before. This app is designed for the church by the church. It’s easy to download and get started, and we guarantee church will never be the same! You’ve been looking for a way to enhance the music ministry at your church, and it’s finally here! Amazing Features: -Back up the preacher in any key without having any advanced musical knowledge. --Sound like a 7pc band with just the push of ONE button using the revolutionary Easy Play mode! All you have to do is tap the button, and each time, a new chord or band hit will play a realistic sequence that will instantly have you sounding like a pro! -Be creative and create your own sequence of Whoop chord progressions while playing in Pads view. You can take full control of the moment and easily flow as the atmosphere of the service changes! -Two amazing modes to play in. Full band mode, where you’ll trigger audio samples of drums, bass, piano, rhodes, synth, organ, and guitar, all playing together as a full church band. 2pc Organ and Drums gives you the traditional feel of just a Hammond B-3 organist and a drummer backing up the preacher. You can trigger organ runs, slides, and even make the organ “talk!” -The ability to change keys at any given time -Tap the S button and the congregation will be ready to shout! -Swipe right and instantly access 4 levels of shout music that you can switch between on the fly. You can change the key and the tempo at any given time! -Tap the T button and you’ll get endless organ talk music in any key! -Swipe left, and instantly access 4 levels of worship music that you can switch between at any point in time! You can also change the key and pitch at will.



  • Wow

    By Minster Sam
    The 1st time this Sunday I use this on the worship and men oh man God move in this place I real thank God for you and using this app you are God sent. Thank you thank you. God bless your life
  • Word of Encouragement

    By jvm616
    My brother, thank you! I’ve been following you since your assistant to the body of Christ with organ playing instructions on YouTube. This by far is one of your greatest accomplishments; to which I gladly sowed the cost of the app.. What I didn’t anticipate was the overwhelming value it would be to the ministry! You have exceeded all expectations! And by your words,” it’s only the beginning”. Satan has long since lost his place as chief musician - yet you have found yours! I encourage you to continue to go forward - the support you need is both praying for your continuance; as well as financially sowing into this ministry. Looking forward to the future updates! Blessings, Pastor/Supt of the Guyana Jurisdiction, COGIC
  • CDub nd the cdub team y’all doing good works.

    By TrellDixon
    The app is perfect. I know you got the new shout in the organ 2pc. So maybe if y’all like this if it ain’t been brought up yet. Maybe can you guys put a switch in the shout sequence to go back and forth from the orginal shout to the new shout on the go. Where we can utilize all 8 sequences. With still the 4 pads. Bt Maybe a button to switch to the other shout sequences. Like we switch we use for the stick nd move preacher chords to the hoop nd holla preaching chords. Just an idea that would probably b dope if you guys rock with it. Thanks for a great app tho.
  • Initializing issue

    By DMV express
    When I click on play the initializing process is taking an extremely long time. I clicked play at 9pm last night and when I about 3am the app was still initializing. How can this problem be fixed?
  • Love it.

    By Caleb.Morgan
    Absolutely love this app. The new shout for the update is awesome I just wish that the two shouts could be used together and the war cry be added into the shout. Other than these things the app is awesome.
  • New Updates

    I Love the New Update!!! 1 Thing That would Be Dope is If somehow Both The New Shout & The Old Shout Trigger can both be on the 2 collections 1 thing that has been an issue is that in the 2 PC organ & Drums Collection, SPECIAL Trigger 14 in Keys B,C, & Db ONLY have drums no Organ Like the rest of the keys. Also The Volume In the app is not syncing to the volume on my iPad so that I can is the volume feature. Hopefully these bugs get fixed soon.
  • Nothing but Praises and a Few Updates!!!!

    By Christ for all
    Firstly I must say this product is well need. I'm studying it to master it for service, as many times i have to go places with no back up. This will enable me to create an international worship experience. However, as I'm studying how to seamlessly master its integration in my workflow, I came across a few set backs which i hope to see implemented in the near future update which i think help your product greatly. #1. Band Mode: From 1 -9, the samples i find a little too short. Can you add it a little longer or stretch samples? Maybe by a 1 second or so: Just a little more hanging / sustained note would be perfect. Maybe preachers on your side preach faster Lol!!!. (It's like when one does a two beat stop, Paaaa pa!!!. Paaaa is longer than the Pa! 2. Transposing: It it takes too much memory to load keys above and below the current key, load the key going up so it does not stop the current sample and then have to press again. If not an option at least load the 1st not of the upper and power key... and have it sync to give time for new samples to be loaded. 3. Re-Triggering: The buttons should have re-triggering on them, without fading the the 1st sound. Currently the the second touch gives a stop sample command fading in silence the currently triggered sample, abruptly, cutting of the previous sound. Which interns dampens the atmosphere a lot. A better approach i think would be let to let, as it is samples 1-9 the current short stabs the stopping or ending triggers (re-triggered. In other words, after the first sound, the second touch (sound) would be the now (current 1-9 samples which is perfect) ending each sample properly while lengthening the previous as mentioned before. I think it's fine if it continues sample 1 then 2 but you guys decide, not thinking straight right now about that. "But need to stop samples properly" There could be an alternate switch to choose which sample is triggered first. Maybe you can have a classic mode which is the current way and then you know the new way as the old have a small benefit comparing to the new way. One You may say just switch tabs: but in the middle of a hyped message the time is not there to get out and get back in. Just not convenient at all. If things get out of hand then there should be a dedicated` stop button. #4. Lastly on buttons 10-18 there should be in addition to the re-triggering as mentioned before, a press and hold function that plays sample 1 & 2 from 1-9 (Paaaa Pa) to close of that long sustained sample, that high point in the message to go back in to the teaching (quiet down the church a bit moment lol) That is the ending sample preceded be a shortly longer 1 as mentioned in feature #1. In addition, the key re-trigger sample button on the simple page should also be placed on the advanced 1-9 and 10-18 page as it is very, very useful there too. Trust me!!! I thank you For developing such a product. It is great for the body of Christ. Please reach out if you need clarification. Dwayne.
  • Update shout terrible

    By Luckyguy007
    I couldn’t wait for the update for new shout music, but this update sadly disappointed us. It does not give us the bump long expected in our churches. But the other updates were greatly appreciated. To the developers, give us more shout options and worship options. Maybe bring in a older musician who understands COGIC, Pentecostal and other spirit filled down home storefront church shout music as Donnie Mcclurkin calls it.
  • I hate the lagging

    By @2Sherman
    I was playing it, when The preacher went up a note it lagged. I HATE THAT! Please fix it!
  • Great app

    By Blessed o yes
    Great app I’m editing my last review