CookBook - The Recipe Manager

CookBook - The Recipe Manager

By Cookbook Ltd

  • Category: Food & Drink
  • Release Date: 2016-09-06
  • Current Version: 1.60870
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 53.54 MB
  • Developer: Cookbook Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.71429
From 308 Ratings


Get recipe organised! Save recipes from your favourite websites and magazines. Scan recipes from books and magazines. Access recipes from your mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Always available offline. Plan meals and create shopping lists. Cook with intuitive displays, timers and much, much more! CookBook is the best Kitchen tool around and the only recipe app with real-time OCR. Key Features • Import – save recipes from websites, enter from books or use your culinary expertise and update on the fly with new ingredients, steps and pictures as you cook. • Offline recipes – All recipe data and images are saved locally for offline usage. • Cloud Storage (FREE!) - Automatically synchronises and stores your recipe information with our CookBook cloud to enable access from the mobile applications and our FREE website. • Convert - Seamlessly convert ingredients from your entered and imported recipes to your preferred US, Imperial and Metric measures. • Meal Plan & Shopping – plan your weekly meals with the required servings and create interactive shopping lists from your plan to take shopping or to export and use later. • Cooking Mode – Intuitive cooking with text reading, ingredient toggles and multiple timers! • Search – find by ingredient, tag your meals with categories or make them a favourite to quickly find and access the meal you are looking for. • Share – send recipes via AirDrop in the CookBook format, PDF, email, HTML or YAML format • Timers – Automatic detection of timers from text • Scan (OCR) – save recipes directly from your camera, straight into CookBook (note: this is now free to use!) • Multi-platform – Access recipe data on our website (FREE!) or from other popular mobile platforms. Extra Features • Select between 2 beautiful sleek CookBook designs. • Quickly scale recipe ingredients to your desired number of servings. • Search for recipes using the leftovers in your fridge • Create recipe timers automatically from detected instructions or enter them manually to alert you when you are needed in the kitchen. • Run concurrent timers across the recipes you are currently cooking to multitask. • Use our default or create new categories to help you keep your recipes organised. • Add an overall photo and individual photos to each recipe step to create easy visual directions. • Recipes available offline to allow you access when you have no internet connection. • ‘Surprise me’ feature for those times when you just can’t decide what to eat! • All this and more, accessible on our website or through our dedicated mobile applications, synchronised across your devices, on or offline, with one account and no annoying adverts. Our developers are continually working to perfect CookBook and therefore we want to hear from you, what you think and what you’d like CookBook to do next! Use the ‘Contact Us’ page to get in touch and one of our team will get straight back to you. CookBook Your recipes, your kitchen, your CookBook.



  • The Best!

    By JSR555555
    I studied them all and CookBook is a great app for storing and organizing my recipes. Importing from the web is a breeze.
  • OCR is not worth it

    By n437
    If you’re getting this to OCR your existing recipes you will be disappointed. While the app does scan documents and pull in the text, you still have to highlight each portion and then format it manually which arguably takes kore time than just entering it manually. Save your $5.
  • I’ve been using cookbook for almost a year

    By 123456 nickname
    I live this app! Im always collecting recipes. Before I used Cookbook, I had magazines all over the place and no way to organize the recipes that interested me. Cookbook has helped me to reduce the clutter a s to be able to find the recipes I’m looking for. It’s easy to import recipes from websites and mailing lists, too!
  • The Best Kitchen Accessory!!!

    By JoyfulHeart27
    My husband purchased this app for me a couple of Christmases ago. I now have this on every device! It’s seriously become my right hand! The app is absolutely superb! I have to admit, when I received the app- I wasn’t too excited. I’ve been accustomed to the old fashioned cookbooks- ones you can flip through by hand. He knew I was looking for something to organize my recipes, and after much research- he asked me to just give it a shot.... And I’m so thrilled I did! The recipes are SOOO simple to upload! You can either type them in, copy a link from a website (this works on about 95% of sites I’ve tried- I think the key to it is the website needs to have a “recipe card” on their page- which most do), and they have a way to import via a picture! You take a picture of your recipe, mark where your title, ingredients, etc are and it uploads it! Love it! The app allows you to schedule your recipes for each night (I’ve never used this feature, but I could see where it would be helpful!), add recipes to a favorite section (I use this sometimes to keep track of which recipes I’m going to be using for the week)... and the best part?!?! The cooking portion!!!!!!!! Y’all! The designers of this app did it right! You can turn your phone or tablet sideways- you then have a recipe card on one side that you can flip through as you go, and your ingredients are on the right. What helps tremendously is the fact that you can click which ingredients you have used! There is an option to hide the used-ingredients, so you’re only left with what you haven’t used yet. It helps so much in being able to take quick glances and see what measure of a certain ingredient you need! The app also allows you to set multiple timers at one time! The app is just all around amazing! And the best $4.99 you can spend on making your time in the kitchen a success! It’s just very efficient! The developers are even rockstars! I messaged them when I first got the app with a weird issue I was having, and they had it fixed within a moment’s notice! Amazing! To the developers: One suggestion, if you ever look to modify the app at all- if there could be a bookmark button, or a way to toggle between 2 recipes at a time- that would be awesome!!!! For now, I just switch recipes and find the step number I was on and re-mark which ingredients I’ve used... but, again, if you ever look to make and modifications- this mod would be my vote 😉 Thank you Cookbook App for making such a wonderful product!
  • Beautiful app with all the functionality

