Oz+ / Shall we date?

Oz+ / Shall we date?

By NTT Solmare

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2016-03-24
  • Current Version: 1.8.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 41.86 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 337 Ratings


Complete the prologue before Jul. 31, 11:00 PM (PDT) and get some useful items! Don't miss the starter pack SALE to get special avatar items for FREE!!! until Jul. 31, 11:00 PM (PDT). Oz+ is a visual novel style Otome Game, full of fantasy, adventure, romance and friendship. Shall We Date? is the leading Otome Game app brand. What is Otome Game? You’re the Otome (heroine) - in these love story games, you’ll experience romance in the virtual world with irresistible men. Just tap your way through game and enjoy intimate moments with your favorite. Indulge yourself with large-scale love stories that are neither manga nor novels on your mobile devices. Be the Otome and experience virtual romances with our game apps! ABOUT OZ+: After the journey in the Land of Oz, you, as a heroine, returned to your home in Kansas. Years had passed since then, and your 17th birthday was drawing closer. One day, three hot guys showed up at the front door of your house. They were actually your friends who went on the journey together; the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion! “Come on! Let’s go to Oz to celebrate your birthday!” Excited about the grand birthday celebration, you headed back to the Land of Oz with them. “Hello again Oz world!” ATTRACTIVE CHARACTERS: *The Scarecrow - Crowlie Crowlie is one of your friends who went on the journey together; the Scarecrow who got brains from Oz. The brainiest one of all, he often gives advice to his friends. He is serious and often scolds Leonardo, who is happy-go-lucky. Having succeeded Oz, he is king in the Emerald City and wisely guides his people. Now that he is human and has a heart, he gets confused with his feelings. Despite of his confusions, he is happy to be human because he has more things in common with you. *The Tin Woodman - Heartmann Heartmann is one of your friends who went on the journey together; the Tin Woodman who got a heart from Oz. He is very kind and caring of others, and is especially like an older-brother to his best friends, Crowlie and Leonardo. After the Wizard of the West was dismissed, he became king of the country of the Winkies by requests from the people. Kind and devoted, he works hard to rebuild his country. He is usually calm, but can be very stubborn. He doesn’t see a big difference in himself after becoming human, but he has a heart to love you deeper than before. *The Cowardly Lion - Leonardo Leonardo is one of your friends who went on the journey together; the Lion who got courage from Oz. Because he helped creatures in the grand old forest, he became king of the forest. Sturdy-built and strong, he has a regal presence as the king of beasts. On the other hand, he has tendencies to be quick to speak and act before he thinks, and Crowlie and Heartmann often have to stop him. Though he is human now, he can’t hold his animal instincts like hugging you and others. GAME FEATURES: *FREE to play! *A variety of unique male characters to choose from for your romantic partner: the Scarecrow, the Tin Woodman and the Lion. *Multiple endings for each character - the ending of the game changes depending on the choices you make in the episodes. *Dramatic scenarios filled with both the serious and comical moments. *Many fine illustrations of Japanese manga and anime arts. *A variety of accessories and items to enjoy cosplaying avatars. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED IF YOU LIKE: *Movies (fiction, love romance and fantasy novel) *TV Shows (anime, fiction, romance and fantasy)  *Japanese manga and anime *Otome Games (virtual love story games) *Romance novels Our Otome Game apps are perfect for anyone who is interested in virtual love romance! FOLLOW US: NTT Solmare (HQ: Osaka, Japan) is a company that strives to market the best dating apps for adults, virtual games for girls, and anime love games for free. Visit our Facebook page: facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare (*LIKE our page if you enjoy our love romance games!)



  • Yess

    By Abigail Gould
    This game is amazing I love it I’ve added it to my daily routine so I can get i I do on it done
  • Bug!!’

    By Demigodgirl13
    So this is my favorite plot ever! But my passes are reloading wrong on all the shall we date apps. HELP PLZ!
  • Please continue

    By MaddieMonkey🐵🐵🐵
    Omg I love this game so much and I would wish you would continue it or at least release previous event stories . Please continue this awesome game because so many people including myself and others love this game so much and it just seems like you have given up . If you don’t continue it just please release previous event stories and please release a rout for Earnest the wizard of the east . I love this game so much and it’s a shame that you developers given up on it . So please listen and read my review and the others reviews also because so many please love this game . Thank you and I hope u listen to my plea . Can you please fix the glitch on this game it won’t let me enter the game without it freezing and crashing
  • Great Game But...

    By Faeriie
    I would give 5 stars, because the stories on the Shall We Date? apps are so amazing, but it really feels like a rip off that we have to pay for a ‘more romantic story.’ And we also have to wait 4 hours for ONE ticket that gets you through a tiny section of one chapter. Either pick one or the other to use. Either let everyone have a premium romantic story by default, or let the story tickets come back quicker and make each story ticket worth a lot more story than it already is. I just want to enjoy the game, and I can’t spend money on it. You’ll lose more readers if this is how the app stays. I would definitely consider spending money on the app if the story tickets covered more story and generated back quicker. Please devs, take this into consideration!
  • This is amazing

    By Ellsie@isasome
    This app is amazing because it is so cool.and I try not to show my mom and dad😏.
  • ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

    By Catdiva333
    I love this game so much as far as I got it was so amazing.I’m 12 and I got the app but my mom thought I was to young and I loved it so much that I cried when she took it.The Scarecrow is so cute 💘💖💗💓💞❣️
  • !!!!!!

    By Soul7227
    I’ve been playing for awhile and I absolutely love it! Right now it’s my favorite game to play and I love the storyline of it all, but I wish there was a continuation of the characters you pick. Like when you pick a character and you completed it all the way to the ending there would be a part 2 of your romance or continuation of it (I haven’t completed a story yet so there might already be a continuation and I might be saying none sense but if there isn’t please make them!) But other than that it’s been amazing! I haven’t completed a story yet but I love the game so much!
  • Absolutely amazing

    By Speedy fox
    This game is one of my most favorite Otome games out of all of them, I love the characters and their designs. I wish this game would be continued for the people like myself who didnt get this game in 2016 when it was still being worked on. I really how you will continue this game.
  • Love it

    By wonderland player
    Great game to wizard or is. I wish this was a movie.
  • Fix the free coin!!!!

    By pandajazz67
    I love this game it’s really amazing I am an old user from late 2016 but decided to come back and finish the game once and for all! But of course they won’t let you on the yellow brick road without challenges! IM STUCK! Because of my stupid desire of a story and of photo that cost 400 coins and of course they’re not free but you can play other games to get free coins. I played one game more than three times it’s annoying I’m sick of it I just want to finish this game so I can get on with my life without frustration!!! But still it’s a great day I love it! but before I give any more comments about how great this game is FIX THIS IN AN UPDATE and please make it ASAP!!!! Thank You!