Book Scanner Pro

Book Scanner Pro


  • Category: Book
  • Release Date: 2016-11-21
  • Current Version: 1.3.6
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 130.58 MB
  • Developer: ABBYY
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 51 Ratings


ABBYY BookScanner – smart pocket scanner for books! BookScanner turns your mobile device into a powerful mobile scanner to quickly capture books, create electronic copies in PDF and JPG, EPUB or FB2 and apply online OCR to recognize texts from scans for further editing and sharing. Create an ebook on your iPhone or iPad and make perfect digital copies of paper ones. BookScanner is a lifesaver for students, researchers and virtually anyone, that is always at hand. ------------------------ FEATURES • BOOKSCANNER. Take a snapshot of facing book pages. BookScanner will split the shot into two separate images and correct any distortions and lighting defects. It will then unbend any curved lines as if you pressed the book against the glass of a desktop scanner. • EBOOKS. Scan paper books and create electronic copies in PDF, JPEG, EPUB or FB2. • OCR. Recognize text (OCR) on scans in 193 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic and CJK alphabets) and choose from among 12 output formats (DOCX, PDF, TXT and more) preserving the original document formatting such as lists, tables and headers. • ANNOTATE SCANS. Use our set of easy-to-use tools to modify your PDFs: add your signature or a text box, use highlighter, write with a pen, or conceal sensitive content with the redaction tool. • MULTIPAGE DOCS. Create, edit and enhance separate images or large multi-page books (up to 100 pages per book) quickly and easily. • SHARE & EXPORT. Send books via email, save in cloud storages - iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, Evernote and more, transfer them to your Mac or PC using iTunes sharing. • BUILT-IN FILE STORAGE. Save scans inside the app with tags and search capabilities. • PASSWORD POTECTION. Protect your image-only PDF files with a password while exporting and sending via email. • AUTO-CAPTURE AND FILTERS. Excellent visual quality with auto-capture of page boundaries and advanced image filters, which processes scans in color, greyscale or black-and-white versions. • BEST-SHOT PHOTO MODE. Select Best-shot button on the viewfinder and BookScanner will automatically choose and process the best of the three images captured. • 3D TOUCH AND SPOTLIGHT SEARCH. Tap the BookScanner icon and find scans straight from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad. • AIRPRINT. Print out scans directly from your iPhone or iPad. ------------------------ Join us: Twitter: @ABBYY_Mobile ------------------------ Your Library Pocket Scanner. Please leave a review if you like BookScanner. It will be highly appreciated!



  • Rather useful

    By Sarassine
    Great app once you get to know how it works. Best OCR engine so far!
  • Super Reader

    By chief David Hubbard
    It’s an outstanding product very easy to use and it actually copies great
  • Do not buy this app!

    By J. Gang
    I never write reviews but I have to when it comes to Book scanner Pro. Please do not waste your money on this app. If there was a free version or even a .99 version, it may be worth a try. I bought this to scan books instead of using our office Canon Copier scanner option with hopes of saving time. This app has some cool features like being able to scan two pages and then separates them into separate pages. It has OCR capabilities as well. However when you’ve scanned ten pages it stops to tell you to send to their server for processing. It is so slow! Plus there is another two steps of processing to get the OCR PDF. All equally at slow. With that rate it’s taking even longer than the Canon scanner. And on top of it the final resolution is low quality. And of course there is no way to get your money back! So yeah, please do not buy this app. It is a total rip off.
  • Best book scanner for iOS, but expensive

    By ReCharredSigh
    Updated 02/07/2018: I have to lower my rating down to 3 stars. I like this app a lot... WHEN IT’S NOT CRASHING EVERY TIME. And that’s probably my biggest peeve with it. It crashes like crazy. If I’m deleting old pdf’s I have stored for a long time one by one? Crashes almost immediately. If I’m trying to create a large pdf and going through each page to check if it’s right before creating the pdf? Crashes like crazy. You’d think for an app that charges over 40 dollars, they’d have everything run almost flawlessly, or at least, try to fix bugs ASAP. Original review below: The ability to detect words and pages is much better than some other apps that I’ve bought and used. It will also allow you to take 3 of the same picture, then it will pick the best of the 3 (which can save you having to go back and rescan a lot of pages). It also allows you the option to scan 1 image and split it into 2 images like a book, to save about half of the work (you can also uncheck this option if you want to scan single-page stuff like documents). And has numerous options for how you want the scanned images to be saved (photo, or high detail pdf, low detail pdf, searchable pdf, etc) as well as many different ways you want to export your files, etc. Adding and removing pages as well as changing the page order once you’re done saving your pdfs is also available and quite easy. However, you do need to be connected to the internet (and their server essentially) to be able to scan and convert files (which could mean if the app ever stops receiving support and the servers go down for good, you will never be able to use this again), and it does take a while if you try to scan too many pages at one time. It also costs a LOT if you try to buy it full price ($60 price for an internet-based scanner is NOT worth 5 stars); if you’re not in an absolute hurry to buy this, I’d suggest putting it on a price watch app or website, and then buying it when it goes down in price (which is what I did). The other thing I’d recommend is that if you’re mainly using this to scan books, I’d suggest also buying an acrylic wall-mounted sign holder (mine is 17” x 11”), and lay it on top of an open book’s pages to allow it to stay open, yet still enable you to clearly see through and take a picture of each page.
  • I want a refund

