Royal Chaos

Royal Chaos

By Wish Interactive Technology Limited

Score: 4.5
From 203 Ratings


【Description】 Royal Chaos is the latest aulic trading card RPG title from Friend Times and Wish Interactive. Set in an elaborately carved world of Chinese ancient palace, players are thrust into the palace struggling conflict with dramatic storylines. Becoming a real imperial concubine, to cultivate and collocate lineups of various attendants and win the harem fight, or to customize the fashion look to come across a romantic love story. The Game features a magnificent back story, dynamic and detailed 3D graphics, and a dramatic palace intrigue with strategic battle system. Its dynamic gameplay has a variety of classic and unique features, including collectible attendant cards, customized dressing-up system, palace intrigue-related dungeon exploration and thrilling PVP battles. In the world of Royal Chaos, players may choose one out of four classes and are encouraged to collect as many attendant cards as they can. This high-freedom cards system allows players to customize their lineup, adding another dimension of strategy to harem battles. The dressing-up system provides players another avenue to personalize their appearances, shaping characters into truly unique fashion styles and enhancing their attractiveness in the game. 【Feature】 Dreamlike Queendom, Romantic Chronicle Bringing players an immersive take on the nobleness and aureole of the ancient Chinese palace, redefining the harem fight and raising the standards for what social games can do. Immersive Harem Infighting Drama The stunning scenery and rich storylines allow the players to follow the character’s footsteps and pursue the happy ending in their hearts. Fierce Cross-server Ranking Fight Join in all new cross-server ranking fight. Summon and build your own historical celebrities team to challenge higher ranking and become the one in all. Abundant Stylish Palace Outfit Conquer them all with your beauty. Various outfits to build your own stylish palace fashion and stand out in beauty contest. Let your wardrobe be your weapon. Real-Time Social Interaction Players are allowed to freely communicate, idly stroll in a courtyard, or enjoy a poetic candle-light dinner with other players. COMMUNITY Official Page : Official Facebook: Official Wechat: Search “熹妃Q传国际版”on Wechat Official Weibo: Search “熹妃Q传国际版”on Weibo SUPPORT



  • Can't understand anything

    By SpitFires1986
    Can't understand anything at all. So much for having a spot at E3 Better step up your game if you want the U.S players to play this game.
  • Please add Google account

    By YumiKaroroshi
    I’m having a hard time transferring my android google account onto my iPhone because the google login is not there. Still hasn’t worked out please fix that other than that’s it’s been a great game. It would be a huge shame to lose my hard work.
  • Subtitles Please😓

    By Simplymekk
    It’s a great game, I can’t tell you how long I have been looking for a game with this concept, but I can’t understand a lot of it. Please add English subtitles, it would really help a lot.
  • 好玩 但坑钱

    By 哈利波特的仙女棒i
    这游戏的新选秀玩法我没话说 对于新手和低v没法玩 但其他的还可以 可以交朋友啊组cp啊等等等等
  • Nice

    By DorisMimi***
    Nice game
  • Really nice game

    By Tigerlily1345
    The game seems like it has a good story and all that stuff and I can’t complain since the English version is coming and they have a really good review team, or whoever looks at reviews for the game, most games don’t respond to review so I appreciate that. I think it will be a lovely game when I play it with English of course.😊
  • Fun

    By Adamier
    It’s a fun game. It’s hard to go far without spending money though. The graphics are beautiful.
  • Fun game

    By Future president's mom
    Very easy to play.

    By Siyax5
    Graphics are amazing ! But I will not allow myself to play this game without the English subs, I don’t want to miss one bit of the game.😫Please put in English subs! 🙏🏼
  • English and other languages

    By Magical.Dream
    I think the graphics are nice and I also like the voice acting. Also is there any English subtitles? If there is any, they should of put it at the beginning of the game when you opened it and have an option for English or Chinese or other languages. Even though I know Chinese I can read it.