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The Factiva iOS app, exclusive to Factiva subscribers, provides the information you need, whenever you need it. Stay up to date with access to thousands of premium content sources through custom alerts, newsletters, and newsstand. Search hundreds of thousands of companies to surface relevant news and data on the companies you care about. Factiva is the world’s leading source of news, data, and insight, helping today’s executives make better-informed business decisions through its powerful search, alerting and research capabilities. Now, take everything you love to read from Factiva on the go. Getting started is easy: 1. Download the Factiva app to your iPhone or iPad 2. Enter your Factiva ID and password 3. That’s it! Start searching for company information and reading your alerts, newsletters, and newsstand Personalized for you: Easily track highly specific news that is tailored to drive your business decisions while you’re on the go. Scroll through your custom alerts, company newsletters, and relevant news in newsstand whenever, wherever. Premium content sources: Your Factiva subscription unlocks thousands of high quality content sources from around the globe, covering industry and region-specific news you won’t find on the free web. Surface what you need: Search for news and key data on hundreds of thousands of public and private companies directly within the app, including stock price activity, financials, general information and key executives. Save for later: Save important articles about your clients and industry to read offline, anytime. Easily reach your users: Connect with your audience wherever they are. With the Factiva iOS App’s simple and modern platform, administrators are able to more effectively reach their end users with essential business news. Important note: You must have a valid Factiva ID and password to use this app.



  • Just Awful

    By DAugKjr
    It takes multiple screen taps just to open up the Settings page, and even at that, I have to tap slightly off the ‘Settings’ icon just to get it to work, after tapping repeatedly. And I have a brand new iPhone, so it’s not my screen. The login functionality via my company subscription is just terrible. Seems I have to request a link each and every time I want to log in, but each link is only good once for 8 hours. So if I log out of the app (staying logged in doesn’t seem very secure), I literally have to wait another day to log in. All very frustrating. I would expect better from Dow Jones.
  • Connection problems

    By Tobyblur
    The app keep tell me that it is having access problem even though my internet connection is done.
  • Really nice app

    By Niranjanasu
    It is fantastic to track alerts
  • Glad to see this App back

    By reybako
    Best app to source selected news on your industry and/or area of interest. It was always a great App and I was sad when it went off to make room for Flipboard. Welcome back !
  • Disappointed

    By Disgruntled ESPN user
    The user experience is very disappointing with this app. Why do old articles still appear days after reading them?
  • Staying in the know

    By Ferraricali
    Great news app that keeps me up to date on topics I care about.
  • Need an iPad app ASAP to take this useful tool to the next efficient level

    By Super Archimed
    Welcome to the 21st century ! Thank you for your consideration to my request. Please send me the expected date of release
  • Of all the apps the one that really had to be made for ipad doesn't work on an ipad.

    By Kala_kata
    1. Doesn't let you type your username and password on an iPad. 2. Tried working around it. Typed user and password in my notes copied them to the form. the app automatically turns the first letter of ID and pass into capital and turns out this is the first app in the human history that has case sensitive ID. 3. Tried working around that too. Decided to change the first letter of both pass and username to capital letters. Turns out this is the first app after the civil war that gives you the option to change your username and password but doesn't allow you to change it, by saying "you are not allowed to change your username and password"
  • Welcome but crude

    By IPimprove
    It's very nice to finally see the return of the Factiva app for smart devices, but it is very crude and not really working reliably. Is it being maintained at all? One can only hope that this is just the start. The save function is not working (yet) and some obvious missing functionalities are: - Search! - Landscape view - Text size choice - Alert settings Excited to see how this app develops.