    By ExtraBrightSunshine
    This app is a terrible terrible item. basically you get ripped off for something that takes a picture and does nothing else. Do not buy. It claims to have our capabilities but does not
  • Somewhat mixed bag but still good

    By jerry7171
    First off you need to be realistic with your expectations for this app. There is room for improvement but what it does it does well. First the good. The app does an incredibly good job of reading what you’ve photographed and doesn’t need very much correction. When I exported the OCR’d results as an ePub I was surprised at how well it laid out the reflowable text and images. I haven’t seen any software or apps that can take source material and create a perfect ePub yet if it is a simple interface geared towards average users. The software that can create really polished ePubs is much more complicated and usually has a steep learning curve. On a desktop I should add. This app comes closer than anything else I’ve played with. It still can move illustrations and captions around and make a person jump around to pick up the continuing text but it is forgivable here. The illustrations are rendered nicely to work within the confines with ePubs. It is especially great that I can photograph two pages at a time and let the software slice the pages apart to be read. Here’s the not so great. I can’t take more than four or five photos at a time before being prompted to wait while the app uploads the photos to Abbey’s server to be processed. The pages tend to be distorted if the book isn’t perfectly flat. If the book pages have any curves the trimming algorithm tends to cut the pages in such a way as to throw away the parts that can’t fit into the rectangular trim box. The resulting pages aren’t uniform in proportion. One page is good but the opposite page is turned into a distorted square as an example. As another reviewer said it will be better if you can flatten the book with a sheet of glass. To Abbey’s credit the algorithm’s priority is to catch all the text and treat the remainder as secondary importance. If you’re using this app primarily for text then you’re set. If you need to keep the pages in the correct aspect and the artwork and illustrations you’re going to have moments of disappointment. The app does a good job of rendering the illustrations but could still use a bit more tweaking. Some reviewers have not liked that this app needs to be connected to work properly. My thoughts are that there is so much processing going on that the connection to the server is a necessity. The demands on the iOS would likely be too much. The app’s primary job is to capture the pages. The server does the heavy lifting. My suggestions for improvements would be to have the algorithm keep the entirety of each page by flattening it. It needs to figure out the proper page size and keep it consistently for all the pages. I’d like to have a choice to either pause to upload a few photos at a time or be able to photograph everything then upload later. A big pet peeve is the unavoidable ads that I have to close to get on with the job. If Abbey wants to keep the ads then it needs to update and improve the app to better handle curved and warped pages. Considering the app is relying on me to photograph an open book correctly and still get good results is what keeps my expectations realistic. If the lightning is bad, if the photograph is blurry or I failed to line up the page split line it isn’t going to have good results. As the old adage goes garbage in garbage out. The regular price for this app is high. I purchased it during an incredible holiday sale. I’d recommend watching for discounts before purchasing it. In conclusion you should consider what kinds of books you’d be using this app with. If it’s mainly text go for it. If you’re using it for images or a mix of illustrations and text you probably should think about something else.
  • Not bad despite some kinks

    By JAFiPadUser
    I been using 4-star FineScan products for some time so I bought this app for my iPhone 7. The OCR is as good if not better than on the other products. In fact, it automatically and correctly crops and orients a single 2-page scan - even with the extreme curvature of pages in thick books. It’s still annoying that the OCR doesn’t break for paragraphs but that’s not a world ender. I always proof a scan, anyway. No OCR software is perfect. The only bug I saw so far is that the preview omitted the last page of a 4-page (2-shot) scan but appeared OCRed in the final output. I expect product updates to be forthcoming.
  • Not so good as its brother FineReader

    By sunt05
    I bought this one largely due to my experience in using its brother FineReader, whose performance is indeed unrivaled. However, this app works really as its processes are web-based, which means all the work are actually done on the abbyy server! Given the large amount of pictures of a book, such workflow turns out to be unreliable and almost useless. I WON'T recommend this app.
  • Review

    By jworley
    Great product highly recommend it. Easily copies in book format.
  • Way overpriced for what you get and very, very buggy

    By Caitie-Beth
    Wish there would have been a demo light version so I'd have realized this was not ready to be purchased yet, especially at the VERY high price for this app! It crashes like crazy. It's crashed on me over 15 times while trying to scan and edit and that's after restarting my iPad and iPhone. Also it continually makes the two page scanned images into 1 page vs the 2 that is supposed to make it faster - that was part of the whole reason I got this app because I have so many books to scan in. I'm trying to downsize my physical book library for digital and I thought the cost of this app would have been worth it, but so far it's been quite disappointing and taking up way too much of my time. I hope the developers work these kinks out soon otherwise this is money down the drain on an app that seemed so promising