Shop It Stealth Notes

Shop It Stealth Notes

By Tarushi Software Solutions Private Limited

Score: 4.5
From 54 Ratings


Shop IT Stealth notes = NOTES + PHOTOS + VIDEOS + VOICE RECORDINGS + TIME LAPSE + LOCATION + INCONSPICUOUS Shop-It Notes / Timings / Recordings / Photos / Videos, on the fly where everything time stamped TO-THE-SECOND with the most powerful hidden camera option (with an extra purchase). Expense Tracker - log expenses, upload receipts for each shop, calculate the total amount of expenses. Best Mystery Shopper's Mobile app for note taking. We interviewed over 100 professional Mystery Shoppers and considered every valuable review given by the users and all the valuable need based feedback has been incorporated in this app to make your life safer and easier while making you more money at the same time. We are on a mission to help users remove the pain of notes taking, time tracking and saving reports. Need to have a secret visit and take notes without being identified?? Try Shop IT - Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted and save time on reports. Time=Money; Not only for Mystery Shoppers. Awesome for Daily life and Work notes. Don’t shuffle between different apps for Photos/Videos/Time lapse/Voice recording. Try Shop It - one step solution for all. ======== APP DESCRIPTION ======== “Shop It!” is World’s first inconspicuous note-taking app. It looks and acts like a normal texting screen, but instead of the text entries being sent to another phone, they are recorded and time-stamped on a ‘notes’ page. You can also add photos, videos and voice memos. You blend right in with everyone else who’s texting. Greatly reduces the stress of shops that require stealth and multiple timings. - It just looks like you are texting - Everything is TIME-STAMPED (TO THE SECOND) can be easily toggle between 24 hour time and 12 hour (am/pm) time - Hidden Secret Camera (extra purchase add on) - Passcode lock - Adjustable font size to make you feel comfortable looking at your Notes - No Log-in required - Intuitive and simple to use. If you can text, you already know how to "Shop It!" - Stealth Feature / "Panic Button" press the "Next" button to flip to a screen that simulates a word game... then just press the same spot to flip back - Customize the 'panic button' stealth feature... So you can flip to the simulated game screen, or set your own image  - Share your Notes/Photos/Videos/Voice memos across all the Social sharing available on your phone - Expenses Log, Upload Receipts. - iTunes File sharing - Sync iPhone with your PC Also: - 'Tap' the screen to mark the time (to the second)- similar to a 'lap timer' - Email your Text and Photos along with accurate timestamp. - Play back recordings within 'Shop It', (noted to the second) works very well in the background too. - If desired, embed location data into photos (GPS marked). - Save notes and "do not forget" instructions on the 'Shop List' page. flip back and forth discreetly between this and the covert 'Text Entry' screen. - Calculate time gap between two timestamps? We don't want you to go anywhere else for your reporting. Just long tap on timings in your Current Note. For far less than your pay on one 'Fast Food Shop', add this App to your Mystery-Shopping Toolkit. Spend less energy trying not-to-be-spotted and more time observing; save time on reports since you have all your notes, timings, photos, videos and voice memos in one place. Time=Money; it all adds up. *** *** The app has proven very stable and complaints are rare, but if there is ever anything amiss we definitely need the feedback in order to fix it. We respond quickly to every inquiry. Thank you for considering 'Shop-It'!! *** ---------------------------------------------------------------- More Info: ---------------------- Please visit ....for simple operating instructions, contact us, or to offer suggestions for future updates. Your good reviews are extremely valuable to us! Thank you. 'Shop It’ is not affiliated with any Mystery Shopping companies or their clients.



  • I have suggestions

    By JonH2O
    LOST NOTES ARE POSSIBLE. I JUST SAVED ONE AND IT IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Then I restart the app and IT REAPPEARS! WHY?! Every time I go to “Current Note” I get a Popup to join the app on Facebook. You guys need to make icons RED when they are recording! Why is the microphone icon GREY when recording but when recordings of stealth video are OFF the video icon is grey? Why would you make it opposite for each!? You need to make these icons RED when they are recording!!! IF VIDEO IS RECORDING MAKE IT RED, and since audio is recorded with video make the AUDIO icon RED too! Otherwise, its pretty well made. I like that it continues recording audio when a photo is taken.
  • Couldn’t do my shopper job without it!

    By Edssis
    I’ve been a shopper a few years. The dining shops that require specific times of service were nearly impossible to get right. Then, I found this app. It’s great! A simple tap under the table, out of view, is all it takes to get exact service timings for reports. Great app! Worth every penny.
  • Tremendously helpful!

    By N.Ocana
    I am so happy I found this app. It helps me to accurately recall time and what was said, which is important to insure that I am not missing anything that could be affecting someone’s review. I highly recommend this app for any mystery shopper.
  • Unbelievably helpful

    By Opiewanobie
    I have been a mystery shopper for nearly 30 years. I wish I had found this app way back when I started. Do you know the challenge of trying to discreetly time or keep track of notes? This app does it all. With an interface looks like text messaging you can record start and stop times, even discreetly take pictures to verify descriptions later and verbally record notes which then are so much easier to “recall“ when it’s time to file those reports.
  • Awesome app for mystery shopping!

    By Bubbajareth
    I love using this app when I do my mystery shops, instead of having to use three different ways to record information, everything is all in one place! The developer is also super easy to contact and very receptive to suggestions. I am looking forward to the next version!
  • Overall a great app for mystery shopping

    By dlmtechnology
    Overall a great app but a few minor annoyances If I email myself the event I want all videos and pictures and recordings attached too. I shouldn't have to manually email each to myself. Perhaps each event could also be its own folder in the iCloud Drive and everything stored there so I can see it from my Mac without having to email Also the hidden camera and send button could there be an option to swap them around. Too many times do I hit the return key while taking notes and I get the hidden camera warning instead of a new line. It should act like a normal texting action Also why can't the secret cam be enabled at the same time as the regular cam, they are two different action buttons anyways?
  • The best app out there for mystery shopping!

    By jeffh8
    I am completely satisfied with the small amount of money I spent for this application and it's upgrades. The developer is very available and communicates with the users and adds features when requested.
  • Game Changer!

    By Desertmoonwoman
    I purchased the complete app and what a game changer for shopping! I love how easy it is to mark time, add notes, record snippets of shops, and take photos undercover. The best part, when I report, it is all on one page and I can easily upload the notes to my laptop. My reporting time has increased and so has the shops I perform! Shoppers, this is a must buy if you want to make life easy!
  • AMAZING, MUST-HAVE app for any secret shopper!

    By Laura68
    I have been using this app for over three years and am ashamed to have waited so long to review it. This app is my single tool for smoothly executing successful shops time after time. I work for a variety of Mystery Shop companies doing mainly restaurant, hotel, and entertainment assignments requiring anything from to-the-second timings to names and/or pictures of every encountered staff member. In three years, I have only had one issue (long ago) that Saketh immediately responded to and I have had only success with this app ever since. I. LOVE. THIS. APP. If I could rate it 10 out of 5 I would!!
  • Love the app!

    By mrstrusty
    I have been using this app for quite a few months. It has really helped me with restaurant timing. It is really great when you need to do multiple timings. The new secret video has allowed me to capture all associates that I need to evaluate with ease. I no longer have to jot down their physical description. I would highly recommend this app to all mystery shoppers! I just love the speed now and all aspects of the app work wonderfully! Thanks for all your hard work in developing this for us!