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  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-04-25
  • Current Version: 1.7.88
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 550.42 MB
  • Developer: Smilegate Megaport
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.55093
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Turn based strategy! Chaos Online recreated as a real-time RPG. ChaosMasters! An original MOBA reborn as a JRPG! The Heroes of Chaos Online are back together in ChaosMasters, a unique mobile JRPG. Utilize in-depth strategies, experience intense real-time battles, and use spectacular skills. [Intriguing Storyline with Chaos Online IP] ChaosMasters inherited Chaos Online's world. Immerse yourself in ChaosMasters's exciting campaign based story mode as you help the Heroes of Chaos end the war with Radeath! [Customizable Tactics in a Turn-Based RPG] Win battles with your own tactics based on combinations of heroes and skills in real-time! Nothing but your commanding skill matters in order to win. [Various Exciting Modes] Complete the campaign, participate in various Dungeon battles and enter real-time Raids with your friends! Summon new heroes and enjoy real-time PvP as you test your limits! [Official ChaosMasters Community] - -Facebook: [Contact Customer Support] - Settings > STOVE > Customer Support -



  • Unknown and underrated

    By ShadesofWhite
    I just came over from another game similar to chaos and let me tell that chaos is ftp supportive ( a lot of uncommon hero’s are strong enough to carry). The pvp system is awesome, actually tries to pair you with live players. You can get an ai defender however it doesn’t happen very often. I can’t think of anything that would be on the down side. It is based on cheese (energy) to complete missions so there is some down time unless you are willing to pay to refill it
  • Pay-to-win Summon Events

    By cheese summoner
    400 PREMIUM summons to get the new character :| now I’ve had this game for months and I don’t think I’ve even hit 400 summons in that time (especially if we exclude the free ones frequently given albeit at random). Cheese is the most common prize for everything. I have all this cheese but can’t buy Heros with cheese. And the arena matches are just a hot mess.
  • Great, But Needs Work

    By Sirgeidoinurmom
    I love the game so far, but it lacks some key things like a detailed description of how abilities work. A lot of the abilities don’t properly explain how the work and what they do. However, the game is very fun with a large diversity in characters and things to do and I look forward to seeing how the game develops!
  • One complaint.

    By Jesus2947738
    This is a great game, I love the plot and story of it. There is one thing I want to complain about. I am sure little kids play this game and people who don’t know better. This game uses the names of demons. Just by saying the name of a demon you are calling upon all that negative energy. I am sure the creators know this and that’s why they decided to add so many real demonic characters. All I’m saying is just be careful and know that you are spiritually protected before you enter into a game like this. You can easily get cursed or hexed by all of this geometry and spells in the game. All the demonic names too..
  • Good bones but needs MAJOR rebalancing

    By Nackerman625
    This game gets enough things right to make it really obvious where the problems are. Loot systems and evolution requirements are all solid and reasonable, which is NO SMALL FEAT for a pay to win game. But the class system is a mess. Rangers get the same symbol as warriors. Priests are pretty much mages plus heals, which makes mages pretty awkward to use. Just several issues like that make the game a lot less enjoyable from the start. It’s a difficult game to find your way around in. Which can still be fun if you like that sort of thing.
  • need update more

    By Ngophamduchao
    game play nice but need update more at chat channel(world+guild)
  • Dead game

    By dungbatty
    No one to fight against in the live PvP because no one is playing. SKIP
  • Don’t delete my comments ...

    By 1stWhiteFury
    ...People need to know the truth that YOU are criminals . I just hit a wall, just like Every other game, it’s great the 1st day, fun for a few more days, then we have to pay for space or we can’t play, then we run out of materials to rank up etc... All the characters we win or open are 3 stars instead of 6 after 50 summon & they take too many materials that we have NO space for unless we pay 500 crystals each time for just 8 spaces. *shame on YOU* We will record proof every weekend.
  • Still Needs Work

    By Eden Cross
    I play other games by this company so I said sure when their newest one was suggested. However right after downloading it I was playing through the tutorial and the game just stopped. It didn't crash it just stayed at the boss fight and did nothing else. If I encountered a bug that quick, it probably is downhill from here and nothing was interesting up to that point either.
  • Great on iPhone, but

    Does Not work on older devices, looks great on iPhone. Lots of fun so far,,,