Pirates / Shall we date?

Pirates / Shall we date?

By NTT Solmare

  • Category: Entertainment
  • Release Date: 2016-02-29
  • Current Version: 1.7.0
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 50.56 MB
  • Developer: NTT Solmare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 111 Ratings


The newest game from NTT Solmare’s “Shall we date?” series, “Shall we date?: Pirates –Treasured Love in the Ocean-” is now released!! This time, the theme is pirates! There are 10 attractive men (first 5, and 5 more to come) to choose from! You are a princess of a small country. The navy and pirates scramble for you, along with a prince of a powerful country and a captain of a ghost ship joining in. A new romance begins on the ocean! 1.Story Introduction You are a princess of a small country which belongs to the Yamato Commonwealth. Yamato is known to have hidden the ruins of an ancient civilization. It falls under control of a powerful country, Saint Cross, and you are almost forced to have an arranged marriage with its third prince Lorenzo! However, the true intention of Saint Cross is to acquire the “Gardiner’s Trove”, a weapon of the old ages hidden in Yamato, for military use. It is said that the casket of the Trove can be opened only by you. You and your personal bodyguard, Nagisa, run away from your castle in order to keep from handing over the Trove. Who are you going to join hands with? Pirates? Or the navy...? 2.Characters *Arthur (naval officer): Clever and Elegant A navy commodore born of royal blood. A superior of Drake. He seems careless and daft, though he has never lost a naval battle. Rumor has it that he’s hiding how intelligent he actually is. *Black Roberts (pirate): Assertive but Kind The captain of the Black Pirates. He is a famous pirate who’s being constantly hunted on the sea by various countries. Although incredibly selfish, he has a sense of moral obligation and earns the favor of the people. *Drake (naval officer): Cool and Gentlemanly A man called the Sea Dragon. Former pirate, now serving as a captain in the Queens Coast’s navy. He is calm and level-headed. He doesn’t get along well with Roberts. *Lorenzo (naval officer): Cold but Alluring Third prince of Saint Cross. Plots to unseat his brothers and become the successor to the throne. Although appearing civil and mannerly, he is ruthless and cares nothing about hurting others if it ends in his own personal gain. *Heine (pirate): Yandere and ...? A captain of a mysterious ghost ship. Known to all as “The man you don’t want to meet”, because it is rumored that none who see him live. The stories of FIVE MORE attractive men are coming out soon! Men that are “tsundere and disciplined”, “mature and passionate”, and “mean but broad-minded”, etc. will continue to entertain you! 3.FOLLOW US facebook.com/ShallWeDate.NTTSolmare (Don’t forget to LIKE us if you enjoy our game!) youtube.com/user/ShallWeDate 4.ABOUT US Thank you very much for your interests and downloads of our games! NTT Solmare is a game company especially focusing to bring Japanese visual novels and Otome games to the world! Pirates -Treasured Love in the Ocean- is one of our game series, “Shall we date?”. We sincerely hope enjoying our games and give us feedback!



  • It all costs $$$

    By CyndeRose
    No this is a terrible app
  • Lost money,

    By Kirsten_fogg
    I had bought all the stories on the original app but since they changed it and it’s with story jar I’ve lost money and if I want to revisit the story I now have to pay all over again and its cost more
  • Story Jar Should Be Deleted

    By blondandbubbly11
    I really liked the outline for this story and I actually have like 5 other (free versions) shall we date apps. I was going to buy the stories in this app, but when I tried to it said error so I came back to this page only to realize you too this option out. Honestly, story jar has ruined a lot of your games. I’m not going to buy diamonds in order to make decisions in games, that adds up to a ridiculous amount of money especially because I tend to read 4 different ones at a time (hence my 5 individual apps). if you guys plan to move all your stories to Story Jar and not update the individual apps anymore, you are going to loose what money you would have gotten from premium story options and avatar items. Personally, I’m gonna end up stopping playing all together if that’s the outcome which is very sad on both our sides. :( Bad business call overall. I love the stories on the individual apps, but now you’re basically taking them out of reach. :/
  • “Invalid purchase id”

    By ilikecomplaining
    I can’t buy any stories bc of “invalid purchase id”
  • Proper play please!!

    By Pinky23m
    Please bring back the payment for the scenarios on this game. Jar play has ruined this one and a lot of other games as well.
  • Story Jar ruins this Game

    By KrZ 715
    I started playing the Shall We Date+ free games when I finally decided to try Story Jar, I was not happy with it because unlike the free games I had to spend money for any sort of choice (like Episode which is one of the worst story games I’ve ever played) but I really liked the Pirates story and wanted to reach them. That brought me to the original app, I downloaded it and was perfectly willing to buy each story. But it wouldn’t let me, because apparently the buying of the characters is no longer available thanks to Story Jar. Not cool, at all. Here’s a suggestion. Get rid of Story Jar, no one likes it. Then either copy Lovestruck and allow the stories to transfer over and still be bought singularly in their original apps. You could even make premium stories of all your free ones because a lot of your customers would be perfectly happy to spend money to buy the character stories of Love Tangle or Shadow Ninja and then spend more money to dress up their avatars. TLDR; super good story but it’s a travesty that the stories cannot be bought. Get rid of Story Jar because it just ruins everything, and make free stories into premium but keep the avatars available.
  • Sad :(

    By AbbzCarys
    I hate that when story jar came out they stoped purchases in this app. Theres alot different in story jar and i wish they would just let us purchase it on here again aswell and add the music. Im disappointed that they stopped selling it on this app for story jar when in reality theres other games they have on story jar and their own app. I think they should keep purchases open and let people choose which way they perfer or atleast have them open until all characters are up on story jar. Thats a big disappointment actually
  • Please fix!

    By Kieurious
    I love otome games. NTT Solmare was one of the first companies that I used to always buy stories from back in 2011! I can’t buy any of the stories in this app because of “invalid product ID”. Please fix this! I really want to buy several of the stories and I can’t because of this error.
  • Loved it

    By jk.lowww
    Wish that I can purchase other stores. Please bring the other stories back!
  • V

    By viperfang202
    Love the game and the characters but a set of stories for 19.99? For a teen who is working on getting a job or may not have one yet has a phone, but no money may be problematic..... would highly recommend this app.