Tarot & Numerology

Tarot & Numerology

By Phuture Me Ltd

  • Category: Lifestyle
  • Release Date: 2013-05-20
  • Current Version: 4.0.11
  • Adult Rating: 12+
  • File Size: 54.35 MB
  • Developer: Phuture Me Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 10.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
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The ultimate professional Tarot App! Customizable to all needs and tastes with multiple in-depth card meaning references. Daily Forecasts combining Tarot card for the day and numerology. 5 Free Tarot decks to choose from, 1 installed by default and 4 more to download for free in-app. 37 spreads including Celtic Cross and specialized subjects covering Astrology, Forecasting, Love & Relationships, Career, Health, Spirituality and more. All functionality is free, no feature unlocks. An additional 16 original decks available for in-app purchase. For life guidance a team of two dozen hand picked and vetted professional tarot readers are at hand to read your spreads and also offer their own specialized reading topics. • Standard 78 Tarot Card Deck offering 378 spread layouts including the option of reversed cards for experts • Complete set of Pythagorean Numerology calculators • Daily Forecast as a notification, drop down Today Widget & Apple Watch App. • Intuitive card & deck selection. You pick the cards. Not the software. • In-App Tarot Deck Store. Download more Tarot Decks & start a collection! • Tarot Deck Creator. Use the camera or upload your own art work to make your own Tarot Cards & Decks. • Tarot Spread Layout Editor. Found a new spread you want to try? Add it to the App using the built in editor. Share it with friends. • Tarot card reference guide with internet book marked resources make this a powerful Tarot learning tool. • Tarot Tips. Articles to aid learning Tarot. • 100% free & unrestricted functionality. • A team of two dozen hand picked professional Tarot Readers to help you when you really need it Numerology Calculators covering:  • Name Numerology • Forecasting (Personal day, month & year),  • Life Path & Destiny Numerology with cycles etc. • Numerology Essence (combines name & D.o.B) 78 card Digital Tarot Deck (Rider-Waite 1909) • 37 Tarot Spreads, including The Celtic Cross. • Tarot Deck Store. Browse new decks, buy and install in-app. • Interactive Tarot card help with bookmarks to internet resources for further card meaning research. • Save your spreads with notes and keep a journal • See your Tarot Trends over lunar month as well as all time. • Need help with a spread or problem? Submit it to one of our Tarot Readers for a professional psychic reading. Forecasting • Combined Tarot & Numerology day & week forecasting. • Tarot event timing spread using the "find the Wheel of Fortune" method. Incredibly accurate! • Basic Astrology information. Current moon phase and sun and moon zodiac position. Tarot Decks available for in-app purchase • Tarot of Dreams - Ciro Marchetti • Legacy of the Divine Tarot - Ciro Marchetti • Tarot Royale - Ciro Marchetti • Tarot Grand Luxe - Ciro Marchetti • Tarot Decoratif - Ciro Marchetti • Tarot de Maria Celia - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso • Tarocchi Di Marcelo Inciso - Lynyrd-Jym Narciso • CBD Tarot de Marseille - Dr. Yoav Ben-Dov (FREE) • Aquatic Tarot - Andreas Schröter (FREE) • Tarocco Soprafino - Carlo della Rocca (FREE) • The Short Hand Tarot - Markus Pfeil (FREE) • BlueDogRose Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven • Badgers Forest Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven • The Riderless Tarot - Nakisha E. VanderHoeven • Tarot of the Apocalypse - Światosław Nowicki • The BirdQueen Tarot - Gretchen Diehl • The Golden Age of Hollywood Tarot - Lorelei Douglas • The Lilith Bible Tarot - Lorelei Douglas



  • The Change

    By Michell🌹
    Since I got this app it have made me look at my life closely and I have been making the adjustments as I understand what I’m going through
  • Everything is dead on!!!

