Cooking Craze- Restaurant Game

Cooking Craze- Restaurant Game

By Big Fish Games, Inc

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2017-06-26
  • Current Version: 1.16.2
  • Adult Rating: 4+
  • File Size: 197.87 MB
  • Developer: Big Fish Games, Inc
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Score: 4.5
From 18,081 Ratings


Join the Cooking Craze! Prep, cook, and serve tasty food to earn achievements while you expand your culinary skills and grow a restaurant empire across the globe. Play anywhere, anytime, no internet needed after the initial install. Simply download the restaurant content and start cooking! Create a Restaurant Empire! • Utilize a variety of time management skills as you create a restaurant empire • From bakeries, to burger joints, to five star restaurants - cook and serve your way to the top of the food chain • Earn Golden Comment cards to unlock new restaurants Master a Massive Menu! • A variety of foodies with different cravings are waiting! • Explore unique cuisines and wow customers • Cook burgers, pizza, escargot and more Travel & Cook in Exotic Locales! • Conquer the food scene in Paris, Rome, Rio, New York & more! • Satisfy exotic cravings with unique cuisine from each city Level up with Cooking Quests & Powerful Boosts! • Win achievements by completing combos, cooking perfect meals & earning big tips • Complete Daily Quests to earn more bonuses • Complete all 3 tiers of level difficulty and earn more spoons and coins Enjoy Fast & Strategic Game Play • Equip your chef with treats for customers, non-stick pans, AND MORE! • Upgrade your kitchen & increase your speed • TAP and PLAY! Serve customers FAST with a simple tapping mechanic! Time Management meets Strategy meets Questing! • Solve special time challenges & 100s of levels • Earn fantastic customer reviews that will help you become a notorious chef! • Get golden comment cards to unlock fun, NEW locations! Cooking fast is fun! Download today and join the Cooking Craze! Facebook: YouTube: Instagram: @cookingcrazegame



  • Frustrating

    By benevolentone
    I used to love this game and actually spent actual money on it because of how often it is updated and the potential for unlimited restaurants for continuous game play. However, it is now more frustrating than fun even with the updates. As a player, you had access to an unlimited number of cupcakes to give to the customers to keep them from leaving. Now you can only have up to 25 cupcakes at a time. The greed of the developers are apparent in this scheme. The game also now freezes and you lose a heart when you reopen the app. This has gone on for a month now. Furthermore, the person that is in need of the cupcake doesn’t get it which forces them to leave. Sometimes this means losing the level altogether. This game will now go in the folder of all the other games I used to play and when the developers decide to fix these issues maybe I will give this game another try.
  • Crash

    By MrsH8
    I’ve been playing this game and love the pace and I nearly made it though all of the levels. The game crashed and now my progress is lost and my app is stuck on the tutorial on how to collect cupcakes. This was after I purchased spoons!
  • Was a Great game until the update broke it

    By CutieJesseM
    I was all the way up to Tokyo when the last update brought me back to the first donut making trainer screen and just stays there?!?!? What happened? I've already tried all the fixes but it still won't work? Please fix this ASAP! And don't let me lose my progress. Thanks!
  • They know how to make money!

    By Hajaru
    This game is sly! at some level it is impossible for you to win without purchasing the spoons!!
  • Money Grubbing Developers

    By la2161
    Have to pay to play this game. Rigged!
  • Won’t load

    By Cathyro
    I have played this game for quite a while and enjoyed it, but on the last few days I have not been able to get it to load. Hoping a fix is on the way!!!
  • Really challenging and fun BUT......

