By Sean O'Connor

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2015-12-03
  • Current Version: 3.1.0
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 14.79 MB
  • Developer: Sean O'Connor
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 3.92308
From 13 Ratings


Lead your squads of school children in a real-time battle to capture the other team's flag in an epic snowball fight! Each child has their own name, strengths and weaknesses, and sophisticated artificial intelligence so all you need to do is tell them where to move to, charge or rapid fire, and they will take care of the rest. They'll run away if you leave them exposed or surrounded so make use of the terrain and be careful not to let them get exhausted. Play against the computer controlled AI or against a friend over Bluetooth or WiFi. The tutorial map is fully functional and free to play, and if you enjoy it please buy the extra maps as an in-app purchase!



  • Very fun!

    By A Sneaky Tack
    It’s free to try, and if you like it, there are more maps for you to try. Also, there’s multiplayer. I like how much that it’s like Firefight but with children and snowballs, haha! I enjoy the all the strategic decisions this game presents. There’s a lot more than you might first think. Here’s a bit about the game (it’s written in the game): there are different children/unit types that have different strengths. Children can charge the enemy to dislodge them from their position, but it goes wrong when the children lose courage when charging up hills and towards ice forts. The map set-ups allow for different plans. The maps are definitely not like each other, too, so there’s a lot to learn and enjoy! Notes on the game: I wish there were more maps, because 1 tutorial + 11 purchased maps are not enough. Although, I appreciate that the maps are very different from each other. I love the different children/unit types and the charge ability! Mortar seems ineffective. I’m unaware of how exhaustion and (out of) breath affects the kids. I’m also not sure how to reduce those levels. (Side note to developer Sean O’Connor: about Critical Mass, please consider enhancing the AI to avoid friendly fire and to avoid my range! I could destroy more units on the map given the chance, so I’d also like the AI to give me more opportunities against fighters. It’s also annoying that they run into me when I’m shaking an enemy. Edit: what about a second chance/life?)
  • Great Game Just a Couple of Things

    By Mondieman
    Could you please update more often and please make it easier to hit enemy troops more often because I hate waiting for my troops to finally hit an enemy soldier.But other than that the game is great!
  • Why are all of Sean o Conner's games like this?

    By Pasha123456
    The gameplay is very fun, but why the heck is this a freemium game? Sean O'Conner, you make some of the best strategy games ever, but all of them have the same issue. The only thing this game has is a tutorial. Want to actually play this game? Well your going to have pay 4 dollars for one of the several map bundles. And to the developer of this game, you make very excellent strategy games, but force your players to pay if they want to play more than 1 mission or a tutorial. 5 stars for gameplay, however the fact that this is a tutorial, and that this is pretty much how all the games from this developer are, I'm going to have to give this game 2 stars. Sean, if you are reading this, try to please add some free content to your games, like WW2 firefight. That would definitely bring my rating up to a solid 5 stars.
  • It's decent but still

    By Blagnoneedforname
    It's a decent game for awhile but it's a bit expensive for the content you get. It's fun and all but it's so easy to win/lose by doing a few simple things like spamming the charge command on a few units to overpower an enemy unit. You can also be pushed back just as easily, no matter how big a defense you put up. For example 30 vs the 10 that just charged through and now are walking slowly towards you making the ally units run. Enemies can capture your flag even if theirs a squad on it you should make it so it has a 30 second cap timer
  • Entertaining

    By TheNewDiplomatist
    A fun strategy game with a classic twist; only wish the maps were a little cheaper
  • Does not work on 6s+

    By TheBigMosh
    Good game on other devices but some sort of screen size issue on 6s+. Game only uses bottom 2/3 is of screen and buttons are unlockable due to location mapping issue.
  • Love your games

    By Treesniper12
    I don't know if the dev of these games reads reviews, but if you do, I love this game as well as ww2 firefight, the one problem that these games have is that sometimes the ai can be a little un responsive when under fire, but thats understandable, i was wondering if you could make another isometric or topdown strategy in the napoleonic or civil war time periods, I would love a game like that, obviously you would have to get rid of some of the individual ai for it to be able to run on a mobile device, still i hope you keep creating games like this, and maybe code some games for pc. (If you havent already)