Amaranthine Voyage: Winter

Amaranthine Voyage: Winter

By Big Fish Games, Inc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-03-05
  • Current Version: 1.0.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 1.18 GB
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.94898
From 98 Ratings


The people of Corra are trapped in a never-ending winter, and they desperately need your help to break this vicious cycle. Each year, in order to appease the weather controlling structure called The Pylon, citizens are selected for a ritual called the Thawing Ceremony. Those that are chosen never return though, and a rebellion is quickly growing in the land to overthrow their tyrannical ruler! • FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CHOSEN ONES! Those known as The Harvesters are responsible for selecting the people for the ceremony. Can you uncover the secret behind their mysterious disappearances? • CAN YOU FIND THE ARTIFACT TO CONTROL THE PYLON? Search for this relic through a world of frosty hidden object scenes. • BREAK THE CYCLE AND RESTORE THE BALANCE Save this world from being frozen forever by solving chilly puzzles and icy mini-games. • STOP THE SPREAD OF A DEADLY DISEASE IN THE BONUS CHAPTER Help the people living in exile and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Signs, morphing objects, and more! *** Discover more from Big Fish! *** Check out our entire game library with our Big Fish Games app absolutely FREE here: Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a new release or promotion again: Big Fish is the leading global marketplace to discover and enjoy casual games. You can enjoy our virtually endless selection of games anytime, anywhere — on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. Learn more at! Become a fan on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:



  • Fun and challenging

    By hfkuek
    Great game!
  • What has happened to Amaranthine??

    By Ajax713
    I *used* to love this series. First of all, I hate wintry settings, but I knew that this was one of them going in but got it bc it was Amaranthine. These winter themes are just shades of white and light blue, it seems lazy of the developers. I had no problems with the the flow of the game, although the story wasn't really explained well. My biggest problem is with the mini games!! You can tell they took out most of them, like when you put a missing piece in and the lines don't line up and you're ready to solve it, but then it does it on its own! This was all over the game! And the puzzles they did leave in were so pitifully easy that I wonder what age they actually make them for! So you are left with pick up this piece, fit it in here, get an amulet, go back and put it over there, repeat ad nauseum. Soooo boring. I play these games for fun but not to put me in a coma. I want a challenge, I want to have to think! I want a mini game to take a bit of time!
  • Terrible

    By Moonraker1122
    This game has terrible graphics to begin with. You cannot tell what is just a crack in the picture or an area you should explore. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to where to go next in the story, and the storyline itself is bad. I'd like my money back on this one. It's really bad!
  • Good

    By Danaa1040
    Love the Amaranthine games. This one does not disappoint.
  • Great game

    By tommy9137
    It's a very interesting game fast hints and skip buttons
  • Long and Entertaining

    By Pixle Lily
    First I want to commend the developers on a job well done! The graphics are great, the story is long, and for that they deserve much kudo's. But, there are several artifacts that were silly in placement, and at times, the task was near to impossible to figure out. Example, the bomb powder in a little bag to be spread across an entire wall. I used a cheat because the size of the bag did not in any way direct me to an entire wall. And other artifacts were, I don't know... weird and disingenuis in their placement. I would have liked to have more hidden object puzzles and less finding this... placing it here to get this to place it there... got redundant. But i do like the game, and am glad to go finish it now! Good job!
  • 🐭🐭🐭🐭

    By Pixiepuppy1
    Side note first, thank you to casual mode and many other who spoke up about " the issues" with a certain reviewer, I'm afraid they just don't get it and I dare say they are probably incapable of seeing the annoying and hostile environment they have created. I would encourage the Dream team elite leader to please read ALL the comments from reviewers of the game Iron mask. I am all for friendly banter, that's a good thing but let me make it very clear that ALL of us our equally important when it comes to getting change( like free trials returning). No one person is more valued, everyone's participation is of equal value. Now to this game, I have loved this series and this one is no exception. The mini games are good and understandable as is the story. I've only played the free trial but I am off to purchase the full's a buy for me!! Happy gaming!!
  • Amaranthine? What happened? 〰 and note to LM..

    By Casual mode
    I generally enjoy the Amaranthine series but this one was just odd. It played well without glitches or crashes, but the story was ridiculous..I quickly lost interest but played the entire game anyway. The credits were almost more entertaining than the game lol. Decent length and lots of extras. BF needs to stop begging for ratings several times DURING the game..minus a star for that. To LM.. questioning pixiepuppy here suggests you may have missed the posts on Iron Mask. Several nice folks took the time to clarify or better explain. No one wants you to stop reviewing games.
  • Not my cup of tea either

    By H1ppo109109
    I lost interest in the story line early in the game. Eventually just deleted the game before finishing. Kudos to the developers for making a game chock full of things to do and items to find though.
  • Meh

    By KDCartlidge
    The story bored me but the puzzles and graphics were good.