Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow (Full)

Secrets of the Dark: The Flower of Shadow (Full)

By Big Fish Games, Inc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-11-20
  • Current Version: 1.0.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 861.44 MB
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 3.72973
From 37 Ratings


Unlock the complete adventure with a single purchase! No in-app purchases! On Maria’s sixteenth birthday, she received a mysterious gift with no card attached. Upon opening this present, a strange creature emerged and swiftly spirited her away. Her father has pleaded for you to come and help, as you may be the only one who can find her and bring her back alive. But to do so, you’ll have to venture far beyond our normal realm! • FOIL THE PLANS OF THE EVIL GODDESS! Maria was kidnapped as part of a plot to bring this sinister deity back to life. You must stop this supernatural scheme, or more people will suffer the consequences. • CAN YOU SAVE THE INNOCENT SOULS? Pass between the darkness and the light through mystifying hidden object scenes. • USE YOUR SPECIAL DEVICE TO DRIVE OUT THE MAGIC Chase away the spells by solving thorny puzzles and magical mini-games. • CRUSH THE SEEDS OF EVIL IN THE THRILLING BONUS CHAPTER Defeat this darkness forever and enjoy additional Collector’s Edition exclusives including collectible Flowers, morphing objects, and more! *** Discover more from Big Fish! *** Check out our entire game library with our Big Fish Games app absolutely FREE here: Sign up for our newsletter and never miss a new release or promotion again: Big Fish is the leading global marketplace to discover and enjoy casual games. You can enjoy our virtually endless selection of games anytime, anywhere — on your PC, Mac, mobile phone, or tablet. Learn more at! Become a fan on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:



  • Four Stars for Originality Five for Being Strangely Memorable

    By Pryeye
    Truly original storyline. A little rough to follow I have to be honest. I have played thousands of these games so finding an original storyline gets big props even if it is a little strange and tough to follow at times. This game at least sticks out of the pack and I will remember it. I do like that, so I would recommend it on that fact alone.
  • Worth the $

    By Jgobiano08
    Unlike most of the games, this one is worth the cost. Challenging mini games, long enough to feel like it is worth the cost.
  • Secrets of the Dark: Flower of Shadow by LynxMinx

    By lynx minx
    Hi, Izzyoc! I wish I had seen your review but today our XFinity was down for 5 hours so TV was out of the question! I have nothing else new to play so I guess for the price I'll try it. By the way, do you have any idea when some of the games you listed will be released for iPad? I can't wait for a new Expedition; it's one of my favorites. Thank you so much for all of your input! I actually liked this game a lot more than I thought! First of all, you could customize the settings. Orneon actually gives us a journal, a feature sorely lacking by other developers. The game was lengthy, with a bonus adventure. The storyline wasn't overly complicated, or even really unusual. Still I liked it because I had no trouble following it. Objectives were regularly updated.The graphics were incredibly colorful and gorgeous, and the cut-scenes were electrifying, especially when you use the magic lamp and enter the time portal. Loading was instantaneous between locations and and there was a marked, if so customized, teleport map to transport you. There was no map in the bonus adventure, but I don't know why that was the case. Inventory was labeled and interactive. There was a lot to do at each location. You also had a neat device to use to dispel evil magic. Collectibles included flowers and morphing objects. The HO scenes had variation and some were more like puzzles. The puzzles/mini-games were diverse: there was some boring rotational stuff, some games of skill, some coding puzzles, but at least there were many puzzles and there was something for everyone. I was very happy not to deal with any major rodents! Thank you, Dracyy! I deducted a star for the following reasons: I found that some of the puzzles were very hard to manipulate, although the game ran smoothly otherwise. I didn't like the hint system because it was a spoiler. Lastly, with such magnificent graphics, we were not given any gorgeous wallpapers in the extras section, and I would have loved them! This was still a good game and I would definitely enjoy another sequel. I would like to say Happy Thanksgiving to the entire DTE and the other gamers/reviewers as well! Lynxie sends 💋❤️😘 to all!
  • If only....

