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  • Category: Social Networking
  • Release Date: 2016-01-14
  • Current Version: 1.5.1
  • Adult Rating: 17+
  • File Size: 122.61 MB
  • Developer: Trycan Technology Co., Ltd
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 9.0 or later.
Score: 1.5
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GaGa—GaGa is an open and international multilingual translation social APP, providing immediate translation service involving many kinds of voice , words and Short video, making your free communication across language possible to chat with your friends by your side or from the world. Knowing friends all over the world, confidants are in every corner of the world! GaGa—GaGa’s users cover more than 180 countries and areas. You can freely chat with foreign friends such as handsome boys of German, American hot girls, Korea Opar, Japanese cute girls and so on, by which you can practice your oral English, know cultures of many countries, open you mind, rich your experience, have a global view to communicate with the world. Help create an international close friends' circle special for you. Learn foreign language, be a backpacker, study abroad, immigration or make foreign friends; all these are so easy! It can act as your guide when you travel abroad. Then you can get to know the local specialty and scenic spots easily. Thus you can go anywhere you want. As a friend of yours, it can help you adapt to the new environment and new life quickly when you study abroad and immigrant. You can never be alone because you have friends all over the world. GaGa—GaGa’s considerate human and intelligent immediate translation and international social service let global users say hi to the world anywhere and anytime across languages. Product features: 1.Encounter:Handsome boys and beautiful girls around the world are waiting for you! Do you want a romantic appointment with the French beauty?Do you want a beautiful encounter with the Germany gentleman?You can know the foreign friend quickly by all round personal profile. Giving like or saying hi to others, you can be relaxing to chat with them freely! 2. Messages:Chat with foreign friends by voice, practice English, broaden your horizon, know people I like or people who like me or people who like each other, know my visitors, gifts received, likes received and sent, and also the recommended games which got online latest, so many wonderfulness for you to chat freely! 3. Trends:Share your personal moods and photos with the world just by a click. Catch the funny things in time and like or make comments on these things, interacting with foreigners anytime and anywhere.Complete your personal profile to make more like-minded friends around the world; Expand your social friends’ circle to the international scope. 4. Translation::Multilingual intelligent immediate translation, supporting eight languages and nine writings’ online intelligent translation involving English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, etc.Making communication without barrier possible, chat with friends all over the world freely anywhere and anytime. 5.Video: In this video era, everyone could become a director in daily life. GaGa added short video function. Shoot you want to shoot, record you want to record. You can share original funny weird cute short videos and record every moment in your life. You can also add energetic music to your video. Global live videos and beauty video chat are all here! Wallet red packet: GaGa Wallet has two categories - RMB and Dollar. The change recharged can be used to send red packet to express affection, but it can't be used to purchase virtual product in the APP. Net friends’ comments: asdandd:So cool! Here you can know many foreign friends/ Ulrica:A good tool to look for foreigners for chatting/ hhoussem:International friends’ circle broadens my horizon, I like multilingual communication most/ 0551968565:A good tool to look for foreigners for chatting, having known many foreign handsome boys and beauties; it is so great!/ mahmood12:I’m so happy to chat with foreigners around the world. A high-end APP makes my friends’ circle international./ mahmood12:By this APP, I can chat with foreigners, practice my oral English, broaden my horizon. It is so great!/



  • Remove

    By Bigboobs10
    I don’t use this because too difficult. Please remove it
  • Tip off? Yes don’t waist your money.

    By Razereyeelder
    And I think the girls on here work for this company, they try and get you to buy the VIP package, so not worth the cost for Fakeness
  • Ripoff

    By seaklaus
    As nice as it would be to chat with lovely girls in Asia, I absolutely resent paying for each message. For instance, once I posted a profile, I immediately had a dozen girls show interest. Just by being charming, saying hello, and with a little light flirting thrown in, I ran through the minimum token package of $30 USD in less than 30 minutes, perhaps 50 messages in total. One girl I really liked, and I got cut off in mid-flirt, so I had to buy another package for $30 if I wanted to continue. The girls swear up and down that it‘s better to sign up for the VIP package, but that would run into 100‘s of dollars each month. Cute? Ok, but in all, I found the site to be a rip-off.
  • We need to pay to use this app!!

    By ramosc40
    This is not a free to use app,,, you can’t message anyone unless you pay money!!!
  • I’m not going to pay to send message

    By Eduardo000784
    The app is charging me just for sending one message, if they want to get money put ads, don’t try to make us pay because no one will use the app
  • This app stole $289.00 by bait & switch

    By TJJames73
    So I spent a couple of weeks on this app and met some great people. Paying $9.99 for 10,000 characters translated (stated in in app purchases below) seemed a bit expensive but my daughter and I enjoyed communicating with other cultures. My daughter did all of the refills for translations which she had done at least 3 times already. On the fourth transaction we were charged $299.00 for the exact same package and we suddenly had to purchase gold to even send a message. Before this you could at least let folks know you couldn't translate. Looking more closely at this my kid had been purchasing from the gagahi app directly (in app purchases below did do not work so there are two posted prices below for $9.99 & in app for 299.99) this is the same place she had previously purchased from and she said she thought it was a different way currency since everything else is in Chinese on app and they'd only charged the $9.99 whatever their story is it's not good enough. There is only one reason to advertise the same product in two places at a $300 difference and that is to trick and take advantage of people. Shame on this company and frankly on apple as well, you should know who you're partnered with. Gagahi I will never give you another dime and will be shouting from rooftops to all that will listen that you are stealing from people. Regards, TJ Schultz
  • Pretty sure this is fake

    By eatEmmmmmmmm
    Don't download this app. Just don't do it
  • Buggy and sketchy

    By .jay
    Seems a bit weird. Someone asked me to download this so we can do language exchange but it seems like a spammy cam girl/boy app or something. Also there's no way to copy and paste message content, so if you like translating on your own so you can learn, you won't be able to do that on GaGa. As for bugs, I get logged out sometimes and I'm unable to log back in unless I change my password. The whole thing seems sketchy to me. It's hard to explain.
  • Unuseable

    By Soundboss13
    Crashes during sign up. Can't use it.
  • Stuck at Login Screen

    By chengterprise
    Title explains all. Basically after entering account information (user/password), I would be stuck at the log-in screen. I would still get notifications saying that someone sent a message and/or visited my page. Please fix this glitch/bug.