By toketaWare

  • Category: Productivity
  • Release Date: 2014-05-13
  • Current Version: 5.5
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 54.87 MB
  • Developer: toketaWare
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 336 Ratings


iThoughts is a mindmapping tool for the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (Mac version also available.) Mindmapping enables you to visually organise your thoughts, ideas and information. Not sure if iThoughts is right for you? Try the free iThoughts2go app first. Typical Uses:       • Task lists.       • Summarising.       • Brainstorming.       • Project planning.       • Goal setting.       • WBS       • Course Notes/Revision.       • Meeting Notes.       • GTD Highlights: Import and export to and from many of the most popular desktop application formats:       • MindManager       • iMindmap       • Freemind/Freeplane       • Novamind       • XMind       • Mindview       • ConceptDraw       • OPML (OmniOutliner, Scrivener etc.)       • Excel/Numbers (CSV)       • Markdown       • Plain/rich text       • import only support for CMAP, Scapple, Mindmeister, Mindnode, Mindmapper, SimpleMind and MyThoughts Export to:       • MS Powerpoint/Keynote (PPTX)       • MS Word/Pages (DOCX)       • MS Project (XML)       • PDF       • PNG       • Markdown       • Website (HTML + attachments)       • Flashcard ( / Plays nicely:       • Cloud synchronisation with iCloud, Dropbox and WebDAV       • Drag and Drop       • Siri       • Multitasking (side by side windows)       • Spotlight Search       • Handoff (start editing a map on one device - finish up on another)       • Send and open email attachements       • Share (Twitter, Facebook and other apps e.g. GoodReader, Keynote, Pages etc.)       • Cut/Copy/Paste within and between maps and other apps (e.g. Mail, Safari and Notes etc.)       • Upload and download community generated maps from Biggerplate Flexible Topic Attributes:       • Colour / Shape       • Images / Icons       • Notes       • Rich text (using Markdown)       • Hyperlinks (websites, other maps, other topics)       • Callouts / Floating topics       • Boundaries       • Auto-numbering       • Named relationships between topics       • Style support (predefined collections of colors, fonts, shapes etc.) Task Management:       • Assign start/due date, effort, progress, priority and resources       • Email task reports (by project, by resource) Advanced Mindmap Features:       • Multiple layouts (horizontal, vertical, fishbone etc.)       • Multiple link styles (curved, tapered, right angled etc.)       • Embedded documents (PDF, XLS, DOC etc)       • Over 100 builtin icons, 90 clipart images and 35 background canvas patterns.       • 10 system 'Map Styles'.       • Doodle (finger drawing)       • Multiple topic selection       • Search (map names, topics, notes, links) across all maps.       • Filter (modified time etc)       • External bluetooth keyboard support.       • External Projector support (in addition to mirroring)       • Rule based sorting - including option to sort continuously       • Encrypted, password protected maps. Please visit the website for more information, screenshots and videos.



  • Awesome, but could use a few tweaks

    By jenniexfuller
    I love the features on this mindmapping software/app. First I love that I can view it on my iPad or iPhone and it also syncs with my computer (although that is a separate expense which is high in my opinion). Secondly it is user friendly. I have also used XMind recently and that is not nearly as user friendly as this app is. Also XMind’s help files are not nearly as helpful. I do wish there were more formatting options like icons - xmind has more of them. Flags, emojis, task progress, stars, people, arrows, symbols, and months/weeks, priorities (numbers) that are all very colorful (being able to choose the colors of the icons would be great also - xmind can’t do that). In addition on the Mac it is easier to navigate XMind with a tab for children topics (sub-topics) and enter for sibling topics. I wish that were the case with iThoughts software.
  • After all these years...

    By Boschulte
    It’s still the best.
  • Makes my life better

    By RGare
    A great app, I use it for everything from remodeling the house to, building software, to kids school projects.
  • Import Export hit or miss

    By sayvilleguy
    Concept Draw mindmap import export is hit or miss. Export to CDMM works but imports from CDMM simply does not. Contrary to iThoughts web site and info, no it does not automatically pull from clipboard on iOS device but even manually paste of a cdmz file yields a dumb screen saying “data”. User interface remains limited and cryptic. Disappointing that basics really haven’t been resolved for iPhone version.
  • Lousy Dropbox integration

    By Chipstan
    Doesn’t work well with files. Lousy Dropbox integration. On iPad lives in its own world with own file system. Quite a disappointment. Lousy instructions. Impossible to figure out.
  • Just the best

    By Calion
    iThoughts is the all-singing, all-dancing mind-mapping software for iOS. It has a ton of awesome features, is in active development, and does just about anything you might want it to—and if it doesn't, the developer probably has it on his list of features to add. I've been using it for years, and have no major complaints. I especially love the easy syncing and compatibility with various desktop apps—including the excellent iThoughts app for Mac and PC. I'm not going to list the features I would like, because they're all under consideration by the developer—he'll get to them when he can. The one small gripe I have is with the interface. Don't get me wrong—the basic interface is just fine, attractive and functional. It's just that this thing has so many features, he's run out of places to put them. I feel like a better job could be done somehow, though I'm not quite sure how. Perhaps he should hire an interface expert—is Tog available?
  • Superb app, great iOS UI

    By Appman5605
    After reading many good things about this app I finally decided to give it a try, switching from another app that I have been using for several years. Since I was familiar with mind mapping, it didn’t take me long to learn this app. In less than 24 hours I’ve decided that this would be the app going forward, superior in many aspects, user interface, features, overall look and feel, ease of use, seamless across iPad, iPhone, Mac.
  • The best iOS Mindmapping tool!

    By Inquisitive iPad
    This is industrial use my mapping. I've been using this since 2011. The recent addition of the calendar reminder integration is a terrific addition to a very solid package. I love using this tool. And for ideas and encouragement, the developer is wonderful to work with.
  • Very good, potential to be Superb!

    By SurenPai
    I have been using this app as my go to mind mapping tool, but there's only one reason I keep looking to see if anyone else can come up with that one outstanding feature that would make it perfect for the iPad Pro ... the ability to handwrite using Pencil instead of having to type the node contents. I made this suggestion to the developer over a year ago, nothing yet. The app that comes closest to providing this capability is IdeaBoost, but it lacks the mapping structure of mind maps. Someone else made a similar suggestion to the developers at SimpleMind and it appears they may be working on it. It's surprising no one has come up with this feature yet to leverage the iPad Pro with Pencil. MindManager had this capability available nearly 15 years ago on the Windows platform, way back when we called them Slates. Hope to see this feature soon, so I can rate it a superb 5++
  • Best in Class For Mindmapping

    By Clurichaun
    IThoughts .. in my opinion. I don't think there is another Mind mapping app that can achieve everything this one is capable of. For some it may be overwhelming and there are probably 3 others that I would recommend for simplicity, function and style. I don't need to list them because everyone knows the one's I am referring to. If you want one for IOS, your, iPad and Mac then this program although a touch more expensive ultimately offers the best bang for your buck. It can do anything, you just have play with it and read the directions to see how versatile it really is and can be.