GPS Diagnostic: Satellite Test

GPS Diagnostic: Satellite Test

By David Ryall

  • Category: Navigation
  • Release Date: 2015-09-10
  • Current Version: 3.1
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 180.13 MB
  • Developer: David Ryall
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 78 Ratings


- Essential tool for your iPhone & iPad. - Test the GPS module. - Resolve GPS problems. - Supplements operation of your navigation apps. - If location cannot be determined then it diagnoses why. - Assists you in changing conditions to get a reliable location. - Geodetic Coordinates (i.e. Latitude & Longitude) and WGS84 Datum included by default. -------------------------------------- COORDINATES PRO (In-App Purchase): Work with multiple charts and maps. Super easy setup of coordinate systems and datums. Credit: "The product was developed using GEOTRANS, a product of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) and U.S. Army Engineering Research and Development Center." - United States National Grid (USNG) - Military Grid Reference System (MGRS) -Old and New - Ordnance Survey National Grid (OSNG) for Great Britain, - GEOREF - Global Area Reference System (GARS). - 174 Datums (e.g. WGS84, NAD83, NAD27, WGS72, ED50, ED79, OSGB36 etc....) -------------------------------------- - The developer is a professional software and hardware engineer, yachtmaster and pilot with a passion for navigation and Apple products. - Consistent 5 star reviews, see what users are saying: "Perfect Diagnostic Tool - This is the best app if you need to know the actual status of the internal GPS." "Excellent application - This was a much needed application for iOS devices." "Awesome, over used term but this app is - This app does what other developers said they could not do." - Lodestone Chart™ displays all essential GPS satellite information using a chart with only 4 bars. This dramatically simplifies the diagnostic process (Registered Copyright). - Uses the internal GPS of your iPhone or iPad. - Includes a Speedometer, Altimeter and Compass. - Location and altitude ( best-in-class accuracy and reliability ) - Speed (SOG) and Course (COG). - Heading (i.e. Compass) with ability to turn on and off the manual compass calibration. - Hardware information - Accuracy of measurements shown for pro users. - Imperial, metric and nautical units. These are the most commonly used and most useful navigation units. All easily changeable from the screen in use. - Does not require internet access and does not use cellular data. - Essential tool for any power user. (e.g. navigators, yachtsmen, pilots, app developers) - Share your location by text message, email etc. The format contains all essential information for improved accuracy. - Works with Garmin Glo. - GPS Diagnostic™ is a professional GPS test and measurement utility for your iPhone and iPad.



  • Very helpful app

    By Mikeyman67
    I have been having issues with my IPhone 8 GPS. Never seems to know where it is. I have tried everything. I downloaded this app and boom...I found the culprit. Unplugged the phone sees all satellites. Plugged into the infotainment system on my 2015 Subaru Legacy, immediately shows "no satellites". Very odd but now I know the problem. I verified the same behavior on my iPad as well and in 2 different cars with the same radio. Excellent app.
  • Great utility app

    By Epicfail8
    As advertised, the app shows you detailed data on your devices GPS functionality. After a few days of seemingly terrible gps, this app helped me troubleshoot. My location was only being reported by cell, WiFi, and Bluetooth. No satellite connections for gps. Luckily it was not the chip, after restarts and resetting network settings, a factory reset finally fixed the issue. This app confirmed it by showing i now has signal from gps satellites.
  • Just what I needed

    By Robert121571
    I was looking for an app to give me the raw data from the GPS. I used to have one but it was abandoned by the developer and no longer worked. This app dose more than I want but hey I like it especially because the info for elevation can be set to feet instead of meters so I don’t need to convert.
  • Great tool.

    By Dkcas
    Very good and simple to use.
  • Helped me solve my iPhone GPS issue

    By LWNJ
    I had to buy an external gps to get things like google maps working on my phone. Apple refused to acknowledge my issue was a bad gps chip. This app worked flawlessly to show the Apple Genius that my issue was indeed hardware and not software. Connected via the phone GPS — no satellites found. Connected via a Garmin external GPS and suddenly fantastic satellite strength. Absolutely fantastic customer support from the development team as well who helped me with the diagnostic.
  • Best GPS information App on iOS

    By imlibra925
    I think it’s the best GPS information App on iOS.
  • Diagnosed my iPhone GPS issue

    By mrandy64
    My wife’s iPhone 6 was having difficulties using turn by turn navigation. I went through all of the usual steps recommended by Apple and finally downloaded this app to confirm that my GPS was not seeing any satellites. Replaced the Wi-Fi antenna on her iPhone and now everything is working perfectly. Thanks for a great app.

    By SabresFan1
    The app is a great tool, but A+++ for customer service! I didn’t understand the diagnostic page, so I emailed the developer. I got a response in less than an hour, explaining some steps I could take using the app to troubleshoot my gps woes. With his help, I was able to confirm that I had a hardware issue. Searched online and found a new WiFi antenna and flex connector cable for $9 total, followed’s guide, and now my gps is back up and running! I would recommend adding a basic user guide, YouTube walkthrough of the app, or making the diagnostic page a little more self explanatory, but this app got me where I needed to go and the developer was a lot of help! I also like the suggestion of another user of showing signal strength for all the satellites in range, but I agree with the developer that it would be superfluous for most users. Maybe if there was a basic/advanced setting, or a “lite” and a “pro” version of the app that gave more detailed information about which satellites signals are being received, where they are in the sky, and signal strength. Not really necessary, just cool to have. Probably would be more work to implement and increase the cost, though.
  • Great App!

    By Yusfddeytaleoygj
    I purchased a Bluetooth connected GPS receiver from Dual and I was having trouble figuring out if the receiver was communicating with satellites or not. The app from Dual is absolutely worthless. By using this app, I was able to see live satellite connectivity and confirm everything was working properly. There is a lot of other specific gps data available through this app.
  • Impressive Customer Service (10+ stars)

    By NeenGo
    Reason I bought app: iPhone 6 no longer had working GPS - wanted to see if it was a hardware vs. software/iOS update issue I sent an email to the developer to see if he knew of any possible solutions, after seeing there was no satellites being detected by my phone. Less than a day later, I got an incredibly thorough answer explaining the GPS functionality on my iOS, details on similar incidents among his other GPS diagnostic app users, and some possible troubleshooting solutions. In all, straightforward app that promises what it delivers for just a few bucks, but, more importantly, above and beyond responsiveness from the developer (with an issue that wasn’t even directly related to the app I purchased from him).