    By Jessiemedia😜
    This game is really fun and challenging and can be super addicting but.... my phone updates automatically so when i got the update i didn’t realize until later. Then the game started glitching so i closed my phone and let it restart, the next day MY PROGRESS RESTARTED i read the update fixes and apparently the update was supposed to prevent this from happening. I was originally on level 79 and played all 3 tiers but then all of a sudden I’m on level 50 and each level I’ve only played 1 tier? Like wth it took me so long to get to level 79 and play all 3 tiers and now I’m down 29 levels and all on tier 1? What’s strange is my money and spoons didn’t change so its just my level progress. Overall this game is fun but just be careful, ur progress might glitch or something like it did with mine. I also got a package saying sorry for blah blah blah and saying it has fixed things well i hate to break it to you but it didn't fix anything, just yesterday my game was fine and now I’ve stopped playing cause I’ve given up.
  • Problem solved!

    By Lt Mocha
    Thank you so much for resolving the problem with the game so quickly, I’m back in business!!
  • Fix.

    By Elleirapooh
    I play this game a lot. But after the update my game is stuck in a stupid tutorial and I can’t get out of it. All my progress is gone. I hate this an am extremely disappointed by it.
  • After Rome forget it...

    By angeleyez4u2
    ****Updated Review 02/16/2018**** The latest update, which was suppose to fix SOME gamer’s issue of losing their progress, did the complete opposite to me. I wasn’t one of the gamers who had a problem with losing their progress and because of this new update I have lost progress in all of the locations and all achievements. I have to basically start over to get back to where I was. I’m very unhappy and wish the developers would stop trying to fix what isn’t broken. For the ones who actually needed the fix I’m sure it solved your problem but it created a whole new one for me. ****Updated Review 02/14/2018**** My last review upgraded the game to 4 stars but after this last update it’s going back to 3. Below I’ve listed all the reasons why. 1: I think the cap on cupcakes is ridiculous and just another way to get money. Especially if you are a new player and have not saved up on cupcakes. 2: I’ve noticed that after I’ve completed a level that requires earning a certain amount of money and I replay the level you aren’t able to earn that amount unless you use boosts. 3: I play the dailies everyday to earn spoons and I’ve noticed they have gotten rid of some of the spoons in exchange for time boosts which are useless if given back to back. I’d rather have the spoons. 4: You use to be able to keep the coins you’ve earned if you failed a level but that too is gone. 5: The game freezes the moment I turn it on and I haven’t been able to play it since yesterday. This recent update seems like an update focused on ways to gouge more money out of the players and I’m really upset because I love this game but I don’t see myself playing it for much longer. ****Updated Review 08/16/2017**** I've just completed the new location (Bangkok) and overall I enjoyed the game. So much so that I've even looked up the recipes for some of the dishes in Rio. I'm glad the developers actually listened to the reviews. I was able to finally get through Rio after the update and the game was still challenging but not impossible to win. So, I've updated my score from 3 stars to 4 stars. However, I did find that I spent more real money on Rio and Bangkok buying spoons than on the previous three locations. Altogether I've spent about $30 in those two locations. Also, I'm still left with extra coins in the locations I've completed, which just feels wasteful. I think if the coins could be used to purchase spoons or hearts it would be better. For those two things I left off a star. ****Initial Review 07/31/2017**** Like everyone says the game is fun and addicting; I've really enjoyed playing it. I think I've only spent $6 IRL. It is doable to win the levels and upgrade without having to spend a lot of real money. I've upgraded every item to the max on the first three locations. However, Rio is just insanely hard to beat. I think it's because of the cooking methods, which I think is a major flaw in the design. You have to cook the meat and the veggies on the same grill. Which means first I have to cook the meat, then when they're done put them on a plate, then cook the veggies, then put them on a plate because I can only add them to the meat by putting them on the plate first. By the time I have the meat and veggies done there are four more people each wanting three of the meat and veggies combo. There is no way to meet that demand. Each time I've ended up losing customers, losing thumbs up, and losing the combo bonus. I don't think any of the previous locations used the same cooking appliance to cook two separate things. In my opinion the meat and veggies should have separate grills. Last thing to be aware of is that money earned in one location can not be transferred to others. I, like many players, have tons of coins just sitting in locations that I can't use. I get that countries use different currency but the extra coins just sitting around seems like a waste. I'm not sure if I'll keep playing but, until they fix the Rio location this game is just a 3 star for me.