    By Gaudete
    I tried so hard to get through this game but I just couldn't. The gameplay was so choppy and fragmented I just gave up partway through. It's a shame, because I liked the story, the HOPs and mini-games. The art was wonderful. I don't know if it's because my iPad is three years old (scary how quickly these toys become obsolete!) but it was totally frustrating to play.
  • Wouldn't give this ANY stars

    By Joanie
    Awful. The art is juvenile, no logic to "game" progression. Do NOT waste your money on this one.
  • This Needs A Little More "Light" To Fully "Bloom!"

    By KimTwilight69
    I forgot to mention something: I wish all players a very Happy Thanksgiving! LynxMinx: "Hidden Expedition: Fountain of Youth" is out this Thursday according to their Facebook page under "Weekly Sneak Peek." Well, it's better than the last disaster. The plot relates to an idiosyncratic "dark fantasy", referring to the fusion of quirky, fantasy-like elements with profound senses of consternation, uncertainty, and downright ghastliness; you travel through a portal to a terrifying alternate reality filled with nightmarish imagery in order to save a young girl from a sinister, unearthly force. The scenes are embellished with strikingly oddball and foreboding depictions to startle your imagination as you explore the remote island, such as with the distinct, multi-eyed creatures hanging on the walls of buildings; the choking, serpentine vines, which cover obscure passageways leading to dark secrets; and the bizarre, monstrous statues, which stand in contorted positions that make the hair on your arms rise up. The graphics are hazy and ill-defined; the details need tweaking in sharpness and clarity. On the other hand, the colors emanate vibrant, ethereal, and neon-lit tinctures to induce an esoteric aura. The sound effects evoke an eerie, chilling mood with the cracks of thunder resonating upon your arrival. The inventory is labeled but so far, is not interactive. Custom mode is offered; options are customary. The brisk teleport map indicates available tasks in custom mode. You are gifted with a rare all-in-one journal, which conveniently holds the map and updated goals; fortunately, it also records the story as you progress. The HOS are interactive and entertaining with some interesting concepts; for example, the scene where you return items of personal sentiments, such as segments of photos, to the appropriate area within the scene. The puzzles can be a bit challenging as you need to work some out a bit. One of my favorites makes an appearance; namely, placing dominos on the board so adjacent symbols match. This installment is not void of negative aspects. The collectibles are so highly conspicuous that they seem as though they are waving "hello" to you; this diminishes any challenge of discovery. At times, the mechanical movement out of the cut-scenes is clunky; however, transition between scenes is satisfactory. In addition, response to my touch-input, with regards to inventory usage, borderlines on tedium. In summation, this game instills an outdated perception in me since it lacks a robust flavor; any trace of cutting-edge ideas or concepts is absent even with the inclusion of core components, such as custom settings. Again, I can't suggest this for the $3.99 price tag.
  • Secrets of the dark

    By Nonnie9g5g4b
    Not to bad. It works. Hope they fix puppet show. Still waiting!
  • Another short game

    By Wiki-lover
    I enjoyed the game, but it was another short game in a string of short games. Is this how these game distributors are squeezing more money out of us? They spend less money on a shorter game, charge us the same $7, and then we have to buy their games more frequently if we want to play the same amount. This particular game was enjoyable for the short amount of time it lasted. Everything worked as expected - the maps and hint button - and the graphics were okay and the story not the worst I've encountered. It was a little distressing to leave the pet behind in that other dimension, however.
  • Terrible!

    By catalina5
    What a disjointed game with a very poor plot. Graphics were not crisp & clear. Was not very responsive - just a mess of a game. Your given a map, but the story is so off the wall that your never quite sure what strategy is needed. So Very disappointed and am sorry that I purchased this one. Maybe, someone out there will enjoy it but I sure didn't. Very little character voiceovers, lacking in hidden object scenes, plenty of bizarre puzzles, which on some don't even recognize the right solution. Still waiting - Big Fish on a good new release that is worth the money. P.S. Still have not heard back from you regarding The non-working PuppetShow game? KdBoots
  • Secrets of the Dark Flower of Shadow - blooming good!

    By Dracyy
    This is by far the best of the series (each playsvas a stand alone). Transition between scenes is smooth and flawless, indicated transporting map, full actual diary with storyline not just objectives, custom difficulty, labeled inventory and minimal vermin, and best of all a significant character who is physically challenged. Thank you for being inclusive. Collecting morphing monster parts and flowers. Enjoy your helper - seriously cute! Verdict: buy!