    By RoCkStAr715
    I got into horoscopes/personality traits bout 1 year ago. Then I got interested in numerology & tarot...anyway out of all the webpages & apps I have tried this one is EPIC!!!
  • Beyond expectations

    By Double nope
    The developer of this app has really shown what knowledge and talent can accomplish. You will not just learn from all the knowledge within, you will benefit absolutely if your are seeking help. Best of all the one I've tried on iOS and Android.
  • Constantly freezes

    By marvelluh
    This app constantly freezes every time I use it. I never had this problem with the older version. I can’t use it because it’s too much of a pain now.
  • It's very cool

    By Whyyallannoying
    Very useful
  • Readers

    By jimmiehalle
    The reason why I had change my previous review, was because I just completed a review after being away from the site from a year. The previous readings were spot on, I recently ordered a new reading and was really disappointed. It was very general, repetitive, and showed little thought for the $44.99that I paid. Not sure if things have gone downhill or not but would be kind of reluctant in getting anymore. Until I see what others think
  • My favorite app for tarot and numerology

    By Db245777543236
    I love this app. It’s rich, it’s insightful and it has taught me a lot for both tarot and numerology. You get a TON more with the free version of this app than you do with 99% of the others out there. I find my readings to be very accurate and appreciate the app very much!
  • Suddenly causing problems

    By Breannasmommy
    Funny how suddenly this app wouldn’t download and required me to have to reset my Apple ID. Seems suddenly malicious considering how i never am leaving my privacy and security info at risk and take utmost precautions in all I do on my device. Never giving apps or any third parties any permissions that would subject me to anything malicious whatsoever. I unlike most people , take my online security and safety very seriously. Suddenly this app is the ONLY thing that has caused an issue and I don’t get it. I’ve had it downloaded on my phone for several years now. And recently , it’s caused for the last few months, DURING A READING , force closures almost instantly as soon as I actually select a reading n open it to look at the cards and interpret things so hmm idk. But I’ve also had recent over last few months , force closing when reading additional two interpretations that u guys provide along with the simple card meanings , which ur app supports and associates. So Bc I’ve not had any issues on my phone or my end regardless, n suddenly after YOUR APP has updated things over idk the last 5 months or less ? All of a sudden I’ve had to endure little problems ? I’ve loved this app but I’m questioning the legitimacy of it. Has something changed hands ? Sold to some malicious 3rd party app that’s not giving us the inside info somehow ? Lol I mean what is up. Bc never have i had more probs out of this app or connected to it. Suddenly it acted as if my Apple ID was non existent. My phone number as well. Wouldn’t update this app at all and kept causing issues only with THIS APP. HAD to reset all of my information after being locked out of my Apple ID etc. and it would say session Timed out or unrecognizable or non existent as if my number and my email and password were somehow never before entered at all. I’vehad same info the entire time. Never a problem. Never an issue. It’s odd imo. I’m very security conscious. This just isn’t making sense. I’ve resolved the issue and am currently updating THIS APP , but omg what gives ? Doesn’t make sense. I hate to have to delete this app n move on if it’s somehow malicious or has left me vulnerable somehow. Pls let me know what correlation could be at all occurring. This isn’t normal or ok that I’ve had to go thru resetting KNOWN NON TAMPERED WITH INFO ON MY DEVICE SUDDENLY AND CONNECTED TO THIS APP N ONLY THIS APP. DOESNT MAKE SENSE... I’ve enjoyed this app for at least 4 years or so. Can’t understand the issues being experienced. Pls let me know. Also idk why I’ve had the many force closures after opening readings to simply read the cards. Doesn’t matter if it saves readings that force closed or not. Never was an issue n the past n never do I have issues with my software or storage etc. so why is it even an issue
  • Glitchy

    By Starz and Angels
    Freezes and spazzes out.
  • Needs to be fixed

    By fafiribas
    I’ve been using this app for quite some time now. I really love it, specially when I don’t have any decks with me. But for the past couple of months I’ve had to delete it and reinstall it at least 8 times. It keeps freezing, and it’s VERY slow!! (I do not have much data saved on it, btw!) Please fix it so it’s still interesting! I’ve been using different apps already but I’m still holding on to it in hopes it will be good again!