Gaia On The Go

Gaia On The Go

By Gaia Interactive Inc.

Score: 2.5
From 1,395 Ratings


If you’re a member of Gaia Online, this app lets you take your favorite features on the go. You can read and post in the forums, dress up your avatar or change your saved outfits, reply to private messages, check your notices, buy stuff on the Marketplace, keep up to date on the latest announcements, and even purchase items from the Cash Shop.



  • Cheap app - worse market place

    By CasinoAngel
    Don’t expect to do anything on Gaia if you’re not willing to spend real life money, the marketplace inflation is so bad they can’t even fix it anymore if they wanted to. The app is cheaply made
  • Not working anymore

    By MochaBaby
    This was working on my iPad, but now that stopped b/c the app needs an update. The functionality was minimal before this happened, now it only malfunctions.
  • Can’t even log in

    By lamplady_2
    I got this app a few weeks ago because a friend of mine uses the the mobile version, but it won’t even let me log in. It keeps telling me that my username or password is incorrect. I tried logging in on the website and had no problems. This app needs an overhaul badly.
  • Simplicity is Genius

    By R1v3r5 :^]
    I like it. I prefer looking through stuff for my avatar and reading the news
  • Please update

    By Juliette Aria
    I dropped 60 bucks on the website in one day after 3 year hiatus (and over the decade hundreds of dollars) and y’all can’t even update the app to work or have any new features??? Shame shame shame
  • Cant really do anything

    By TheGirlLostInWonderland
    I'm able to work with what the app has but u cant really do anything hard to get around sometimes the easiest thing to do that I use the app for is quick selling and buying at the marketplace but theres no games like the site at least consider making the mobil site able to have games or the games able to be used on mobile devices like iPod touches, iPads and phones I used to be able to use the app for selling in the marketplace it was the easiest way for me to do while on my iPod but even before I updated it it looked like it updated itself and the marketplace isn't the easiest to go around in trying to buy or sell and if the marketplace is this bad now I wonder how bad it is to just change my avi's outfit
  • OK till now

    By Jorge 2.O
    I mainly used this app to check my PMs on here since I talk to lots of people on there, but suddenly it logged me out and refuses to let me log in again no matter what I do...
  • Please update!!

    By Katissokewllike
    I love GaiaOnline, been active since 2013, but with college classes and work, I'm running around constantly and check things on the go. It's super glitchy 😖 and hard to reply to messages. Please update!
  • This app looks to be neglected.

    By Icy View
    I used this app a few years ago, but quit because it was too buggy. Seeing it was updated not too long ago, I gave it another chance. It’s only gotten worse. Browsing the forums and changing your avatar on this app have become harder. The “reply” button used to be a button, but now it’s just dark blue text, up against a teal green background. (Good luck finding it.) The dress-up section looks out of whack too. Every piece of equipment you have on is displayed, listed vertically, so you need to scroll down a lot. It’s as if the developers don’t have a good grasp of how basic HTML works.
  • Needs update

    By Hachimitsu ink
    After the announcment of gaia cash the economy tanked. Too many gold bots being build for each 10 million coins you earned calues to 1 platinum coin. Which is good cause at this point it felt problematic with the whole gold coins The badnews is this app has not been updated in a while. I grew up with this app in a very long time and stopped at 2010 now its 2018 and there is nothing much that has changed. I hope they update the app cause the mobile gaming market is really strong.