FLO Game

FLO Game

By Rogue Games

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2018-02-13
  • Current Version: 6.1.164
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 69.87 MB
  • Developer: Rogue Games
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 6.0 or later.
Score: 3.5
From 181 Ratings


Have you got the lightning reflexes needed to master FLO ? Challenge your Facebook friends in FLO as you traverse along an infinite horizon, rolling your ball up and down hills in an exciting, infinite, fast paced runner. Use simple one touch tap gameplay to easily control your ball as you increase your speed by rolling down hills. Achieve your personal bests in FLO, and challenge your friends to take part! Connect with Facebook to easily see other friends playing FLO Game and their scores on the leaderboard. Dodge challenging obstacles with one tap to dodge devastating mines scattered throughout the horizon in FLO. Hitting a mine will greatly reduce the speed of the ball, making it harder to beat your friends scores on the leaderboard! - Travel above the horizon to pick up speed as you roll down. - Travel below the horizon to pick up speed as you roll up. - Dodge the mines and splash through the horizon by tapping on impact. - Tap and hold to glide past obstacles. - Smash through score walls set by your Facebook friends. - Losing momentum brings the Wall of Death ever closer. If it catches you, it’s game over. FLO is a beautiful game experience with music tracks by UK Hardcore act Fracus & Darwin. Thank you for downloading this game from everyone at Rogue. Contact us at the links below: http://www.rogue-games.co.uk/ https://twitter.com/roguegamesuk https://imgur.com/user/RogueGamesOfficial https://www.facebook.com/RogueGamesOfficial/ https://www.facebook.com/FloAppGame/



  • Great Mechanics

    By Bob Fidgety
    Incredibly well made game. Ads are non intrusive. Don’t listen to all the people saying it’s confusing. It just has a learning curve. I got rank 130 (16,233 score) on the leaderboards after a couple hours because I guess I had over 3 brain cells and could understand the game... My one actual criticism though is that on the slow gray mode it is physically impossible to react to mines, but I don’t know how the devs would fix that because the zoom-in effect is nice aesthetically and shouldn’t be removed. Edit: RANK 42 19k SCORE :D Edit 2: RANK 17 21.8k SCORE OMG Edit 3: Who hosts your database... 999,999,999 score seems legit LUL Now I’m rank 21 Edit 4: Hacked score was removed. Rank 29 atm. Also, top 2 scores are fishy. How frequent are mines that far? It’s already pretty ridiculous at 26k... My guess is a physics glitch launched them in the air that allowed them to fly to that score.
  • Great concept, needs a tiny amount of polish

    By flanger001
    Pros: Fun concept Smooth, beautiful, abstract visuals Great soundtrack Cons: Frustrating death mechanic This game feels heavily inspired by Dino Run and I think they got this death mechanic perfect. This one is frustrating because the threshold where you actually die is not clear. If they made it more obvious this would be a 5/5 game, because it's otherwise a lot of fun!
  • Dear rogue games...

    By rando internet guy
    I started following from your post on imgur, and I was supper excited to play rogue, HOWEVER. Disclaimer before I state what’s wrong with the game I love FLO, it’s fun and engaging, a truly brilliant concept expressed quite well. But now we return to the HOWEVER the stars... why would you make a star, a universal signal for positives, an obstacle? Ugh And please have an option to immediately replay without FLO asking you to share on FB
  • Meh

    By Crazysk8t3r
    The game is okay, I originally didn’t understand it but then got a handle of it but got bored of the game within 10min of downloading it. There are other games similar to this that are more interesting and fun to play. Good attempt though...
  • Amazing!😍😂😃😄

    By KDOG626
    This game is one of the best games I have ever played. While you are playing, you begin to feel like you are the ball, and the end of every game will have your heart racing!❤️ I highly recommend this game to anyone who happens to read my review.💬
  • Awesome game

    By PhantomPS3
    I really love this game, I don’t know why but the combination of brain and the music keeps me in tight. So he’s what I can try to do to help and explain what’s going on. ~1st Gravity helps and kills, first, when you tap you flip sides and the gravity inverses.... this is useful to what you see as inclines on the path..... another tape and hold while in the air (or tap while in air) to remain airborne..... then when impact on the ground sends a shock wave to destroy any mines, at cost of your speed ~2nd I don’t know many secrets because I got this game and constantly been playing it for 3 hours.... but just because you don’t get a high number doesn’t mean for you to give up ~3rd this is a wonderful and addictive game over all and I encourage anyone and everyone to give it a decent try
  • Simple, challenging, addictive game 👍🏻

    By Likeaknight
    I'd like to see alternate versions of the game available, too. For example, a version without the blocks on the path, or a version without the wall or the blocks in the way, just to see how fast I can go on just the path alone. Or perhaps a version designed to train you through the whole course so that you get a feel for the technique of the game. I think I'd also be cool to see ghost-players as well to compare myself to previous performances. Another great thing about this game is that it controls how much adversement is displayed. I've grown disappointed with other good games because I enjoyed them so well until the ads became obnoxious, and I ultimately quit playing them for that reason. I hope the ads continue to stay at a minimal like they are now. I'd like to have an option where I can choose to never post my score on social media, since I never use social media anyway, and not see the screen for that anymore. This, however, is so much better than 30-second clips after every attempt. The only real issue I have, personally, is that I think the music is a bit dark and intimidating for the style of the game. It matches the desired effects, but when I'm engrained and in the moment, and the wall begins approaching, I feel like I'm literally drowning with the sound effects. Makes the game really addictive, which is great, but drowning effects make me uncomfortable, so I can only play the game for so long with the sound. It's a petty, nit-picky problem with a simple solution, I know, but I think there's something to be said about music's effects in any application. I'd appreciate it if I could choose other sounds from selections composed for specific purposes in the game, like the wall approaching or freestyle play. I really like the game's overall simplicity - it makes the game easy to pick up and hard to put down, but presents a welcomed challenge for me as a player. I see tons of potential for this game becoming a top-charter.
  • Really good game

    By BaconBAM
    I love it but it needs more content like a reward system or different modes or something. And to the people that are giving it bad reviews, git gud or leave, don’t give it a bad review because you don’t understand a simple concept. And if you don’t like the ads, just turn your WiFi off!
  • Controls are hard to understand

    By PrsnSingh
    The game looks great but the instructions that are in the beginning is confusing. All it says is gravity and it doesn’t explain much about what to do.
  • Absolutely horrible

    By FLPB
    What a waste of time! Completely useless game.