    By Eric Donovan
    After spending admittedly too much time researching and trying out the top meal planning apps out there, CookBook was by far the best compared to the others (mainly MealLime, Pepperplate, Paprika and Plan to Eat). I was nervous about paying up front to try this app out, and now I’m literally looking every time I open the app for a donate button because of how great my experience with it is. Best Features: - stunning design (so beautiful to use) - incredibly friendly to use - import works with every source I’ve tried so far! - love the view as list or tile features - love the shopping list feature - love being able to scale the recipes - love full feature support on the app and web - cooking mode is so simple and clean - SO worth the one-time fee Feature Wishlist: (mostly just cherry on top requests I would gladly help fund if there were ways to!) - wish could generally assign meals to a week and check off as go (vs. assigning to a specific day) - wish could integrate with services like Instacart - wish could integrate with services like MyFitnessPal or Apple Health - wish could do bulk import - wish didn’t have to open and save with clipper - wish could sort by things like date added - wish imported all photos and was a little easier to assign those photos to steps in the recipe Compared to other apps: - MealLime is limited to their recipes (which were quite bland and flavorless) or pay up for adding your own and then you lose half of the features that make the app useful like built in nutrition facts, organized shopping lists, scaling recipes, etc) - Pepperplate is moving to subscription model, but their features barely work (almost never can import cleanly from another source), and you don’t get feature parity on mobile and web - Paprika’s design just made my eyes hurt it was so busy. A lot of features, but the intuitiveness of finding and using them all was poor. - Plan to Eat had nice design, but it wasn’t as nice as CookBook and the continual service fee model didn’t seem worth it. You end up paying so much more for the same core functionality.
  • OK

    By MiloMaxwell
    Would be a decent app if it were free but seeing as it’s $5, I expected more. It’s functional and is able to import recipes from websites, which is great. However the reason for my rating is that even with all my settings configured, if I type in a cup of flour, it will change it to 1.06 cups after I save it. If it’s a tablespoon of extract, it will change it to 3.04 teaspoons. Very annoying because I type what I type for a reason. I have no clue why it would change one cup of something into 1.06 cups.
  • Quality product

    By Ol' Dewy
    Good product, worth every penny.
  • Absolutely horrendous OCR. I feel scammed.

    By spiketus54
    I don’t understand how in 2020 this app can even advertise that it has OCR when it’s as bad as it is. 1) you CANNOT take a picture from the app. Sure, they say you can, but they don’t use any image stabilization like your camera does. So it’ll be blurry EVERY time and make the already garbage OCR even more garbage. If you have a tripod and remote (so you can stand on the other side of the room and not breathe nearby) you may be able to get a clear picture with their camera function. Otherwise, forget about it. 2) you have to go select the sections and tell the app where everything goes. Okay, not a huge deal - in fact I prefer when apps rely more on the user when they definitely are bad at particular functions. Problem is - CookBook App wants to make the selection process as miserable as possible. You can only resize using ONE of the four corners of the selection box. So you’re constantly resizing, then moving, then resizing again, moving again, until you get it to the right size and shape using your ONE corner. 3) once you’ve resized your box to the perfect size using your ONE corner, understand that you cannot have a single extra letter in the box. Because if you do, it’s going into the recipe. Oh - and remember - since you only have one point to resize from, your selection box has to be a perfect rectangle. Which means your photo has to be of a perfectly flat page. Which means you’re either printing your recipe (in which case, download direct from browser and forget OCR) or you’re ripping out pages from your cookbook (definitely bad idea). The entire point of OCR is to import recipes from COOKBOOKS and pages of books don’t lie perfectly flat. So you’re screwed. 4) let’s say you’re fine with all that and you go for it anyway. Well, guess what, this app’s OCR can’t detect COLUMNS. Have you ever seen a recipe that doesn’t use multiple columns? I haven’t. So every single line it goes alllllll the way across from column 1 to column 2 to column 3 and so on until it reaches the end of your carefully crafted selection box and then it skips all the way back to column 1. I guess you could add additional selection boxes to try and mitigate this, but honestly at that point I was done with it. 5) oh - I almost forgot - it can’t detect fractions. AT ALL. So 1 1/2 becomes 14. Why the hell it becomes 14 and not 112 or something dumb like that I have no idea. So you also can plan to go manually update every single fraction in the recipe. No big deal - it’s not like many recipes use fractions, right? You’re way better off just going to an app that actually uses decent OCR technology like Google any paying up. OR go to an app optimized for manual recipe input and just do it that way. I bought this app specifically because it advertised OCR and it is so incredibly bad that I feel like I was completely scammed and that it’s not even fair to claim they have OCR when it is so impractical and essentially non-functional. Oh well... at least it only cost me $4.99 to realize this isn’t better than the recipe manager app I already had.
  • Thoughtfully designed, amazingly functional, beautiful

    By 1050lw
    This is the best recipe management app I’ve tried (and I’ve spent a lot of time testing them out!). Incredibly thoughtful features—hyperlinked timers from the text of the recipe, link from the home screen to today’s planned meal, accurate ocr for print cookbook recipes—and clean, intentional design to pack them all in in a way that’s intuitive to use and visually pleasing.
  • BUY IT

    By artsynotfartsy
    I had very high expectations for this app and it exceeded them. My favorite part is the Surprise Me button, which randomly selects a recipe for you.