Princess Arthur / Shall we date?

Princess Arthur / Shall we date?

By NTT Solmare

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2016-09-29
  • Current Version: 1.3.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 42.90 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4
From 51 Ratings


◆Over 18 million DLs throughout our series!◆ Shall we date?, the No.1 Otome game brand for smartphones, is releasing “Princess Arthur” as the latest collaboration with Otomate, the renowned Japanese Otome game brand from Idea Factory that has produced numerous critically acclaimed Otome game titles such as Hakuoki and Amnesia! Relive that moment you first read about the King Arthur legend, only more romantically this time. This game will boost your reading experience to the next level! ◆WHAT’S AN OTOME GAME? Just tap your way through these love story games and enjoy an intimate time with the characters. Indulge yourself in large-scale romance stories accompanied by lively music and the finest artwork. Otome games are clearly distinguished from either anime, manga or romance novels but are just as enjoyable on your mobile devices! ◆ABOUT PRINCESS ARTHUR: One king left this world. In this realm, where kings have traditionally been chosen by the Holy Sword, it came time to hold a new Choosing. Out of the many people who sought to draw the Sword, only one succeeded. A peasant girl, neither knight nor royalty. The girl remains confused about everything, but the legendary wizard Merlin persuades her to take up the crown. Then she meets the Knights of the Round Table. The girl sets out to battle for the first time in her life. She grips the Sword tightly in hand, still not knowing why it chose her. Tears are in her eyes. The girl learns what love truly is. The threads of fate twist around her, but through it all, she holds love dear in her heart for one man. The girl takes up the Sword... ...the Sword that will allow her to cut a path for her beloved’s destiny. ◆YOUR PERSONAL KNIGHTS-TO-BE: Lancelot - Strongest of All and Gentle -You are the one who the leader of the Round Table fell in love with. -Discover true love with the Strongest of Knights! “With this... I can always carry on winning for your sake.” Gawain - Passionate and Earnest -Indulge yourself in his passion as he sets fire to your heart. -Find love with this earnest knight! “I’ll have to beat everything, if I want to keep anyone from laying a finger on you.” Tristan - Experienced and Mature -Soak in mellow romance with this mature knight. -A beautiful ending awaits you! “You hardly know the first thing about me, just as I barely know you.” Galahad - Exceptional and Tsundere -He’ll know what love is because of you, the only one he’ll ever need. -Fall in love with the prodigy knight! “Where’s the fun in learning about someone else, really?” Mordred - Mysterious and Yandere -You’ll be caught in his love trap, his sweet poison melting your heart. -See the real side of the mysterious knight! “Rest assured, I won’t expect you to wake up tomorrow loving me.” Merlin - Legendary and Playful -The Legendary Wizard enchants you with his charm. -Cast a love spell, make him go crazy for you! “If you won’t run, I’ll just pin you down on the floor right here and now, you know.” ◆FEATURES: * Comes with FREE prologue! * Many beautifully illustrated graphics in Japanese anime style, alluring soundtracks and motion effects bring you vivid, lifelike experience of Camelot * Multiple endings for each character’s romance story; they will vary depending on the course of actions in your gameplay * You can play as many times as you want after your purchase! ◆HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU: -Have played games or watched anime from Otomate before -Love the King Arthur legend -Love Japanese manga or anime -Like a heroine that can fight on her own -Want something to spice up your everyday life -Enjoy reading intriguing romance novels with grand settings If any of the above is true about you, an Otome game like this is perfect for you! ◆FOLLOW US: NTT Solmare is a Japanese company that strives to make the best Otome games, romance games, and fantasy games. (*LIKE us if you enjoy our romance games!)



  • Restore

    By Khanazie
    So I loved the game when I’d bought it for my iPod. Now when I got my iPad and tried to restore the game, it said it restored, but it really didn’t. I’d rate higher, it since I’m unable to transfer everything I paid for between apple products, this is all I can really give🤷🏽‍♀️
  • Such a shame

    By michaelaleeb
    I really liked the story line so far but I paid 4.99$ and it’s not lettting me get past chapter 4 it is so so ridiculous I haven’t even hit anything juicy yet and I can’t read the next 5 chapters. This really pisses me off and it’s a shame because it is so well written. Would of loved to know the rest of the story of Mordred. But this is robbery
  • Everyone is saying the routes are the same

    By Figureditout88
    They all differ from each other a bit with the character you’ve chosen and dialogue. The MC will notice something about the character you’ve chosen in the first few chapters that she hasn’t in another chapter or there will be completely new interactions that were not available in other chapters. While the story line in the first 4 chapters is relatively the same they change once you get past chapter 4 pretty drastically depending on the character you’ve chosen. They are all wonderful. Merlin is still bae tho. These stories are worth it.
  • Story routes

    By U enchant
    The story is almost the same for each route not to mention the coast ridiculous you could charge that for all the characters. I also think it’s a bit of laziness on the writers part its almost like the just copied and pasted the first part of the story and just changed names.
  • Dear Game Creaters,

    By Nepeta101
    Ok so I love the story line and how there are no challenges and how you don’t have to buy story tickets. That part is worth the $4.99. The only problems I have are the bad endings. You have no way of knowing how to get around them because the story doesn’t tell you how or even when they are coming. Another thing is I don’t understand why we have the bad endings anyway. In the free games we can complete the story for free, it might take some time but it’s still possible. We pay money to even play this game so I think we should be able to complete it. That was a major problem I saw in the game not to mention you have to start over and pay more money to get a better ending. A miner problem is that you don’t get to always spend time with your chosen character. In my experience I barely got to talk to him until the 3rd chapter but then got a bad ending soon after. If we choose a certain character then we should ha able to spend more time with them. I know making games is very difficult and takes a lot of time and I do appreciate all the effort you put into your games, but unfortunately I believe that there shouldn’t be a bad ending in these games. And if you were to remove the bad ending, do not just do it in future games but send out an update to the games already made to fix this. You do not even have to add in a new story line, just continue with the one you already made. I believe I have made my point. Thank you for reading my review.
  • Very repetitive and boring

    By keroberus
    I expected more from this Franchise considering I've loved many of their releases in the past. The ending is sweet (nonsexy) but the first few chapters seem to be identical no matter what love interest. That gets doing fast considering I spend $5US. At least vary the story per character. Took days to complete the first time due to zero romance and nil story interest. Second time for different male lead I just fast forwarded through many many repetitive chapters from my first run.
  • Please make a free version

    By Metalrina
    I'd love playing this game but you have to pay to read 😭 a free version would be deeply appreciated!
  • Great story!

    By Sandwichartista
    I really enjoyed the story. I always enjoy when the protagonist is shown in cgs eyes and all. It is the style of story where you play the same story up to a certain point and then it changes depending on character choice. So the first time around it feels like a long extensive story but during later run throughs it takes a long time to skip all the stuff you've already seen. But the characters are great and so is the art!
  • Good story but long build up

    By NordTheEndless
    I enjoyed the story but the build up took a long time. The most romantic part was at the end and it didn't feel like it lasted very long! I read the tale of Merlin
  • Love the game!!!! But could you make Perceval a playable character

    By Argentinianboy1995
    I really like this game it's a good one! I have read the first three stories and am in the middle of the fourth (Galahad) I haced like all of them so far!! I have one huge request and favor to ask could you make Perceval a playable character cause that would be awesome!!! Keep up the great work guys and/or girls hehe!!!