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  • Terrible user experience

    By Jqhzndjs
    The apps confusing layout is riddled with ads making the already difficult to navigate menus even more of a frustration that they already are. Seriously? Why does it have at LEAST two popup ads for every menu you try to open. Only way to get rid of the ads is to pay 4$ and even that doesn’t get rid of all of them. Forget about using it in airplane mode to get rid of them because if you try that it will instantly crash your app. Terrible app. Terrible user experience. Will not be reinstalling even if they fix all this bullsh*t.
  • Awful...

    By Floid101
  • Frees

    By )(!()(5$(
    The app just completely freezes plz fix?
  • good ‘cuz you can delete it😂

    By Caro_Salvatore
    ->I just got it and after two,three taps there it is ,the popular stupid AD.💁🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️ d e l e t e 🤘🏻And it doesn t look like a good app you know,i mean if you go thru ,u will see..and hope it s gonna work like a good one.
  • Some key things to change

    By Awkward Turtl
    Overall this app is great, I can access my music easily... although this is where some core issues come in. The music player at your home menu does not work properly, and pausing a song will skip it and cause the first one in your album to play. Music cycling for the random button seems to play the same some multiple times, this can be fixed with simple coding by eliminating the song in the cycle and not playing it until the cycle ‘restarts’. I have recently upgraded and let me tell you... it wasn’t worth it. Even without the ads the program is extremely glitchy and has many issues that need to be fixed. Most likely I’m going to find another app that works a little better so playing music is easier for me. Also by the way, forgot to add this, there’s no way to search through your downloaded songs to find a specific one you want. Well that’s all I got to say, hopefully the devs will get some feedback from the reviews and start making some changes!
  • No way to download music instead of the sources of give you.

    By UndertakerxGrell
    So I wanted an app that I can use to listen to some metal music offline right? Wrong. It doesn't give you that option. It just gives you an option to download music off of Dropbox and Google drive and all that crap. It's garbage. Do not download if you want a wider selection of music.
  • Garbage

    By Trenton e12
    This app is absolute garbage, do not get it. You can’t download any music.
  • Good but can be better

    By KingHardin
    I use this app almost everyday but I’d love to see the shuffle and other player options get better
  • Muy buena aplicación

    By @DerekBonilla
    Muy buena pq se puede estar sin conexión y se escucha la música,aparte la música es gratuita.#musica#PUERTORICO
  • So many ads it’s unusable.

    By reiter883r
    I couldn’t even evaluate whether it was worth buying. Delete.