TechApp for Ford

TechApp for Ford

By Vladimir Susoykin

  • Category: Shopping
  • Release Date: 2015-06-06
  • Current Version: 2.0
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 11.78 MB
  • Developer: Vladimir Susoykin
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.


The application contains technical information that will help you in the repair and maintenance of your car. Data is divided into categories: general information, chassis, tightening torques of bolts and nuts, fuel system, brake system, lighting lamps, a replacement intervals and volumes of technical fluids. Technical data of repair, adjustments, volumes of fluids, service intervals, etc. - comply with the recommendations of the automaker and can’t be the same with your personal opinion, so it’s only for informational purposes. For work needed Internet access. Consumption traffic is little. After first loading the information that interests you data is cached, allowing you to view after it offline. Information is available for the following models: B-MAX (JK) B-MAX Van C-MAX (DM2) C-MAX II (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU) C-MAX II Van COUGAR (EC_) COURIER Box (F3L, F5L) COURIER Box (J5_, J3_) COURIER Box (JV_) ECONOVAN (KBA, KCA) ECONOVAN Box (KAA) ECOSPORT ESCAPE II (DM2) ESCORT '86 Courrier (AVF) ESCORT '91 Courrier (AVL) ESCORT '95 Box (AVL) ESCORT CLASSIC (AAL, ABL) ESCORT CLASSIC Turnier (ANL) ESCORT Mk III (GAA) ESCORT Mk IV (GAF, AWF, ABFT) ESCORT Mk IV Convertible (ALF) ESCORT Mk IV Estate (AWF, AVF) ESCORT Mk V (GAL) ESCORT Mk V Convertible (ALL) ESCORT Mk V Estate (GAL, AVL) ESCORT Mk VI (GAL) ESCORT Mk VI Convertible (ALL) ESCORT Mk VI Estate (GAL) ESCORT Mk VI Sedan (GAL) ESCORT Mk VII (GAL, AAL, ABL) ESCORT Mk VII Convertible (ALL) ESCORT Mk VII Estate (GAL, ANL) ESCORT Mk VII Sedan (GAL, AFL) FIESTA Box (FVD) FIESTA Mk II (FBD) FIESTA Mk III (GFJ) FIESTA Mk IV (JA_, JB_) FIESTA Sedan FIESTA Sedan FIESTA V (JH_, JD_) FIESTA V Van FIESTA VI FIESTA VI Van FOCUS (DAW, DBW) FOCUS Clipper (DNW) FOCUS C-MAX FOCUS II (DA_) FOCUS II Convertible FOCUS II Sedan (DA_) FOCUS II Station Wagon (DA_) FOCUS III FOCUS III Sedan FOCUS III Turnier FOCUS III Van FOCUS Sedan (DFW) FUSION (JU_) GALAXY GALAXY (WA6) GALAXY (WGR) GRANADA Mk III  (GAE, GGE) GRANADA Mk III  Estate (GGE) GRANADA Mk III  Sedan (GGE) GRAND C-MAX (DXA/CB7, DXA/CEU) GRAND C-MAX Van GT KA (RB_) KA (RU8) KA Van (RB) KUGA I KUGA II Van MAVERICK MAVERICK (UDS, UNS) MONDEO   (GBP) MONDEO   Estate (BNP) MONDEO   Sedan (GBP) MONDEO IV (BA7) MONDEO IV Sedan (BA7) MONDEO IV Turnier (BA7) MONDEO Mk II (BAP) MONDEO Mk II Estate (BNP) MONDEO Mk II Sedan (BFP) MONDEO Mk III (B5Y) MONDEO Mk III Estate (BWY) MONDEO Mk III Sedan (B4Y) MONDEO V Hatchback MONDEO V Sedan MONDEO V Turnier ORION Mk II (AFF) ORION Mk III (GAL) P 100 Mk II PUMA (EC_) RANGER (ER, EQ) RANGER (ES, ET) RANGER (TKE) SCORPIO Mk II (GFR, GGR) SCORPIO Mk II Estate (GNR, GGR) SIERRA (GBG, GB4) SIERRA Estate (BNC) SIERRA Estate (BNG) SIERRA Hatchback (GBC) SIERRA Hatchback (GBC, GBG) S-MAX S-MAX (WA6) STREET KA (RL2) TOURNEO CONNECT / GRAND TOURNEO CONNECT Kombi TOURNEO COURIER Kombi TOURNEO CUSTOM Bus TRANSIT Box TRANSIT Box TRANSIT Box (72E, 71E) TRANSIT Box (81E) TRANSIT Box (V_ _) TRANSIT Bus TRANSIT Bus TRANSIT Bus (72E, 73E) TRANSIT Bus (E_ _) TRANSIT Bus (E_ _) TRANSIT Bus (FD_ _, FB_ _, FS_ _, FZ_ _, FC_ _) TRANSIT Bus (T_ _) TRANSIT Bus (V_ _) TRANSIT CONNECT TRANSIT CONNECT (P65_, P70_, P80_) TRANSIT CONNECT Box TRANSIT CONNECT Wagon TRANSIT COURIER Box TRANSIT COURIER Kombi TRANSIT CUSTOM Box TRANSIT CUSTOM Bus TRANSIT Platform/Chassis TRANSIT Platform/Chassis TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (74E) TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _) TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (E_ _) TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (FM_ _, FN_ _) TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (T_ _) TRANSIT Platform/Chassis (V_ _) TRANSIT TOURNEO TRANSIT TOURNEO TRANSIT Van (E_ _) TRANSIT Van (E_ _) TRANSIT Van (FA_ _) TRANSIT Van (T_ _)